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A tourist was photographed naked next to a sacred tree and deported from the country - Walla! Tourism


Almost three years after she was photographed posing in a nude yoga pose next to a tree that turned out to be a saint in Bali, a Russian tourist was deported from Indonesia.

A tourist was photographed naked next to a sacred tree and deported from the country

Nearly three years after being photographed posing in a nude yoga pose next to a tree that turned out to be sacred in Bali, a Russian tourist was deported from Indonesia when city residents were furious: "This is not the first time tourists have desecrated the holy places."

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Saturday, 21 May 2022, 23:50 Updated: 23:51

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Photographed nude on a holy day and deported from Bali (Pikiran Rakyat)

The Russian tourist begged for forgiveness after insulting locals when she was photographed naked next to a 700-year-old sacred tree in Bali, Indonesia, but will eventually be deported from the country, according to authorities.

Alina Pazlaeva, a model who has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, posed for nude yoga poses next to a silver meloika tree (also called the weeping bark tree) inside a temple in Bakn in the Tavnan area in 2019. Her husband Andrei, who uploaded the photo to Instagram and gram, But also to upset the authorities in Bali.

Although the police did not charge her with the crime, she transferred the handling of the case to the immigration authorities, who claimed that it was a violation of the tourism laws.

Pazlaiva wrote in the original photo that she "heard her ancestors when she hugged the tree and felt part of an endless chain."

But then the picture was discovered very recently by the locals who reported it to the police.

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This is the picture because of which she was expelled


Watch an apology


The locals believe the Balinese sergeant to the Hindus according to which the mountains, trees and other natural treasures are sacred, and where the gods reside - and Pazlaeva came to the police station where she cooperated with the investigators after she had previously returned to the tree to ask forgiveness, but it did not help.

"Both have committed acts that do not respect local norms," ​​said local immigration chief Jamalori Manihorok, "they will be deported from the Midana."

The husband and wife will not be allowed to enter Indonesia for at least six months, and they attended a local purge ceremony.

But the locals did not understand why the punishment is so light, as the punishment for pornography in Indonesia stands at 15 years in prison and a fine of 110,000 euros.

Pazlaeva apologized for her actions on her Instagram page in English as well as the local language and admitted she made a mistake.

"There are many holy places in Bali, and not all of them are marked, as in my case. It is important to treat these places with respect," she wrote.

As mentioned, before coming to the police Pazlaiva came to the tree, wearing a white shirt and long blue pants, to ask him for forgiveness, "I apologize on behalf of all the people in Bali and Indonesia, I regret my actions. I am so ashamed. I did not mean to hurt anyone in any way, no "I had no information about this place. I just prayed under a tree and went straight to the police to explain my actions and apologize," she said.

She also reportedly reached out to the person who complained to her to apologize to him.

The same person thanked her but said the investigation would continue.

The temple director said a ceremony would be held to "cleanse the tree from sins" and argued that the woman who did so should bear her deeds.

"The ceremony will be in such a style that it will apologize to the temple and clean the tree from these acts. I hope the woman will take responsibility for her actions. This is not the first time tourists have desecrated the temple."

She added that they would add stickers explaining the rules of the place, especially to tourists, "It is a sacred place, guarded by only three people. If tourists can not behave nicely inside, there will be more strict rules."

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