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Nofar Salman: "My heart breaks, unites and breaks again - there is a kind of perpetual sadness inside me" | Israel today


She cries while writing songs ("I'm very sensitive and do not see it"), understands the importance of social networks ("but does not live and breathe them"), and is not ashamed to dream big • Nofar Salman juggles between music and acting, and what she answers For those who start and start with her on Instagram? 

When was the last time you fulfilled a dream?

"I keep fulfilling dreams. Going up for a new show, or when I have a new song I was able to write - it's a dream. Everything in this field is a dream, and my dreams are big. There are other things I want to fulfill and goals I want to achieve. I largely believe in music, she My main thing. I write both on my own and with people, and my heart is on my next album. Things and search for myself in music.I had a period of searching, but I believe the next album will crystallize, because I went through things both in the musical field and in life.

"This game is amazing. I fulfill myself there, have fun and work. I live the audience up close, and thank God - that's how I live and earn money to save for my album. The game is good for me financially, and also develops me professionally, because I stand night after night. On stage. I did not study acting. I worked with Maor Zaguri and on my French side, and they told me 'you are already on the wheel'. Not every role of mine in the theater includes singing. For example, in 'Abandoned Property' at the Haifa Theater, "With me, I do not sing. It's a piece of work that I had to dig into. I had a crazy period of load, because at the same time I'm in the 'band', and it was all about each other and I had a hard time finding myself in it. I felt a little lost." .

When was the last time you served?

"This morning, at home. I sing and write all the time, it's part of me. I asked the neighbors if it bothered them, and they said no. I enjoy the stage and love to sing about it.

"On Memorial Day I sang in an urban ceremony, and it was exciting. I sang on Memorial Days from the age of 14, and I also wrote an original song about it and the reactions were good. I touched people who had a heart ache.

"On Independence Day I performed in Jerusalem. The audience was with me and wanted to have fun, and I came most ready to fly. I am now going independent. I recently broke up with my agent, and I know what I want and what I need, although of course there are things I do not know and want to learn. I have been working for six years, and that is long enough for me to understand that I am ready to learn and receive advice. "

When was the last time you surfed social media?

"Today, but I'm not on Tiktok, I do not get it. Instagram sucks enough in my eyes, where do I have time for Tiktok as well? I understand that I can not ignore the networks and that this is a way to reach the audience, From the existence of the networks, but I do not live and breathe them, but feel that I have my own place there that is comfortable for me, and that I am exposed to the audience.

"They will come and tell me that I need to push and promote more, and I have been told that and I understand that it is true, but I have my way of reaching the audience. Happy Joy-Joy, and I do not know how healthy it is for me and others - for teens, for example.

"I write a lot there and I answer, share with me if they saw me in the show or heard my song, and I am there to be in touch with my audience."       

When was the last time - Nofar Salman // Reporter: Shir Ziv // Photo: Moshe Ben Simhon

When was the last time you participated in reality?

"Six years ago, in 'The Next Eurovision Star.' I was a girl who sang and performed at Memorial Days in Rishon Lezion, and also in the ballroom where I worked as a waitress, and then an offer came to reality. I wanted them to hear my voice, I went and had a good experience. I felt I received positive feedback from the audience And from the team. I did not win in the end, but I was not disappointed. Maybe just myself and what happened to me after, but I went through it. Very quickly roles came, and I continued to advance in the field. I realized I was not looking for such a 'pick' in my life. "The important thing at the end is the work itself, and living the field every day. I was offered another reality show, for example 'Survival', but it does not interest me. There are so many other things I want to do right now. Maybe in the future it will flow for me."

When was the last time you met the family?

"Two days ago. We sat down to lunch, and from there I went to the show. My beautiful mother is a kindergarten assistant and finishes work at noon, and my father Ethan is a barber. Mother gets up early in the morning and cooks for the battalion. My family is my life, I can cry when I am told 'family'. I love them and want God to take care of them, and they are there for me all the time. I talk to my parents when I have crises, I pour everything for both of them. Come and start shooting at them. Every day they are not so involved, but I have fun telling them and knowing they are there. If my family was not by my side, I do not know what would have happened to me. When I see people close to me falling apart, I understand how important family is. I was not in care and did not ask for help, only family. My father is very positive, no matter what he and my mother went through In life, they have always won.Family is power.

"My brother Ofek and my sister Eden are also my strength, we have always been like that. Between my big sister Eden and my little sister Noa there is a difference of 20 years. We drove the parents crazy that we want another sister, and they brought our little Noa, who is 8, "My to everyone. It all boils down to one little thing."

