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Cosmetics, alcohol and sweets: a holiday abroad begins with Duty Free - Walla! Tourism


Anyone who has flown abroad in the past knows: a real vacation begins with Duty Free, which includes a huge and endless variety of blue and white products in the field of cosmetics, perfumes, alcohol and sweets.

Cosmetics, alcohol and sweets: a vacation abroad begins with Duty Free

Anyone who has flown abroad in the past knows: a real vacation begins with Duty Free, which includes a huge and endless variety of blue and white products in the field of cosmetics, perfumes, alcohol and sweets. Also: How to book in advance and what else is important to know?

In collaboration with James Richardson


Sunday, May 22, 2022, 12:30 p.m.

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Everyone knows that every trip abroad begins long before getting off the plane in a foreign country. For most of us, the duty free symbolizes the beginning of the holiday - the same place that brings us an endless selection of options in cosmetics, perfume, alcohol and sweets. Particularly surprising of blue and white products, all of them are conveniently concentrated in one place


Huge selection of care products (Photo: PR)


Cosmetics and Care

: This is a leading care brand designed for active and athletic women, with heat and sweat resistant products.

The products were created with technology that uses an Israeli patent that allows the skin to sweat without damaging or disrupting natural processes that occur in the skin layers.

For example, the moisturizer and makeup base are equipped with SPF 30, resistant to water and sweat, do not clog pores and allow you to practice without worries.

And the bonus - for every kit sold FRÉ plants an argan tree in Morocco in order to preserve the planet and empower the Moroccan women who produce the oil.


: The brand, which prides itself on the use of natural and mineral ingredients, surprises among other things with unique ingredients such as Naakot milk.

But beyond the surprising components, the company uses a global patent that allows the company's products to penetrate the skin layers and help treat skin problems in all areas of the body, so that the products treat the skin from the inside - for a good-looking appearance.

The formula pushes the bacteria out of the skin, disinfects, prevents infections, maintains elasticity and accelerates the rate of cell regeneration.


: This is without a doubt one of the most recognized, beloved and valued brands in the entire world.

Love products are sold all over the world and are especially coveted thanks to vegan formulas and especially thanks to the research and development department which has already registered patents and focuses on developing products that focus on moisture and nourishment, for skin that looks and feels healthier, smoother and fresher.


: Another brand that makes a force in the world and uses the resources of the Dead Sea to produce highly coveted products is 417, which can also be found in Europe, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and more.

These are care products that are based on natural components and Dead Sea minerals with products according to the type and skin needs of each one.

In addition, the brand offers a line of products tailored for men, with mineral shaving cream and nourishing shampoo for body and hair.

A wide range of alcohol brands, including Gin Acre (Photo: PR)

Gin Acre


- Julius : Gin is one of the hottest drinks of the summer - in a chaser, with a tonic or in a refreshing summer cocktail.

Julius is a premium boutique distillery in the Upper Galilee owned by the wine critic and food reporter Yuval "Job", and "Acre" is the first and only gin in the world that all its ingredients are Eretz Israel and is made from 12 botanical ingredients - all grown in the Galilee.

It has a full and rich body, pleasant bitterness, a large complex of flavors mainly of citrus fruits alongside flowers.

Milk & Honey Liqueur Roots

: Milk & Honey Distillery is located in Tel Aviv and was the first initiative of its kind to create a local single malt in Israel, and on the occasion of Independence Day launched a Eretz Israel herbal liqueur, which is all a tribute to 70 years of Israeliness.

The people responsible for the flavors are none other than Chef Erez Komorowski, the poet Roni Somek, the Olympic champion Keren Leibowitz, Mahiya Mahane Yehuda Eli Mizrahi, the agronomist Dr. Elyashiv Drori, the chef Avivit Priel and the whiskey man Tomer Goren, all asked to choose a spice that symbolizes Eretz Israel and the selected spices created "ROOTS", a limited edition

liqueur.5 Stones Rosa Magnum

: There is no drink that symbolizes summer more than wine rosé, and there is nothing more chic than rosé in a magnum bottle.

5 Stones is a rosé wine made from 90% merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that were harvested in August by hand.

It has a floral aroma that blends well with soft fruit flavors and a pleasant and refreshing sourness.

It comes from the Five Stones boutique winery located in the Ella Valley, in the heart of Applesion, which specializes in sharp and clean wines, as can be seen from the minimalist design.

Another bonus from James Richardson is the ability to purchase everything you want on the website before arriving at the airport (up to four hours before the flight) - via computer or phone, avoid the queue, save time and make sure everything we wanted awaits us upon arrival at Duty Free .

Visit the James Richardson website now, order and collect the products before the flight >>

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