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Crises: The Powerlessness of the Non


Too many sources of fire, too many catastrophes leave the majority at a loss, helpless. The ability to cohesion is demolished. The good news: the dream is alive that something can fundamentally be changed.

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Do we refuse or do we continue?

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The mass of non-billionaires has been rushing through the increasing crisis reporting for years.

9/11, the war against evil, rearmament, the terrorist attacks at what feels like a weekly cycle, the group-related hatred of people.

Hooray, after the end of the Cold War, finally hating something different than the same people - Jews and black people, junkies and minorities.

Then the Syrian war, the people fleeing, the media, which for a year spoke of streams of refugees, avalanches, and illustrated their language with people without faces, then astonishment: Oops, where are all the nationalists suddenly coming from, the extreme parties, how could this just happen?

After that, further abolition of solidarity.

We're talking about vulnerable people and my people.

Hate is rampant on the internet, ditto on the street, local politicians are attacked, parallel to natural disasters that feel like a week.

More and more are going crazy, shooting around.


Means amok for white perpetrators.

The Pandemic.

The army that protects people from themselves, dead, unemployed, learning disabilities, a traumatized world population.

Even more poverty.

Even more absurd gains for shareholders during the pandemic.

More Panama, Pandora, whatever, leaks.

Poorly paid journalists rush after the topics.

Like all.

Always too late, always too busy to think things through.

Then a Netflix series.

The surveillance is being tightened in the background.

For the safety of all of us, everyone is put under suspicion.

Except some.

We could know everything.

Thanks to the freedom of the press.

Which is being cut further and further.

Democracy wins, hooray, Macron will continue to promote privatization and lower taxes for entrepreneurs for the next few years.

Outsourcing their jobs from people to machines.

We celebrate Elon Musk for car factories.

We are at a loss, helpless.

Too many fires, too many disasters.

A new war.

A new flood of continuous reporting.

Fascism is back in, as a term.

Which is always only defined by the opponents.

It is logical to respond with rearmament.

Two trillion probably didn't secure the peace after all, so why not four trillion.

Or 60.

What about healthcare again?

The beds, the staff, the lousy pay.

Doesn't matter.

It means nothing.

Nothing means anything anymore.

And the populace, the non-billionaires, are powerless.

With no power to change anything.

The many small steps and fights are replaced by a sprint backwards.

Nobody wants anything bad.

Capitalists only do what capitalists do.

grow, eat.


Wars for raw materials, territories, water will increase.

Epidemics, inflation and hunger, gridlock and dismantling of rights ditto.

The ability to be level-headed and cohesive has been demolished for years by attention-destroying algorithms, blinking and pinging, apps and chats.

Where do we start, what do we clean up, do we demonstrate or strike?

Do we refuse or do we continue?

To the end, work-out on dry ground?


Sibyl Berg

RCE #RemoteCodeExecution

Publisher: Kiepenheuer&Witsch

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Publisher: Kiepenheuer&Witsch

Number of pages: 704

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The good news - there are not a thousand fires, not a thousand causes, only millions of people who cannot control their greed for their own survival.

And a fundamental problem;

the economic, globalized, world-wide system.

Leading us to disaster by its base of depletion and profit maximization.

So nothing that you couldn't change in the wonderful time of digitization with some good RCE programming.

And until that happens, you can break free from the rigidity and discuss what a new economic system can look like and what a really modern society should look like.

Which not only works for 20 bad years - somehow.

But offers mankind a truly better world.

So. I keep dreaming.

Source: spiegel

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