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"When I'm with Anna I'm not the singer Roy Sandler, I'm a vulnerable person with feelings Israel today


The relationship with Anna Zack stabilizes him ("We are scandal-free people, I am more loyal than a dog"), the sports addiction balances him ("At 12 I weighed 105 kilos, today I hug the child I was") and the pursuit of music fills him ("The stage feels best to me Home ") • Roy Sandler is thinking about a career abroad, and when will he work with his partner?

When was the last time you said "I love you"?

"This morning. I tell Anna I love her every day, and so does my mom. I'm a person who loves to love and also writes it. Love at heart is what characterizes me, I can not approach things without love and can not fake. There is a lot of fake in the industry, And we choose who to hang out with and who will surround us.In the end, we go to sleep with ourselves and need to know what suits us.

"Couples who do not get along with each other do not stay together, and a healthy relationship is to know to cut off who you are on a daily basis when you are with your partner. With Anna I am not singer Roy Sandler, I am a vulnerable person who has feelings. I know how to talk, I have no one In the mouth and one in the heart.

"I like to initiate, and always in a relationship there is the initiator and there is the least initiator, and I live the nightlife and like to hang out, so a relationship is something that really stabilizes you. A relationship is stable, and it's amazing to be able to do all things alone - together. "For a good relationship and that's how you earn a whole world. We live together and do not waste time. If we did not see a future, we would not be together. We are young and we have time to fulfill ourselves."

When was the last time you experienced a loss?

"This month. I cry full, cry really, and this month I cried because my dog ​​Tuti died. She was an old Yorkshire and my first dog. As a little kid I always wanted dogs and the family resisted, until we brought her. Now that she is not I feel a loss. Hard to lose an animal, You do not know what they are going through and feel. We saw that she was not healthy and did not want to put her to sleep, because it took a life, but to see her unable to do anything was terrible. Her end was one weekend. At four in the morning we heard noises inside the house, she snorted, and suddenly I saw her raise her ears and told Anna she was going to die. When I got up the next afternoon my mother told me she was dead, and my father went to bury her. It's a great loss.

"Another loss I experienced four years ago, when my grandmother Rachel passed away. Her death has accompanied me ever since we were very close, and since she passed away I have not been able to get close to the seat where she lives. My father had 11 brothers and my grandmother had hundreds of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but she always said "She loves me the most. She was 96 and died on Saturday. The day before, she was with us in a completely clear house."

When was the last time you showed up?

"On Independence Day I had four amazing performances. I started in Ashdod and from there we went to Bat Yam, Holon and Beit She'an. The most fun in the world is to get north and south, these are municipalities that are visited mainly on Independence Day and holidays To describe.It was not exhausting - on the contrary, the adrenaline made me not sleep three days later.I wish myself every day like this, madness.

"Usually I am every day in recordings and rehearsals, outdoors or at home. I have a new show and I am happy, because music is the thing that makes me happiest. I am on stage from the age of 13 and it feels most at home. In August 2018 I performed in the youth city of Haifa in front of 60,000 people. And then I had a show in Ariel in front of 20 people, and it felt the same to me. I recently had a show in Ashdod that I was informed about 40 minutes earlier. I was in Tel Hashomer, because Anna had just graduated from the army. I could either cancel or go alone without an escort What I did. I learned the line-up, I went on stage alone, and it was one of the most fun shows I've had. Throwing a person into the water is fun, and when the audience sings with me it's the most fun.

"Music is something I do from the most emotional place, and I love what I do. I'm constantly waiting to see what song I'll make and want to get to know new sides of myself as an artist."

When was the last time you started dating?

"It's something that happens quite a lot, on the street or on Instagram. It's very flattering and also funny, because everyone knows about my relationship with Anna, but we are in a world like this and if we do not know how to set boundaries it will be difficult to stay realistic. , And then no one can hurt you.When these are things that compliment me I answer and say thank you very much, but I will not open a dialogue because there is no reason.I am a human relations person, but Anna should not be worried, I am more loyal than a dog.

"I look at my partner the way I want them to look at my sisters, and I think a woman is a queen. A woman and a house is not taken for granted, it is happiness, and when you are not clean in front of your wife you lose. Anna is more honest than a ruler, no man is as honest as her. "We are people without scandal."

When was the last time you did sports?

"Yesterday. I try to do sports every day, it's an integral part of my life. As a child I was overweight, at 12 I weighed 105 kilos, but I really liked football. At 13 I started to lose weight with a diet, from being a healthy child, and since then Sport is the center of my life, it's a healthy addiction.

"I started going on stage at 13, and there was a short time between who I wanted to be on stage and who I could afford to be in terms of breathing, so that got me into a diet regime. For two years I did sports every day, for example running and strength training with a personal trainer. I have a hard time exercising alone and even today I can not exercise alone, so I have a trainer three times a week.I try to eat good and healthy, for example chicken breast and salmon, but sometimes I eat a meal a day and then forget to eat.

"When I was a fat kid they used to laugh at me at school, but it did not bother me. I was a cute kid, Charmer, and from the age of 11 I started writing music that became one of my escape places. Music can make you happy, sad and excited, and that's my gift, that I have Music in life.I ran there and I hug the kid I was.

