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Cover for corner sofa: find the one that fits your sofa


Keeping your furniture in good condition is often a somewhat complicated mission. Stains or marks of time, they can easily be damaged.

A pleasant interior goes through lots of small, well-chosen details that will make all the difference.

For your living room, consider the corner sofa cover.

First of all, it will protect your furniture, but can also give it a very pleasant little decorative touch.

A universal corner sofa cover will fit any model, but you can also find inexpensive corner sofa covers if you are on a budget.

This equipment comes in many forms depending on the brands, manufacturers and of course the models.

To find the cover for corner sofa with chaise longue made for you, take a look at our selection.

It contains lots of different models to adapt to all needs and all types of corner sofa.

our selection

  • Corner sofa cover, Minetgnon

  • Corner sofa cover, Searchl

  • Corner sofa cover, Litzee

  • corner sofa cover

  • Corner sofa cover with armrests, Subrtex

  • Corner sofa cover, Minetgnon

    • Cdiscount


      TO SEE

    Chic and comfortable, this corner sofa cover from Minetgnon brings elegance to your living room.

    Easy to install, it is also very simple to maintain since it goes in the washing machine at 30 degrees and is compatible with the use of an iron.

    The seams are strong and the fabric is very stretchy to cover a large number of sofas.

    • Machine washable

    • Iron compatible

    • Easy setup

    • Solid seams

    • Elasticity

    Corner sofa cover, Searchl

    • Amazon


      TO SEE

    Rethink the decor of your living room without changing your sofa with this Searchl corner sofa cover.

    It is available in several colors and patterns, but also in several sizes.

    You can machine wash it cold.

    If the installation of this corner sofa cover is easy, it is however not compatible with a sofa with a storage box under the chaise longue.

    • Many colors and patterns

    • Several sizes

    • Machine wash cold

    • Easy setup

    • Not compatible storage box

    Corner sofa cover, Litzee

    • ManoMano

      70,18 €

      TO SEE

    A very trendy material, velvet invites itself onto your sofa with this corner sofa cover from the Litzee brand with a velvet look.

    It is easy to place on your furniture and can be machine washed when it needs to be cleaned.

    On the other hand, if your daybed has a storage box, the cover will prevent it from being opened, it will have to be removed each time.

    • Velvet look

    • Machine washable

    • Easy setup

    • Not compatible storage box

    corner sofa cover

    • Cdiscount

      88 €

      TO SEE

    Add softness to your sofa by installing this corner sofa cover.

    It is suitable for a 5-seater sofa (3 2) and its fabric is particularly pleasant to the touch.

    If it is very elastic and holds well once in place, it is however very difficult to position.

    Also note that it is made of polyester, a material that is not very breathable.

    • Elegant color

    • Candy

    • Elastic fabric

    • Polyester

    • Installation difficult

    Corner sofa cover with armrests, Subrtex

    • ManoMano

      90 €

      TO SEE

    Never worry about stains or pet hair ruining your sofa with this Subrtex Corner Sofa Cover with Armrests.

    It is compatible whether your chaise is on the left or on the right and the fabric is very soft.

    It is also expandable for easy installation.

    The cover can be machine washed for easy care.

    Too bad it's polyester.

    • Left or right daybed compatible

    • Fabric softness

    • Stretch

    • Machine washable

    • Polyester

    Why put a cover on your sofa?

    Are you hesitating to buy a sofa cover and are you wondering what you can use it for?

    We give you some answers.

    Of course, a sofa cover will be used to protect your furniture, both from stains and from scratches, scratches or tears, but not only that.

    It can also add comfort to your sofa because it can be in a very soft and pleasant to the touch fabric.

    If you have a leather sofa, it can happen after a while that the leather splits or tears, a cover will camouflage this and keep your sofa for a few more years.

    If it is permanently stained, the cover can hide the stain and restore "its beauty" to your sofa.

    Are you changing your decor and your sofa no longer matches your new interior?

    A sofa cover will be very practical because you can choose it in tones that go with your new decoration.

    Finally, a sofa cover can be used occasionally, for example for an evening if you don't want your sofa to be stained, or if you have young children who are still a little clumsy.

    Where can I find a corner sofa cover?

    Equipping yourself in the house is important.

    It's a place where you spend a lot of time and where you should feel good.

    If you want to have choices in finding the corner sofa cover you need, you have several very practical options.

    For starters, e-tailers.

    The latter generally have very well stocked shelves with a large number of references offered for sale.

    Cheap corner sofa covers, universal corner sofa covers, but also a variety of materials, brands and designs, the possibilities are almost endless to adapt to all needs.

    You can also make your purchase on a site specializing in decoration, or the online store of your favorite brand.

    How to maintain it?

    To keep it in good condition, your sofa cover with chaise longue must be well maintained.

    Most models can be put in the washing machine.

    This removes stains if there are any, but also dusts them and restores their shine.

    However, this is not the case with all covers, and more importantly, you are not going to wash it every week, so there are other tricks to know.

    First, the dusting.

    You can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle.

    Don't hesitate to remove and shake out your corner sofa cover once a week to remove crumbs and other dirt.

    Then you can wipe with a slightly damp cloth if there are areas that are stained.

    However, be careful not to add too much water so as not to soak the foam of your sofa too much.

    You can also use a steam cleaner if you have one by selecting a very gentle mode.

    If your cover has lost its shine, you can also use baking soda.

    All you have to do is place it on the cover and let it sit for a few hours before vacuuming it up.

    Important point, if you put your cover in the washing machine, let it dry in the open air.

    The dryer could damage the rubber bands and it may not hold well on your corner sofa.

    if you put your cover in the washing machine, let it air dry.

    The dryer could damage the rubber bands and it may not hold well on your corner sofa.

    if you put your cover in the washing machine, let it air dry.

    The dryer could damage the rubber bands and it may not hold well on your corner sofa.

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