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The day before the failed operation - Prof. Ash was warned regarding the director of Wolfson Hospital | Israel Today


Near the procedure that caused the patient's death, the hospital's internal auditor warned of Dr. Engel's performance before the director general of the Ministry of Health • Wolfson: "The case is being investigated transparently."

New revelations in the case of the failed surgery in Wolfson, which was revealed in "Israel Today".

It turns out that just one day before the procedure, which ended in the patient's death, the internal auditor of Wolfson Hospital warned the director general of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash, of serious and persistent deficiencies in the management of the hospital.

Hospital Director, Dr. Anat Engel, Photo: Efrat Eshel

Israel Today has learned that the day before the operation, the hospital's internal auditor, Assaf Ganz, met with the director general of Ash and warned him about his concerns regarding the functioning of the hospital's director, Dr. Anat Engel.

Ganz also presented Prof. Ash with the serious warnings he has raised in recent years to the Ministry of Health regarding Dr. Engel's activities.

It is also now revealed that the Wolfson management did not report to the Ministry of Health on their own initiative the suspicion of a malfunction in the surgery that caused the patient's death - contrary to the Ministry of Health's directives and laws, which must be reported within 24 hours.

Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash, Photo: Gideon Markovich

Only five days after the procedure was performed, the Ministry of Health learned of the suspicion of a failure in the operation, and this only happened thanks to the request of the hospital's comptroller, Assaf Ganz, to the health ministry's inspector, Tzipi Hellman.

The latter asked the director general of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Ash, to investigate the affair.

Act contrary to instructions

It further appears in this case that the doctors and administrators at Wolfson did not fully report to the family the suspicion of the fatal malfunction, and that contrary to the duty set by the Ministry of Health, the hospital did not offer the family an autopsy to find out the cause of death.

The guidelines of the Ethics Bureau of the Medical Association, it is important to say, stipulate that the patient should be informed as early as possible of any case of malfunction in the medical treatment.

"The doctors at Wolfson did not tell me anything about a malfunction or a mistake in the operation, only that he got into trouble and that my father's condition was difficult," the daughter of the deceased patient told Israel Today, "I did not think he would not leave the operation. How could this have been prevented? "

Yesterday it was revealed in "Israel Today" that during an operation by an 83-year-old lung cancer patient in Wolfson, the surgeon accidentally caused a large tear in the heart - which caused severe bleeding and the patient's death.

The operation, which took place on April 19, was the first operation performed on Wolfson by Dr. Faras Abu Aker, after he was appointed head of the hospital's breast surgery unit in early April.

However, the tragic complication opened a Pandora's box, which raised very troubling questions about the management of Wolfson Hospital. In its severity.

In the letter, he demanded an investigation into the affair, and raised serious allegations about Dr. Engel's conduct and the appointment of Dr. Abu Akar.

Dr. Faras Abu Akar. Appointed despite the opposition,

The letter was sent after Wolfson's director of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Dr. Hagai Dekel, warned Dr. Engel not to appoint him to this position;

She, for her part, appointed Dr. Abu Akar to the position nonetheless, and without consulting Dr. Dekel.

"Answers, and now"

"Since this is a patient who has been in treatment for four years and was dear to my heart, I request a detailed report on the circumstances of the case," Dr. Brenner wrote. .

In view of the circumstances of the appointment of Dr. Abu Akar by Dr. Engel, the question arises as to whether Engel is directly responsible for the failure of the surgery and the death of the patient.

"As chairman of the Doctors' Committee in Wolfson and on behalf of the hospital's physicians, we will seek immediate answers to the failure that has occurred in human life."

Wolfson said in response that "according to Dr. Hagai Dekel, his quoted remarks are inaccurate and have been taken out of context.

This is a patient who was, unfortunately, in a very difficult situation.

The hospital examines the details of the case transparently, and the Ministry of Health knows the details of the case. "

Ministry of Health: Not specified

The Ministry of Health stated in response that "upon learning of the case, the Ministry of Health contacted the hospital for a report on the case. The ministry began investigating the issue, including reporting the hospital as requested in such incidents. And the case in question. "

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