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"Big Brother": "Survival" Corner Miri Regev | Israel today


In the tedious biblical task, the worn-out goals of the format to quarrel between the tenants were achieved: watching the episode was more of a stare in the face of a night of curses • Everyone insults everyone, with the most popular insult at home, as in any season of pre-show, being "hypocritical"

The Bible mission, yawn, was launched at the "Big Brother" house in late prime-time. The king, Ofek and Talia - Adam and Eve. The other occupants of the house were the children of Israel who ordered to walk 40 km in the desert on a treadmill.

To pass the time a little differently, they built a public singing playlist, from National Pay to Sleep.

But the spectacular Hart faced a worn-out content template: those small, plany missions within the big mission, which, by and large, aim to quarrel and create controversy among the tenants, as well as step on their weaknesses and bring them to an end.

That is, "Big Brother" - the "survival" version of the corner of Miri Regev.

It's not the production's fault, it's not the controllers or the fireplace - it's the format that insists on remaining relevant.

Snack grasshoppers and beginners.

Oh, and of course there is no mission without a secret mission that Shariva surpasses - easy, because Sherin is not the most crunchy grasshopper in the pack.

That is, she will be fired from Beit Zvi before she is fired from the fireplace.

Sarin and Dina were given a mission in Shosho to sabotage the desert treadmill march to win a luxury budget.

So Sarin staged a fall so that the Israelites would get off the treadmills and come to the aid of society, like good Israelis.

The injury was fake.

Sarin and Dina, Photo: Screenshot

Kazem, on the other hand, has been dubbed the "most cunning tenant" by most of the house - so he has been given the role of the snake, in which he inflicts blows on the tenants.

The first blow: a locust blow.

Because the brother allowed Kazem to watch whoever chose him as cunning, Kazem decides to take revenge on Nathaniel and Omri.

The two are forced to blow grasshoppers at each other through a transparent tube and transfer corona to each other.

Whoever blows harder wins, and the loser eats the grasshopper.

Omri took the mission and went out of his way as he tried to encourage Nathaniel, "It's fries dude."

Nathaniel won a Michelin dish that he will relish throughout the mission: grasshopper chips based on lentil stew.

As stated, the goals of the fireplace were achieved.

Watching last night's episode was more of a stare in the face of a night of curses.

Everyone curses everyone, while the most popular curse at home, as in any season, is "hypocritical".

Who do you start with?

Kazem in front of most of the tenants, Diane and Marina in front of Dina (who is stuck somewhere in Yemen, convinced and convinced that women are weak. Come Dina), Bar in front of Talia and then in front of Ofek, and all in a dizzying loop that only God knows how to get out of.

And if that's not enough, then the second blow that Qazem inflicts is the blow of the firstborn.

The selected tenant will have to be the first to perform any action in the house;

The first to go to sleep, the first to wake up, the first to light a cigarette, the first to fart and the first to stand for rinsing.

Kazem chooses to bite Omri, because there is nothing like biting new blood.

Please do not step on the tail.

Snake Kazem, Photo: Screenshot

Meanwhile, Ofek and Talia as Adam and Eve remained naked, after the brother ordered them to dispose of all their equipment until further notice.

Talia made Avivit Bar Zohar and lashes, when she expressed mental difficulty in parting with her makeup.

So we said, why not press on the Achilles heel when possible?

And if it's possible to swallow a little more evil, then also a guest appearance by Bar raises volume and screams at Talia, who-oh-oh-oh how dare she cry very much on soap and sob seven times over a pair of panties.

Bar, who won the crown as King Solomon, decided in a whole trial not to cut the bed in two, but to give it to the horizon and let Kazem sleep on the sand.

It is likely that this is against the rules of the format, so the brother arranged for the snake to spend the nights of the mission inside the box of Moshe who sailed on Yaor Zach.

The name will have mercy, this is not how you get to the Promised Land.

Things tenants say:

"Is a good raw material" (Kazem on Nathaniel).

"How my grandmother would say, 'A woman's hair carries a ship of men'" (Eliav to Ofek).

"What's the moving gate today?"

(Seagull to everyone).

"Women seduce men, sorry the stone speaks. Let the women's union not rise against me" (Dina to all).

"My heart is with you all-in" (Eliav Lebar).

Were we wrong?


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Source: israelhayom

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