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Hair transplant specialist clarifies: "Masturbation can cause hair loss" - Walla! health


A hair transplant specialist responded in the affirmative when asked if excessive masturbation could lead to hair loss, but stressed that it is "only in a situation where you masturbate non-stop all day"

Hair transplant specialist clarifies: "Masturbation can cause hair loss"

A hair transplant specialist responded in the affirmative when asked if excessive masturbation could cause hair loss, but stressed that it is "only in a situation where you masturbate non-stop all day - and then it already means you have a more serious problem."

It also offers a solution for people suffering from hair loss

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Sunday, 15 May 2022, 23:53

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A guy with a mechanical arm accidentally activates the "masturbation" function in the broadcast (LIVELEAK)

A senior surgeon who specializes in hair transplants warns that masturbation can cause hair loss, but before you panic - he said it will only happen if you do it "non-stop".

Dr. Yumiar Ahmad, of the award-winning Juvida Hair Transplant Clinic in Yorkshire, noted that in the past men have approached him and asked if masturbation causes hair loss. He explained that vitamin A deficiency in semen is indeed linked to hair loss - Without a break for a whole day so that it really affects his hairline. "He also added that if you do it all day - you probably have a more serious problem than hair loss.

Another balding

A balding man claims his hair grew back when he stopped washing it.

is that so?

To the full article

Given that vitamin A is in semen, Dr. Ahmad agreed that excessive masturbation could hypothetically cause thinning hair, but added: “You will need to have severe vitamin A deficiency in order to have a noticeable deterioration in the hairline.

You will need to masturbate almost non-stop throughout the day before it will affect your hair.

"In theory, if you masturbate too much - the answer is yes, but in truth, on a practical level - it will not really have an effect on hair loss."

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To date, no scientific studies have been conducted linking masturbation to hair loss.

If you are worried about your vitamin A levels, Dr. Ahmed recommends switching to a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals. He added that you can take special supplements, but they are not necessary if you follow a healthy diet.

He explained: "When it comes to hair, there are many vitamins That play a role - Vitamin A is one of them and is found in semen.

B vitamins including biotin, vitamins A, D and E are some of the vitamins that can be beneficial in addition to various minerals including iron, zinc and selenium.

Most of these things can be obtained from a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

If people have a healthy diet, they probably should not do anything else on the subject.

There are supplements that are specifically designed for hair and nails.

"If your diet is balanced and healthy, you probably should not go that route, but if you consume junk food twice a day, it may be something you should consider."

No need to panic: this only happens if masturbation lasts almost non-stop, full day (Photo: ShutterStock)

While Dr. Ahmad supports maintaining high levels of vitamin A in the body, another expert has previously warned that too much can be dangerous. Abbas Kenani, a pharmacist and medical expert at Chemist Click, previously told The Sun: "Excessive intake of certain vitamins Long-term can cause hair loss.

More specifically, excessive intake of vitamin A. If you consume the vitamin in your daily diet along with taking retinol supplements, it can cause your hair follicles to go into fast gear.

In other words, your hair will reach the end of the growth phase too quickly, which can lead to hair loss. "The obvious conclusion is balance: a balanced diet rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals without excessive use of supplements.

Another theory related to masturbation is that it raises testosterone For hair loss - to go up.This theory also has no real studies proving it.

What does play an important role in hair loss is genetics.

The "balding gene" is considered to be a cause of hairline regression in men and thinning at the tip of the head in women.

Nutrition, environment, stress and other health conditions can also cause hair loss, and sometimes - there is simply no apparent reason.

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