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Vacation with a baby: what to consider? - Walla! health


Have you decided to go on vacation and the baby joins? Here are all the things to know before you book a family vacation

Vacation with a baby: what to consider?

Have you decided to go on vacation and the baby joins?

Here are all the things to know before you book a family vacation

Daniel Sarantsky, in collaboration with JAMA


Sunday, 22 May 2022, 07:22

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Freedom with the baby - Some will say it's not real freedom, but believe us a change of mood, even if you do not sit on one leg without any "chore", can be blessed.

So what exactly should be taken into account when booking a vacation to which your baby also joins?

We have collected for you some highlights that you should pay attention to just before you choose a vacation in such a composition:


One of the important things to pay attention to is accessibility.

It is important that you check that it will be convenient for you to move around the accommodation with a small baby, that is - in a stroller.

Have you ever longed for a secluded Galilean B&B with a panoramic view?

Make sure there is also a convenient access path or enough space to rock the stroller inside the B&B if you wish to do so.

In addition, rural-mountain hotels or those with a lot of accommodation units scattered over a large area can be an attraction for older children as they are usually transported by tuk tuk.

Therefore, with small babies, it can be a bit cumbersome.

Take this into account.


If we've already mentioned the word attractions, let's talk about them.

A tiny baby does not need dedicated activities, and these become relevant as he grows up.

What is really appropriate from birth?

What you do.

Beach, pool (for your consideration when to put in the water), easy hiking trails that are suitable with babies in a carrier, etc.

The bigger the baby, the more you should include attractions for him in the vacation schedule - playgrounds, living areas, etc. Baby


is fed during the first months of his life from breastfeeding or formula.

If you have already reached the stage of tasting or solid solid meals, it is important that you be prepared for this during your vacation.

Look at the menus of restaurants you would like to eat at, make sure the meals at the guest house will have something to give your baby to eat or taste and bring with you in advance gerbers, smoothies or things you made yourself at home.


Does the property provide a crib or playpen for the baby?

Is there a mattress too?

All of these questions should be asked before booking a vacation so that you can prepare in advance.

And what does it mean to prepare in advance?

Pack a camping coop with you or decide to have the baby sleep between you in bed, for example.

How to get

there Also consider the ways to get on vacation, and then from home. If your baby suffers from long trips - do not book a vacation too far, or plan the trip with many stops along the way. Also, you can also schedule the trip for the hours the baby is supposed to Sleep. If your



a flight, your preparation should be different in terms of the equipment you will take with you on the plane.

There are important things that they think you should pay attention to,

so have a fun family vacation!

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