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6 tips to make your apartment brighter


Lack of light can be a daily concern in an apartment or in a house. How to fix it? There are some

Windows that are too narrow, poor exposure, too many trees that block out the sun… lack of light is a recurring problem in homes, and it doesn't just affect apartments: houses can also be affected!

Here are some tips for enjoying a brighter interior.

Our tips for bringing more light into your apartment

Optimize wall color

The color of the walls in your home is particularly important when the question of brightness arises.

It is imperative to avoid dark colors on the walls, as they absorb light.

Favor light colors in naturally dimly lit rooms, to enjoy a natural reflection and therefore optimized lighting.

Off-white, light beige, sky blue are particularly indicated.

Avoid taupe, gray and other dark colors whenever possible.

Do not neglect the colors of the decoration

Obviously, if the walls have a capital importance in the management of the luminosity of a room, it is also the case of the decoration.

Prefer a light sofa to a dark model, avoid carpets that are too heavy and prefer a curtain on the windows rather than an opaque curtain.

Some of these suggestions may seem obvious, but sometimes the aesthetics of a decoration take precedence over its practical and functional dimension.

The ideal is therefore to take everything into account to bring in as much light as possible… and keep it!

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Install mirrors

Mirrors have the advantage of reflecting light, which makes it possible to enjoy it in dark places in certain rooms.

But be careful: the location of the mirrors must be carefully studied.

The reflected light must not dazzle you or "heat up" an unsuitable place.

By orienting the mirrors correctly, you can increase the distribution of light in a room very effectively, without causing problems.

As a bonus, there are some very pretty mirrors that can perfectly suit your home decor.

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Bet on the right lights

If the entry of natural light is a real problem, you can bet on light fixtures to create "spotlights" in certain rooms.

The idea is to be able to turn them on in places where the light does not enter at all, and thus give the illusion that the whole room is lit by the sun.

It is essential to choose luminaires and bulbs capable of producing light as close as possible to that which enters your home.

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Add light reflectors

Light reflectors are elements to be installed on windows: they have large reflective surfaces which, when correctly oriented, illuminate your interior perfectly.

These props resemble those used by professional photographers to naturally light a scene.

You can easily find it for purchase on the Internet or in specialty stores.

Note that it is often necessary to adjust their positioning according to the time of day: the sun moves, not your apartment!

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Opt for a refined decoration

The fewer obstacles there are between your window and your interior, the more light can spread.

When there is too much furniture and trinkets, the shadows multiply in the room, which is not good for the brightness!

It is therefore strongly recommended to opt for a refined, even minimalist decoration, in rooms where light tends to be lacking.

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