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How to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress?


Bedbugs symbolize the absolute ordeal of people whose home is affected: it is very difficult to get rid of them

If France has generally been spared for a very long time, today, bed bugs are a real nightmare for homes that are invaded by them.

It is possible to bring bedbugs back in a suitcase when you return from vacation, on clothes when you have been to an infected place, or someone can bring them home without knowing it.

In any case, the result is often the same: this nocturnal insect quickly lays its eggs everywhere in your home and getting rid of it is complicated.

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The bed, a favorite haunt of bed bugs

The bedroom is a place where you put clothes and where you empty a suitcase: this explains why, very often, the invasion of bed bugs begins in this room.

Insects colonize your bed and they bite you at night to feed.

It is often at this moment that we discover their presence!

If you wake up one morning with itching all over your body, visible bites in groups of three or five, and if you can see black stains on the bed sheets and on the box spring, it is probably that bedbugs are there.

To try to eradicate them and prevent them from spreading to other rooms, you have to act quickly.

Eradicate bed bugs: what not to do

If you notice that bed bugs are currently confined to your mattress, avoid moving it at all costs: if you try to get it out of your home by dragging it down the hall, bed bugs will invest other parts.

That's a very bad idea!

Similarly, avoid shaking your infected sheets out a window: bedbugs are tiny insects that will be carried by the wind and come back to your home.

They can also hang on the wall.

If other windows are open, they will be able to enter through there, including your neighbors: this is how the infestation of an entire building begins.

The right reflexes to overcome bed bugs

Start first by investing in perfectly airtight bags, and bring them to your room.

Lock up the bed linen, but also all the clothes affected by the invasion.

There are special bags, designed to dissolve in water: this solution is ideal, because your next objective is to wash this laundry at 60°C to kill the insects.

If you have a dryer, dry the affected textiles for at least 45 minutes.

For delicate laundry that cannot be machine-washed, use airtight bags and put it in the freezer for 48 hours.

Once this step is complete, it is important to put the laundry back in airtight bags until the contamination is over.

Treat your bedding with precision

The next step, which you can also do in parallel, is to treat your bedding.

You don't really have a choice: you have to invest in special products, based on powerful insecticides.

The ideal is to go and stay elsewhere for a few days, to keep children and pets away, but also to protect yourself when applying the products.

Don't hesitate to make combinations: fumigant, insecticide, spray, concentrated formula to dilute, powder… all contaminated rooms, all furniture and all beds must be meticulously treated.

Wear a suitable mask and gloves, and take the time necessary to eliminate bed bugs, larvae and eggs.

Don't forget the corners of the rooms, such as baseboards, which can hide larvae.

Be aware that, very often, a single cleaning is not enough: you must renew the treatment two weeks later, or even earlier if you notice that the bed bugs are still there.

If, despite your efforts, the invasion continues, you will probably have no choice but to call a professional.

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