"Over the years my self-image has changed. Every person looks in the mirror and sees what he sees, but we have to accept ourselves as we are. When we learn to accept ourselves, we understand that no one is perfect and that people will always want more, but we can be satisfied and love Ourselves. I released a song called 'Love You More' and for the clip I took a child who was overweight who went through a boycott. His story tore my heart. I dedicated the song to my partner and the child I was. Today, when I grow up, I look at the child I was and know Yourself, everyone will connect with you. "

When was the last time you uploaded a story?

"This morning I uploaded a video of myself with the bitches Shosha and Pucha. I'm not addicted to networks, but I wish I was addicted, so I would maximize my Instagram. I hardly run it and remember to upload a story once a day. Networks are a huge tool today and obviously About it, but it requires you time, tinkering and thinking about a lot of things, for example figuring out what content you want to produce.

"I'm currently in music, but you can not separate the networks, they are part of the matter. In Tiktok, for example, I only upload content of my music. I learn a lot about networks, but you have to approach it with love. Right now I approach music with love, and also networks you "I should not treat Pike like that."

When was the last time you were scared?

"I'm scared a lot. At home we scare each other all the time because we're a very funny family. Our WhatsApp is called 'stupid family'. But fear is not to be scared, real fear is to lose someone or something will happen to you. I'm afraid of the roads and sometimes the situation in the country , Because you can not know who's standing in front of you, but the fear does not stop me. We dealt with the corona, and today, no matter what situation I am in, I do not want anything to stop me. When the corona stuck us in the house "Because I created and learned on the computer and played guitar and piano. It got to the point where I already wanted to share everything with the audience, and now I'm no longer willing to let things stop me."

When was the last time you received a tempting offer?

"The truth is that now I'm in a time where we're building collaborations and planning things for the future, so I get a lot of suggestions for challenging things and need to make decisions. I'm now looking for personal management and started making conversations on the subject. Eventually, I need one person I can trust Here's a role because it's more important than professional experience. You need to carefully choose the people you work with.

"Anna and I have been together for a little over three years and we have not done anything professional together. We have endless proposals, and it is very flattering and irrelevant, because each of us is busy in his own way. If it has to happen it will happen, but it is something that has to come from within and together. I Do not believe in one-sided things.I would like to look at my partner and think what I can give her and not what I can take from her, and Anna like that too.I want to keep it that way, do not want what anyone has, only what mine And achieve it in my own way.The world is seductive, all day long you have temptations and a person needs to know how to be strong and accept what he has, and if he does not - go get it. 

"Until the age of 18 my family ran me and the house was involved in my career, but there was a moment when I wanted to spread my wings and fly professionally. My family and I talk about everything, but today I will not take professional advice from them. I have a team and I go a lot with decisions.

"I have intuition and I define myself as a person with very high emotional intelligence, sometimes it's for my good and sometimes my bad, but this lesson is most important to me. I believe people in life are lessons. "I know a lot of new people all the time, at least one of whom I take with me for life. I'm a friend who takes care of everyone and advises the best, but for myself I need a coach - and I have."

When was the last time you thought about a career abroad?

"It's something that runs in my head all the time, but I believe it will come in its time. I will not jump over the belly button now, but the desire to develop exists in me. I do not care what others do, everyone who feels mature should try his luck and when we do we learn from mistakes. It's only when you start doing that you realize that dreams also have drawbacks. Success is a way, it's not magic. I do not look at the neighbor's lawn and do not envy others, but believe in what is yours - yours. "That he receives and what he brings into the world. I do not know jealousy, it disgusts me."

When was the last time you auditioned?

"All the corona I filmed auditions, because it was a time of filmed auditions. Today there is not only a singer or just a model, you are an artist. I studied acting with Galit Rosenstein and Orit Sher for eight years, and today I study with Sigal Ginzburg. To stand on stage and wink at the right time, it's beyond playing in front of a camera. I really want to play and I believe it will come in its time. I'm interested in everything, I have anger sometimes and I also have emotion, and I want varied roles. , I'm sure". 

• • •

When did you first take the stage?

"I always performed in front of the family at home, since I was little. My father loves music and from a young age I went with him to Einat Shroff's performances at the Genki Club. One evening I sang with her and Arkady Duchin on stage, and it was filmed and uploaded to YouTube. I was 12, and it was the same feeling as When I go on stage today, without fear. I had a feeling I could go up barefoot and sing, because on stage I have a peace that I do not get anywhere else in the world. By the way, the first song I wrote, 'Boy in Love', was written when I was 11 and is about disappointed love "Today I look at him and am even a little ashamed ...".

• • •

Roi Sandler / 24 years old, singer and owner of the production company "Sandler Productions", lives in Rishon Lezion.

In a relationship with model, actress and singer Anna Zack.

Peretz at the age of 17, with the release of his first album "Mahalev" and starred in the docu-reality "Fusherz".

Between his hits "Love You More" and "We Had Good".

He recently released the new single "TEN TEN" and is currently appearing around the country

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