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From the spring to the cave: 6 places in the country to escape from the heat - Walla! Tourism


An offer for cool, refreshing and worthwhile routes and sites that will make you forget that it is summer out there. Get 6 corners, sites and routes that will make the day more pleasant. Details at Walla! Tourism

From the spring to the cave: 6 places in the country to escape from the heat

Are you hot?

Go out into nature!

Along the way you will discover some cool, refreshing and worthwhile corners, routes and sites that will make you forget that summer is out there.

Get 6 corners, sites and routes that will make your day especially refreshing

Eyal Shapira


Friday, 13 May 2022, 00:06

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Maayan Ein Hanatziv (Photography and editing: Ofer Yaakov)

It's hot for you.

Choking you.

Sweating for you.

Every word you read now drains sweat from your forehead.

So precisely because of this humid situation, leave everything and go out into nature.

exactly like that.

Because we have prepared for you suggestions for 6 corners, sites and routes that will make your day or weekend especially refreshing.

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A new spring will be named after Rene Shenrav who was murdered near Maayan

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White eye: A spring of nylons

A few weeks ago, after lengthy restoration, cleaning and accessibility work, one of the largest, most impressive and beloved springs in the Jerusalem mountains was reopened to the public: Ein Lavan, perched high above the Nahal Refaim channel.

It now boasts narrow water canals that lead from the well to two pools - one large and relatively deep (a meter and a half) and the other shallow (minus knee height) designed for small children.

The view is wonderful and there are lots of pleasant corners among orchard trees (look for the figs).

is that good?

It's too good, because on Saturdays the place is very busy.

Our recommendation: early Friday morning or weekdays.

In short, in a quarter of an hour go out.

Arrival: From the parking lot of the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, continue for a kilometer and a bit on a slightly bouncy road and camp according to the signs.

White eye (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, Eyal Shapira)

Agmon Hefer: The small version of Agmon Hahula

It seems that this charming space, which was inaugurated very recently, completely ignores the existence of the Israeli summer.

The vegetation is painted bright green, the water is visible from every corner and the breeze massages the sweat glands.

So if you are a resident of the center, let's find out what's hiding right under your nose.

Once there were pizzas and floodplains created courtesy of the adjacent Alexander River, then fish ponds of the nearby Kibbutz Ein Hahoresh were established here and very recently a seasonal birding park called "Agmon Hefer" was trained here.

Like the patient - but small.

Bonsai reed, if you will.

There are comfortable walking trails around water bodies that create a large lake as well as many signs and illustrations that will help you identify the winged owners: pelicans, lakes, bricks and more.

Also in the place: a high observation hill, covered hiding places from which you can peek and locate birds - and lots of peace that pervades everything.

It is good to see that the children were also thought of here, and in the various mysteries we built stairs for them, so that they would reach the peeking slits.

Bring a bird setter, bring binoculars and most importantly - come in the more pleasant afternoon.

Admission is free.

Getting there: From Highway 4, turn east at Hefer Junction, reach Nahal Alexander and turn north on a slightly bumpy road that requires slow and gentle driving (write "Agmon Hefer" in Wise).

You can also try to get directly from Kibbutz Ein HaHoresh (from Road 581. Note that at the entrance to the kibbutz there is an automatic gate).

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Agmon Hefer (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, Eyal Shapira)

Alma Cave: For the brave only

Let’s start on the downside: this cave is not for everyone.

Not for children under the age of 8, not for claustrophobes, not for beginner travelers and not for those with poor physical fitness.

Once you have met all these requirements, you have reached the most frightening, challenging and exciting cave you have encountered in a long time.

Its huge opening does not imply the creeps and twists that await you below.

In total, descend to a depth of 108 meters, on a challenging route that lasts at least an hour in each direction (assuming there are no "traffic jams" in the cave).

A headlamp is required for every traveler and it is also recommended to be equipped with spare batteries.

The bags are left outside, as the aisles are incredibly narrow.

In general, it is worth knowing that the route is difficult and requires the use of ladders and iron steps.

