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New trend: Parents write in advance letters of apology to passengers on the plane - Walla! Tourism


They board the flight with letters of apology and attach earplugs or candy to the rest of the passengers. Everything to forgive them for the sin: boarding a plane with a crying baby. Details at Walla! Tourism

New trend: Parents write letters of apology to the passengers on the plane in advance

They board the flight with letters of apology and sometimes even attach earplugs or candy to the rest of the passengers.

All to forgive them for the most "terrible" sin of all: boarding a plane with a crying baby.

I wonder if this trend will reach Israel as well




Thursday, 12 May 2022, 08:43 Updated: 09:02

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First Class Flight in United Emirates (Photo: From YouTube)

Here's a trend from the world of tourism that seems to be getting out of hand: parents of babies or toddlers boarding a flight, writing letters of apology to other passengers in advance about the expected disruption, begging for forgiveness and sometimes even attaching small treats.

Ever since the Corona plague broke out - and to be honest, then even before it - flights have become limitless: many people among them, swell, take off their shoes and tread their feet towards other passengers.

One can of course blame the much overcrowding on the planes and the complete lack of personal space, but the thing is that no one seems to care about the other anymore.

But there is one "law" that seems in no way to be broken.

Under this unwritten law, you must never board a plane with a crying baby.

And if this is already happening to you as a parent - you should very much write letters of apology from the bottom of your heart in advance, with apologies and even small gifts.

Yes, it turns out that this puzzling thing is becoming quite trendy in some places in the world. notes that it all probably started in 2012, when a family with three-month-old twins made this gesture, and even posted it on the social network Reddit.

And so it is written in the public apology letter:

"Hello, we are twin boys and this is our first flight. We are only 14 weeks old! We will try to behave properly, but we will also apologize in advance, just in case we 'lose it', get scared or our ears hurt. For our mom and dad (i.e. a machine "Our mobile milk and diaper changer) have earplugs for you. We all sit in 20E and 20F seats, if you want to come and pick up a pair of gaskets. We hope you have a great flight!"

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According to the unwritten law, it is forbidden to board a plane with a crying baby (Photo: ShutterStock)

George Clooney raised the bar

This unfortunate family had no idea at all that her little deed would soon become a binding precedent.

Five years later, in 2017, actor George Clooney and his partner Amal, raised the bar: they boarded a flight with their six-month-old twins, and handed out headphones to the rest of the passengers so they would not have to suffer the expected crying noise.

Who can compete with such a gesture?

And so, this trend of apologizing in advance for completely normal human behavior intensified.

The result: some are already handing out candy, earplugs and even discount vouchers to KFC for the other passengers.

And of course, all this accompanied by a letter of apology.

Writer Dikha Basso, who has declared that she has been flying with her children since they were seven weeks old, tweeted: "My attitude is controversial, according to which parents of babies should not hand out small and silly 'apology kits' to other passengers."

The American author added that "imagine that not only does a passenger have to deal with a crying baby, but he is also forced to have a small talk and joke with the parents, while serving him a terrible bag of sweets."

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