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Happy Weekend: The cultural events that await you | Israel Today


Music performances, concerts for children, theater performances and other events that will take the stages this weekend • Maya Cohen has collected all the recommendations for you

The Children's Philharmonic during the musical story "Mr. Little and the Apple Tree"

Thursday 16:30, 17:45 in the lobby of the Heichal Hatarbut in Tel Aviv

Orit Raz's book, with a trio of woodwinds in a story about Mr. Zuta's garden, in which a dry and ugly apple tree stands.

Mr. Zuta decides to uproot the tree and plant flowers and vegetables in its place and the boys and girls are invited to find out what happened to the poor tree and how woodwinds connect to it in familiar and beloved pieces of music.

Featuring Gabriel Hadar, flutist: Boaz Meirovich, clarinetist: Rashley Davis, bassoon: Uzi Shalev.

Zipporella Ensemble with Lia Koenig and Gila Almagor

Friday 21:30 at the Habima Theater

The Zipporella Ensemble hosts the great divas of the Israeli theater, Lia Koenig and Gila Almagor, in a funny, wild and exciting stage meeting based on the familiar Zipporella show.

Among the members of the ensemble - Gal Friedman, Lotus Etrog, Tomer Nahir Patlock, Tamara Klingon, Efrat Aviv, Omri Doron, Ben Perry, Carmel Netzer, Bar Hadad, and Elad Sennes.

Through a series of theatrical sketches, familiar situations are given a special interpretation and personal stories of the actors are mixed with cultural changes and social phenomena.

Adir Getz in Hangar 11

Thursday 21:00 at Hangar 11 Tel Aviv

Modestly and with hard and consistent fieldwork, Adir Getz manages to capture the hearts of the general public with his songs, signing some of the great hits of recent years ("Ten Zero You", "Just the Way It Is", Always Staying "," A Small Apartment in Haifa ", "I did not ask for war" etc. And

today he will make his first appearance at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv with surprising guests.




Thursday 20:30 at the Inbal Dance Theater

A show that combines mediums, body and mind theater with Hebrew poetry, exposed, feminine and courageous presentation.

Creative dancers generate their interpretation of the written text, and a dance of words and body poetics is slowly created.

This evening was created by Yaela Leila, a dancer and poet.

The Israeli Camerata Jerusalem in the season finale concert

Friday 13:00, Saturday 21:00 at the Tel Aviv Museum

The orchestra ends the season with a concert conducted by Avner Byron with the participation of the esteemed Spanish-Swiss soprano singer Alicia Amu, and the Sea of ​​Galilee Carmela Leiman.

The concert will feature a performance of the work "The Macabre Mysteries" by the Jewish composer Jergi Ligetti, written in defiance of the manifestations of dictatorial cruelty of the mid-twentieth century, which seems to have no better time than today - the days of war in Ukraine - to bring it up again.

There will also be "The Hidden Cities of a Kind" (by Moran Magen) based on the world premiere of Italo Cavilano's book, as well as The Lion from "The Marriage of Figaro", Norina's Lion from "Don Pasquale" and other works.

"A new generation of Cameri"

Thursday and Friday 21:00 at the Cameri Theater

Shalom Lech Eretz, a production of the theater group of young people written and directed by Moriah Zarchia, with four short stories about Israelis who left Israel.

A couple who moved to Berlin to open a hummus shop, a young girl who dreamed of living in Paris, hitchhikers in Dubai on the way to an exit and four girlfriends working in strollers in Atlanta.

A humorous look at Generation Y who sets out to find himself in the big world, and discovers along the way that Israel is not just a country - it is a mentality.

Participants: Tam Gal, Chen Gerty, Dor Harari, Tom Khodorov, Uriah Jablonski, Or Lombrozo, Roni Netanel, Maya Koren, Yaeli Rosenblit.

Angina factoris

Friday 21:00 in the Tel Aviv team

A satire written by Michal Aharoni about the Minister of Defense, Dan Yasur, who needs a heart transplant.

A few months earlier, a law was enacted in Israel that the minister had led and supported with all his heart - Jews could not receive organ donation from non-Jews.

He now finds himself in a dilemma because the only heart found is a fresh, young and promising heart - of a Palestinian guy.

The minister has to make a decision - either he takes the heart and breaks the law - or he dies.

Tomorrow Exhibition

Thursday 21: 00-10: 00, Friday 15: 00-10: 00, Saturday 18: 00-10: 00 at the Ramat Gan Museum

A new and unique digital multimedia exhibition that takes art 200 years forward and incorporates the works of Claude Monet, Vasily Kandinsky, Paul Cézanne, Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Aubrey Birdsley and others.

Also in the exhibition - contemporary digital multimedia art from the world of NFT and VR.


Thursday 20:30, Friday 11:00, Saturday 18:00 at the Habima Theater

Stage adaptation of the famous play by Yitzhak Bashevis Singer starring Roni Dalumi / Hila Shalev, Dov Reiser, Alex Carroll, Oded Leopold, Edna Bellilius and more.

The familiar story about Intel, a young girl, the only daughter of Rabbi Tudros, in the Jewish town of Yanav, who rebels against the destiny and fate of women in traditional society.