However, the smile that will spread across your face after you reach the "End of Track" sign in the belly of the earth - will be worth it all.

Arrival: From road 886, near the village of Rihaniya, follow the signs for the kurkar road.

After a few minutes you reach the parking lot from where you walk with the signs for 10 minutes to the entrance of the cave.

Alma Cave (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, Eyal Shapira)

Non-binding pedaling along the Yarkon

It turns out that there are Tel Avivians who have never left their city.

For them, Netanya is beyond the mountains of darkness and Jerusalem is a fairy tale.

So especially for them - let's start small: non-binding pedaling along the Yarkon.

No, not the tired Yarkon Park, but the Yarkon itself, the same stream that meanders not only in the city but also east of it.

Yes, beyond the mountains of darkness.

It is impossible to get lost here.

As long as you have enough drinking water - you can pedal forever.

On your way east, you will pass endless orchards, agricultural fields and lots of photogenic bridges and bridges that you did not know existed.

Do it in the pleasant hours of dusk, and you may also encounter jackals and other surprises.

And most importantly, stock up on snacks, because the banks of the Yarkon provide a beauty of wonderfully peaceful resting points.

Completion of the route in the Yarkon-Tel Afek National Park (Antipatris).

A matter of 28 km from the Tel Aviv port, but really no obligation to ride all the way. Just come back when you are tired. Beauty of an urban routine breaker.

Arrival: From any point in the city where you see the Yarkon.

The Yarkon River (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, Eyal Shapira)

Banias: The water-walking version

With all due respect to the hanging path and the tumultuous waterfall in the Nahal Hermon Nature Reserve (Banias), here is your opportunity to sample another part of the stream - where you can also enter the water and just walk in them.

This is a particularly great hike upon arrival with children, as the water in this part of the creek is relatively calm and shallow (up to the height of the pelvis, plus-minus).

The route starts in the area of ​​Sde Nehemia and lasts a kilometer and a bit in each direction.

Sucks you to go and come back the same way?

Walk in the water and repeat the bank.

Here, we have arranged for you a circular trip on a linear route.

In any case, there is a short section in the stream (the waterfall) that in any case requires an exit to the bank.

On the way, you will find beauty of points for a long picnic in front of the water.

Despite the shallowness, take bags to seal the important things and do not forget to bring sandals or shoes for walking in the water (not flip-flops).

And if you are already here, after this trip you can skip to the "Syrian tank" up the creek.

Here walking in the water is forbidden, but the place requires eternal beating.

There is an inverted Syrian tank, which fell into the river during the Six Day War - and remains in it (camped near the cemetery of Kibbutz Snir and descend with the green path).

Arrival: Camp in the "Eucalyptus parking lot" in Kibbutz Sde Nehemia (access from Road 9779) and walk east until you reach the water.

End of the route after Gesher Yosef.

The Syrian tank in Banias (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, Photo: Eyal Shapira)

The Stairs of Haifa: An adventurous evening

Do you know Haifa?

Not sure.

Because after you spend an evening or night as you descend the countless stairs that descend from the Carmel to the lower city - Haifa will look completely different to you.

In a good section of course.

So yes, it turns out that there are quite a few stairways of this type, most of which are hidden from all sorts.

True, the swan factor is strong here, but for that you have Google Maps.

And it is possible even without - because there is nothing like wandering in a foreign city on summer nights.

One way or another, they arrived in Haifa, took a taxi to Yaffa Nof Street and located the staircase called "Gedera".

Next you will find additional staircases, with strange names such as Gamla, Cyrus, Bonyak, Shifra and more.

In total, tonight you will descend about 1,100 steps (a walk of about 2.5 km), and everything - in front of the wonderful urban landscape, the port, the sea and the coastline of the Western Galilee. Definitely unforgettable. The end point is at the foot of the next gardens. Nice pubs and cafes, for the finale.

Arrival: The start of the route on the "Gedera" staircase, near building number 107 on Yaffa Nof Street in Haifa.

It ends on Ben-Gurion Boulevard in the lower city.

The Stairs of Haifa (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, Eyal Shapira)

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