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Precautions that every parent should be aware of ahead of the Lag B'Omer bonfires - Walla! Health


Safety rules for Lag B'Omer bonfires are important, especially when small children participate. Here are all the warnings

Precautions that every parent should be aware of prior to the bonfires of Lag B'Omer

As every year, this year too there are lively discussions in the kindergarten and school groups whether there is a need for Lag B'Omer bonfires. As every year there will be those who will give up and those who will not.




Monday, 16 May 2022, 06:08 Updated: 07:01

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Lag B'Omer is a happy and beloved holiday for parents and children but entails, in addition to the dangerous air pollution, dangers to the safety and security of participants in bonfires. Lag B'Omer Many children visit the emergency rooms in hospitals due to injuries in various accidents, such as burns.

It is therefore important to observe the safety instructions and adhere to them in full.

There are many variables that need to be addressed and taken care of before setting up a fire, such as the location of the fire, the planks, the smoke, the direction of the wind, how to turn it on and off and more.

Andre Horowitz, director of health promotion in the northern district of Maccabi Health Services, wants to emphasize that Lag B'Omer bonfires are a risk and therefore must be handled responsibly while collecting the boards, while lighting the bonfire until the end of the activity, and adds the necessary precautionary rules.

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Before the holiday

The children go out to collect planks and prepare for the holiday.

Children should be briefed on the dangers on the road, be sure to cross a safe road, crossing only and accompanied by an adult (according to the age of the child).

It is important to remember, road and road accidents are the leading cause of child mortality from injuries.

Therefore, care must be taken that the preparations take place during daylight hours, in a safe and fenced place and within sight of the adults (depending on age).

Plates without nails, or lugs that could injure children should be collected.

• Do not enter places where there is high vegetation for fear of bumps.

• Do not enter construction sites for fear of falls and bruises.

Can be very dangerous.

Children at the Lag B'Omer bonfire (Photo: Reuven Castro)

On the day of lighting the bonfires

  • Make sure that the lighting is done by an adult.

    Keep the small children away from the fire

  • Do not place the trees at great heights, for fear of falling

  • Do not throw flammable materials into the fire

  • It is important to fence the fire with stones

  • Take care of fire extinguishers nearby

  • Keep a safe distance from another fire and power cables

  • Make sure there is an adult present and a cell phone that will allow the fire department to call out if necessary

  • Be sure to wear appropriate clothing to prevent injury: Closed shoes and long clothes will prevent them from contact with sparks of fire and nails.


The most common and perhaps the most dangerous injury during Lag B'Omer bonfires is a burn. Prevention is the best way to treat it, so it is best to prevent children from putting potatoes or marshmallows on the fire themselves and, in general, to approach the fire

. The organ that is damaged by cold water immediately after the burn has occurred, if the burn is in the eye - it should be rinsed with a large amount of water.In any case of fear of injury should seek medical advice.

Foreign body penetration

Another common injury to Lag B'Omer is the intrusion of foreign bodies into the limbs. Many children are injured in fires from pieces of wood or nails. If you are not successful - seek medical attention.

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Smoke Inhalation

Inhalation of smoke is mainly caused by fires that get out of control, especially in a fire that also includes plastic products.

The signs of smoke inhalation are scorching marks of the lips or of the hairs of the nose, scorching marks of the face and hoarseness, which endanger the upper airways and exposure to a large amount of smoke.

In such cases, seek medical help immediately.

End of activity

At the end of the activity it is important to make sure that the fire is completely extinguished, to cool the area that has been filled with water and to cover it with sand.

Wait about 20 minutes to make sure the fire does not re-ignite.

Always remember, fire safety prevents disaster, let's enjoy the social gathering together, and avoid unnecessary injuries and bruises.

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