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Wow effect: this is how you will upgrade your guest services yourself Israel today


From painting walls to decorated decorative items that will leave guests speechless. The hot tips that will bounce the services of the latecomers to the next level

They are usually small but their importance is enormous - especially in making an impression on the guests.

Guest services are a kind of gem: it is a small space, so more expensive and special materials can be considered, both in terms of costs and visibility.

Guest toilets are the place to go wild, creating things we might not dare do in the main bathroom.

You can combine colors and decorative elements, which create an impression and add atmosphere.

Although renovating such a space is not considered a big expense, in terms of renovation we are here to stretch its shape and turn it into a super chic space, especially on our own.

Before you start, try to find out for yourself under what concept you want to redesign this space -

are you in the direction of a grayish urban look or rather a bohemian one surrounded by color and artistic tone?

You should linger a bit on this step so that it will be easier for you to select and adjust the items.

Sanitary ware

In the area of ​​sanitary ware, soaps, toilets and sinks must be taken into account.

With such a facelift it is not certain that we would want to go into replacing the sink, but it is possible to decorate its surroundings.

Around the sink you can incorporate a new soap dish that will be placed next to it or a designed mirror that will be hung on the wall above the faucet.

You will not replace the toilet unit either.

What is?

New toilet and a designed device for the cleaning brush.

There are white toilets and there are colorful and full of patterns, wooden toilets, upholstered and more.

Replacing the toilet is one of the simplest, easiest and quickest things.

This is an inexpensive item that ranges from a few tens of shekels to a few hundred in case you have chosen a very special toilet, and it will unknowingly change the bathroom space.

Apartment in Haifa designed by Zandbank-Barkai Architects, Photo: Shai Epstein


Lighting in the guest bathroom is mainly atmospheric lighting.

Try not to get carried away and create a place that is too dim even if you really like the part, but beyond that you can go wild.

You can choose lighting fixtures that hang from the ceiling, close to the wall or a combination of the two.

In terms of proportions and dosages, if you chose a decorative light fixture hanging in the toilet area, choose a wall-mounted fixture in the sink area, above the faucet or mirror.

The nuances of the hanging locations are related to the personal taste and constraints dictated by the place.

If you want to stay within the set budget and not get carried away, choose one large, significant and presentable light fixture.

You will not need anything other than it - it will also illuminate the space and will also be a design statement.

Lighting fixture hanging on a chain with a vintage look, Interior design: Keren Niv Toledano, Photography: Itai Banit

Planning: Sharon Wieser, Photography: Oded Smadar, courtesy of HeziBank


It is not necessary to touch the flooring, but it is worth treating the floor.

This can be done in two ways, and it mostly depends on your motivation and how much the floor space needs improvement.

A floor that does not look its best can be covered with PVC carpets, which are durable, easy to clean and thus maintain an adequate level of hygiene, in contrast to textile carpets that are a trap for fecal bacteria.

You can spread a rug in the sink area, and if you want another one in the toilet area.

In addition, you should know that it is possible to install PVC carpet on the entire floor area.

It will usually be done by a professional, but if you have a technical sense, you may be able to do it yourself - it's mostly gluing work. 

Design: Dorit Pines, Photography: Uri Ackerman, courtesy of HeziBank


The decorative items are the forte of the facelift.

They have great power in creating an effect, and in some cases they alone will suffice to create the wow effect.

• A towel hangs next to the sink.

You can choose a regular hanger, and you can take the hanger as a design element and choose one that is large, designed and presentable.

• A decorative interior mirror can be hung above the washbasin.

You can buy a basic look and decorate it according to the concept - from a shell frame through decorative painting to gluing other decorative elements.

Vegetation will give a boost of freshness - a combination of a large pot or a few small ones will do a wonderful job.

Decide on the size of the pot according to the space of the space.

Ask the nursery for a recommendation on plants that are suitable for a dark place, so you will increase the chance of your plant surviving.

• It is possible to set a narrow shelf on one wall or along all the walls of the toilet.

This is a piece of wood that can be cut to size in the big marketing chains - paint and hang.

On the shelf you can place small flower pots, other decorative items, a small light fixture to strengthen the atmosphere and more.

• Place a basket under the washbasin and roll small hand towels in it.

Place another next to it, to which the used towels can be thrown.

• You can place a similar basket next to the toilet and throw a pile of white toilet paper rolls into it.

• If you have chosen to paint the walls in a smooth shade, you can place a work of art on one of them - a painting or a wall sculpture.

Design: Sally Chapark, Photography: Adi Gilad

Metal wall picture, eva metal art gallery, photo: PR

Design: Shlomit Glicks, Photography: Itai Banit, courtesy of HeziBank

Design: Galit Sage and Keren Wigenfeld, Photography: Maor Moyal, courtesy of Aloni

Design: Hillel Architecture, Photography: Oded Smadar

Planning: Niv Toledano Foundation, Photography: Itai Banit


You can paint the walls of the bathroom space, paste wallpaper on them or cover with tiles.

Coloring is the quickest and probably also the cheapest act.

If you went for color, try to break through the boundaries of white and cream, and dedicate at least one wall to another color, derived from the shade palette of the other items you chose to place in the space.

Installing tiles usually involves dust and dirt, but you can choose to paste new tiles in a very small section, such as the wall behind the sink, so that the mess around it will be completely bearable and the look will be captivating.

This is the place to choose very special tiles, in captivating colors or original ornaments.

These are usually 9-12 tiles that will make your entire space jump in an instant.

Wallpaper is a world full of patterns and colors.

You can paste wallpaper on one wall and you can cover the whole room.

If you want, for example, a jungle-looking toilet space, you can go all the way and cover everything with wallpaper with green branches and spectacular birds.

You can choose forest green tiles to cover the wall behind the sink.

If you are more minor, play with the doses accordingly.

There is no doubt that when it comes to painting walls in a small space, you can do it yourself.

Tile cladding and wallpaper setting are actions that require the involvement of a professional, but these are minor and very spotty actions that can be taken into account.

Olive-painted guest services, design: Michal Wolfson, photography: Itai Banit, Nirlat

A power wall can be a wall covered with tiles, painted or pasted with wallpaper, Design: Ohad Yechieli, Photo: Shai Epstein Courtesy of HeziBank

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