When was the last time you flew?

"In April I flew to Budapest for my sister's bachelorette party, which is getting married in a month. It was a light trip, not a bachelorette party as one imagines. More bars, good food and her good friends. For me it was a fun break from a busy time. My sister Eden and I went through good things together. , And from a very young age I shared with her everything I went through - and she too. My brothers are my refuge, even with little Noa I have a hysterical connection. Singing to my sister at the wedding, of course, but I must not say what. "Waiting for the wedding. The parents are crazy."

When was the last time you checked the current account?

"I'm constantly on it. Early in my career, while playing 'Queen', I still did shifts in waitresses, and also rehearsals for 'It's Me' in the theater until 12 at night. Period, because I felt I was not making enough money just from playing, and I wanted to live comfortably.   

"Today I only deal with music and acting. I am completely independent, responsible for my current account, issuing invoices and managing the schedule. I am not calm if I do not know what is happening. I am Persian, my mother taught me to hoard and I have savings. I earn "It's good and does not disperse. I want to invest in music, in which I will invest my money."

When was the last time you cooked?

"A few days ago I made flakes, schnitzel and broccoli. I like to cook, but do not always go out because I do not have time. I am good at preparing lunches like my mother's. I told her before I left the house 'I would be very happy to know how you made the flakes and spaghetti My mother cooks with a divine hand. She makes lots of delicious things. Sometimes she shells with meat, something psychic. I like to eat and feed people, I like to entertain. Cooking is my new hobby, and I discovered that while frying I get songs. Cooking has become an experience Cleaner".

When was the last time you went on a diet?

"I do a obesity diet. I'm fine with food, I eat well and I've never done a diet. When I have less load I do a lot of sports, mainly to release energy. I surf and do kickboxing. I also burn a lot of calories on stage. I like to eat, too. "In restaurants and also my mother's food, which I prefer over any other food. If I have time, I prefer to go to my mother's and take food from her. I like schnitzel and flakes the most."

When was the last time your heart broke?

"Now my heart is a little broken. My love life is happening and I'm terribly sensitive, so my heart is broken, fused and broken again. It's good for creation, and maybe everything happens for the songs. When I'm happy I do not understand it, because I'm terribly melancholy within myself. I have a kind of perpetual sadness inside me. "

When was the last time you started dating?

"I start with a lot on Instagram, both boys and girls. Usually I do not answer, only if the message is really funny and witty. I do not shy away from answering, but it depends on what day I am. I went out with someone who started with me on Facebook right after 'The Next Star.' "I got a message, we streamed and went out together for two months, because she caught my eye out of thousands of messages. She was lucky - and so was I."

When was the last time you went on a date?

"I'm at a time I do not feel like it. I do not have the time and ability to contain anything else now, and a relationship is something that needs to be given a place. If it happens by itself, it will happen. I'm not in apps, but it can happen anywhere, here and there. I believe "If you want and aim there, it happens. I just do not aim at the moment."

When was the last time you cried?

"Now. I cry a lot, I have no barriers. If I have a heavy day I cry, or write a song and cry. I am very sensitive and do not see it, because I do not share too many experiences, not even on Instagram. It is difficult for me to open and open. I "I'm interested in people who naturally share what they're going through, but I'm not there. Only when you hear my songs do you understand who I am." 

When for the first time?

When did you first feel famous?

"When I arrived at Yigal Alon High School where I studied in Rishon Lezion, right after the start of the 'Next Star' season. I was 17, and I found out that a lot of signs were hung in my honor. There were hats and shirts with my name on them, and the whole school was around me. "This Fate", which was the song from the audition. My friends were crazy, everyone supported me, and it was a moment where I felt immense pride and love for me. The principal believed in me a lot and gave me support. "During my song, right in the final, I realized that if I won, I would lose a year and a half because of the Eurovision Song Contest, and I probably would not have a matriculation.

Nofar Salman / 23 years old, singer and actress.

Lives in Palmachim.

Broke out at the age of 17 when she participated in "The Next Eurovision Star".

She has acted in the series "Malchut" and "The Heiress", and currently plays in the plays "It's Me" at the Cameri and "Abandoned Property" at the Haifa Theater, and in the musical "The Band" of the National Theater, founded by Sami Levy, which will take place from March 23 to 25 at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center Spring, and later throughout the country.

This week she released a new single called "Dream".

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