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9-euro ticket: commuters need to know that now


9-euro ticket: commuters need to know that now Created: 05/19/2022, 09:13 By: Kevin Goonewardena The 9-euro ticket is intended to relieve public transport users throughout Germany. A special group of travelers form the commuters. What commuters need to know now. Berlin – The so-called “9 for 90” ticket, as part of the federal energy relief package*, will provide a little financial relief for u

9-euro ticket: commuters need to know that now

Created: 05/19/2022, 09:13

By: Kevin Goonewardena

The 9-euro ticket is intended to relieve public transport users throughout Germany.

A special group of travelers form the commuters.

What commuters need to know now.

Berlin – The so-called “9 for 90” ticket, as part of the federal energy relief package*, will provide a little financial relief for users of public transport in a few weeks.

Whether in the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG), the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV)*, in Munich (MVV), Leipzig (LVV) or the Rhine-Main area including Frankfurt (RMV) - in a total of 60 transport associations throughout Germany The ticket known under the name 9-Euro-Ticket can be purchased and is valid.

But what does that mean for commuters who, for example for professional reasons, cross the borders of various transport associations every day?


Federal Republic of Germany


357,588 km²

Number of people living and working in different municipalities:

19.6 million in 2019

HVV 9-Euro-Ticket: Every third Hamburg worker commutes to the city

This number is not insignificant.

A current study by the Hamburger Weltwirtschaftsinstitut (HWWI) on behalf of the Hamburger Sparkasse puts the number of commuters who commute daily from the neighboring federal states to the metropolis with 1.9 million inhabitants at 321,000.

This corresponds to about a third of all people employed in Hamburg and thus more than the Westphalian city of Münster has in population (316,000).

Many of these commuters use the means of transport in the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV), whose tariff area also extends to parts of Lower Saxony*, Schleswig-Holstein* and to the border with Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The 9-euro ticket is intended to relieve public transport users.

But what about the special group of commuters?

We have summarized the most important information.

© Frank Hoermann/Sven Simon/imago

And the Hanseatic city of Bremen* is just under an hour's train ride away.

In total, the HVV even has 2.4 million passengers a day.

The question that arises not only for commuters in the HVV and the adjacent associations is where they have to buy their ticket and whether it is just a single ticket purchase.

Or is a 9-euro ticket required for each transport association?

Then commuters would not only need more than a 9-euro ticket, they would also pay a multiple of the price of 9.00 euros per ticket.

9 euro ticket: HVV, VNB and NAH.SH - where can I buy the 9 euro ticket?

In any case, the 9-euro ticket can be purchased online.

In addition to purchasing via the website of the HVV in Hamburg or another association, this also includes the option for customers to purchase the ticket via an app from the relevant transport association.

Most associations have at least one app on offer, which can be used to sell tickets, provide timetable information or plan routes.

In addition to the other tickets, the 9-euro ticket will also be offered in the HVV and elsewhere via the ticket option.

And this over a period of 90 days, divided into three 30-day periods.

A sale to vending machines is in preparation, the HVV press office said.

It is questionable whether the sale of the 9-euro ticket will be offered nationwide at machines.

Equally unresolved is the question of whether the 9-euro ticket will also be available for purchase at selected service points.

Purchasing the ticket online via the association's website is definitely the safest choice.

Buying a 9-euro ticket via the app: users must take this into account

In addition to the regular HVV app, the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund also operates the HVV Switch app, which bundles various mobility offers - including car-sharing services, bicycle rental services and e-scooter providers - that operate in the network.

Other transport associations, like the HVV, will also maintain several apps.

The best way for users of local public transport to find out what other apps these are and whether the association’s additional apps also offer the 9-euro ticket is to visit the official website of their local public transport association or contact a service point in their tariff area.

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The 9-euro ticket has a catch: for many people it is of no use at all

The sale of the ticket via the website and the regular main app of the association, should an association have more than one app, is secured.

In the case of second apps and vending machines, it is not clear whether and if so, to what extent a sale is offered.

The same applies to sales at service points.

9-euro ticket: when does the sale start?

HVV, VNB and NAH.SH are planning advance sales

It is not yet clear when the sale will start.

The fact is: the 9-euro ticket will be available by June 1, 2022 at the latest, because this is the date on which the 90-day period begins in which the ticket, which is designed as a monthly ticket, can be used.

The ticket is then available for EUR 9.00 per month.

In total, the 90 days cost 27.00 euros if the public transport user decides to make full use of the total possible period.

But several associations such as the HVV, the VBN (Verkehrsverbund Bremen/Niedersachsen) or the NAH.SH (Nahverkehr Schleswig-Holstein) have already announced the start of advance sales*.

This means that the ticket will be available before June 1, 2022.

The associations write on their websites when exactly it will be announced.

9-euro ticket: are there any time restrictions on validity?

Many associations work with time restrictions on their monthly and daily tickets.

The Hamburger Verkehrsverbund has what is known as the 9 a.m. day ticket, which is only valid from 9 a.m.

Employees who have to be at work at 9:00 a.m. or earlier and use the bus and train to travel cannot use the 9 a.m. day ticket.

There are also time restrictions in other associations.

There should be no restrictions on the 9-euro monthly ticket that will apply from June 1, 2022.

The ticket will therefore be valid around the clock.

9-euro ticket: This means of transport can be used with the monthly ticket – are long-distance journeys possible?

With the 9-euro ticket, you can use all local transport that the respective companies operate in the tariff zones.

These include suburban trains, regional trains, underground trains, buses and specific means of transport such as the scheduled ferries in the port area in Hamburg.

It does not matter which company is the provider of the means of transport.

Travelers in NRW can use the trains of the British company National Express, in Baden-Württemberg* the Dutch transport company Abellio, on the Lower Rhine, Weserbergland or the North Sea the trains of NordWestBahn and passengers in Schleswig-Holstein can use the AKN.

It is important that the means of transport are local means of transport.

ICE, IC and EC trains, long-distance trains from private providers (Flixtrain), trains from foreign companies (e.g. Thalys) or night trains (e.g. the Berlin-Malmö route via Hamburg) are exempt from the 9-euro ticket.

9-Euro-Ticket: Do I need several tickets if I change the transport association?

No, only one ticket is required.

The reason for this is that the 9-euro ticket will be valid nationwide and under the same conditions in all 60 transport associations in Germany*.

9 euro ticket: What do I have to consider as the holder of a job ticket or subscription?

Some companies either fully or partially pay for the job ticket – which has a different name depending on the association.

Users of a job ticket, called ProfiTicket in the HVV, benefit from the discounted 9-euro ticket just like all other public transport users.

Because this applies not only to new customers, but also to existing customers, and this includes not only subscribers to regular monthly tickets, but also users of job tickets, monthly tickets for trainees and holders of semester tickets.

Existing subscribers do not even have to be active themselves in Hamburg, as an HVV spokesman announced *.

For a period of three months, holders of a monthly ticket will only be charged 9.00 euros per month.

The type of subscription and the amount of the regular price are irrelevant.

*, and are offered by IPPEN.MEDIA.

Source: merkur

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