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The top 5 mattresses suitable for a BZ or sofa bed


Do you have a sofa bed or a BZ bench seat at home, and you want to change the mattress? The approach is entirely possible, provided

The mattress of a sofa bed or a BZ bench often wears out much faster than the mattress of a traditional bed.

This is explained by the fact that you can sit on it during the day, but the reason for this is also the often smaller thickness.

However, it is quite possible to change the mattress to keep the rest of the furniture.

Here's how to make the right choice.

Our top 5 mattresses for BZ benches and sofa beds

  • Bultex mattress, special BZ bench from €429.30 instead of €609

  • Cotton futon mattress for Thai bench, La Redoute Interiors from €10281 instead of €189

  • Foam mattress, special convertible sofa, La Redoute Interiors from €99.50 instead of €189

  • Foam mattress, special sofa bed, La Redoute Interiors from €131.50 instead of €259

  • Click clac mattress 120 x 190cm at 209€99 instead of 253€

Adapt to your BZ bench seat or your sofa bed

First point to take into account: the size of your convertible sofa.

It is essential to buy a mattress with the right dimensions, including the thickness.

A thicker mattress than the one initially integrated into the sofa bed or the BZ bench may be more comfortable, but you will probably find it difficult to move easily from bed to sofa!

Check the folding direction

A sofa bed is transformed into a bed by means of a mattress generally divided into two parts: one serves as a backrest, and the other as a seat.

Conversely, the BZ bench seat unfolds like an accordion and the fold is often less marked.

It is very important to consider the folding dynamics of the mattress before changing it.

Think about the use

There are very comfortable mattresses to perfect a sofa bed, but they are more expensive than standard models.

The investment can be interesting if you sleep very often in your sofa bed or your BZ bench.

For occasional use, it may not be worth making a big investment.

It is important to know that you have a choice.

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