Intel feels that her intellectual ability does not fall short of that of men and implores her father to teach her Torah.

The rabbi accedes to his daughter's pleas and secretly gives her education and knowledge.

When the rabbi dies, Yantel cuts her hair, leaves town, and goes out to fulfill her dream in the guise of a young man.

With her new character and her new masculine name "Anshel", she arrives in the town of Yachov, becomes a yeshiva student and falls in love with a young, tall and handsome student named Avigdor.

The plot gets complicated when Lintel matches Hadassah, and soon they both stand under the canopy, marrying the religion of Moses and Israel as a young couple.

Shlomo Artzi in Be'er Sheva

Thursday 20:30 at the Beer Sheva Amphitheater Park

"Masa Artzi", Shlomo Artzi's tour around the country arrives in Be'er Sheva with his house band, in a two-and-a-half hour show that will consist of the greatest hits from the last five decades.

The performance became one of the special and unconventional, with the audience playing an active role during it.

Dvir Bendek in stand-up

Thursday 21:00 at the Habima Theater

He is one of the most respected and veteran actors in the country, starring on stage and on the big and small screen, and now doing the most exposed and brave thing there is in the world of performance - standing alone on stage and doing stand-up.

In his characteristic openness he talks about relationships, family, habits, diets and life itself.

It's funny, it's exciting and it's a one-time experience because in every show something new comes up in dialogue with the audience.

Rosenkertz and Gildertein die on the bridge

Thursday 20:00, Friday 20:00, Saturday 18:00 at the Gesher Theater

A play dedicated to the memory of Yevgeny Arieh, the theater's founder and artistic director, who passed away this year.

Rosenkrantz and Gildenstern, two sub-characters in Shakespeare's Cement.

The two good friends of the Danish prince from school days come to the palace to spy on him for the king - and pay a heavy price for it.

Modern playwright Tom Stoppard has made the fringe couple the main protagonists.

Through their eyes we get a glimpse behind the scenes of the world-famous tragedy, in a witty modern play that is all a hymn to man and the art of theater.

Among the participants: Ido Musari, Doron Tavori, Alon Friedman, Sasha Demidov, Gil Frank, Mickey Leon, Henry David, Shlomi Bartonov and more.

Tislam "Strong Radio"

Saturday 21:00 at Zappa Ganei Yehoshua

On January 16, 1981, Tislam's debut album was released by CBS Records.

"Radio Strong", an album that broke boundaries and created new standards in Israeli rock with refreshing and original musical writing and production.

The success of the album led to a nationwide tour, and even today the band continues to give head.

On Saturday, they will do it in Tel Aviv with all the energy that the band members bring: Yizhar Ashdot, Yair Nitzani, Danny Bassan, Yoshi Sadeh, Tzof Philosoph and Sami Abzardel.

Kobi Aflalo in Shoni

Thursday 21:00 at Zappa Ampi Shoni, Binyamina

Kobe Aflalo continues to do the thing he is best at: to excite, and will sum up the past year in a festive summer show at Zappa Ampi Shoni.

In the show he will perform his hits from all the years, including "Sea of ​​Mercy", "Song of Longing", "What My Heart Has Chosen", "I Have Nothing Else" and more.

Rami Vered in stand-up

Thursday 21:00 at the Haifa Theater

After a year of divorce, Corona and big brother, Rami Vered, one of the leading comedians in Israel, take the stage in a new stand-up show, "It's Not Me".

Vered laughs at himself and the world.

Goodbye, Mr. Hepman

Saturday 21:30 at the Khan Theater

A modern drama about love and loyalty by Jean-Philippe Daguerre, directed by Udi Ben Moshe.

In Paris of 1942 the successful Jewish jeweler, Mr. Hepman, realizes that his life is in danger and offers one of his employees a deal: he will transfer ownership of the jewelry store to him, provided the latter hides him from the Nazis.

Pierre, the French worker, returns to Hepman with a counter-offer: he and his wife want children most of all, but Pierre is barren.

They are willing to hide Hepman on the condition that he agrees to have a child with Isabel, Pierre's wife.

Contemporary drama, which presents a fascinating moral dilemma with humor, sophistication and theatrical richness, and illuminates the Holocaust period in a new light.

Participants in the play: Erez Shafrir, Vitaly Friedland, Nitzan Lebertovsky, Itai Schur and Bar Sadeh.

Yoni Rechter at sunset

Friday 19:30 at Zappa Amphi Shoni

Yoni Rechter, one of the most important and interesting musicians and pianists who grew up in Israeli music, comes to Amfi Shoni with his greatest songs from his rich career - from Beehive, from working with Arik Einstein, The 16th Lamb, Ali Mohar, his solo albums and more.

Amir Atias in first appearance

Thursday 20:00 in Papayato (Elifelet 5 Tel Aviv)

First performance by Amir Atias, lead singer of "The Doll's House", who is setting out for the first time independently and releasing his first song "One Such" ahead of a solo album to be released in the coming months.

Atias, the creator behind the big hits "Sigpo", "Song in Pencil", "Sun", "Do not worry", "Until You Come", "You'll Sit", "Where Have You Been" etc. has been working for the last two years on the album "Behind the Feathers", His first personal project.

In the show he combines the big hits of the band and his new songs.

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