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Many are unaware of this but as early as the 19th century conventional medicine used pressure cells to treat a variety of inflammatory conditions of the body

Pressure chamber treatment: Breathe out of the box

Many are unaware of this but as early as the 19th century conventional medicine resorted to pressure cells to treat a variety of inflammatory conditions of the body.

Dr. Ziv Dror from the Prana Network - Pressure Cells, Senior Therapist in Hyperbaric Medicine and Extensive Pressure Cells on the Method

Dr. Ziv Dror, in collaboration with zap doctors


Thursday, 23 June 2022, 15:03

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Pressure chamber (Photo: ShutterStock)

Pressure chambers are part of the mainstream of conventional medicine and have even existed in the health basket for 50 years.

Today the Ministry of Health offers free pressure cell treatments in these conditions only: air or gas embolism, decompression sickness, gas gangrene, cyanide poisoning, carbon monoxide, smoke inhalation poisoning, acute ischemic and peripheral ischemia, extreme anemia, skin grafts, fungal infections, necrosis Musculoskeletal and soft tissue infections, as well as various chronic conditions such as treatment of difficult-to-heal wounds (also as a result of diabetes), treatment of radiation damage to bone and soft tissue, combined treatment with restorative surgery after radiation treatment, treatment of bone necrosis and bone infection.

It is common in the world to treat stress cells even after coma, as part of the postoperative rehabilitation process, sports injuries, brain injuries, pain diseases such as fibromyalgia, migraines, deafness or hearing loss, memory loss, autism spectrum symptoms, cerebral palsy and even as anti-aging. To improve the appearance of the skin.

The pressure cell treatments can be obtained in a private setting at the Prana Clinics network.

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The mechanism of action of a pressure cell

Q Emphasize that this artificial process is no different from the process that occurs in the body naturally and does not replace it - oxygen comes from the lungs to the blood tissues and through the blood is carried on the hemoglobin

The mechanism of action of the pressure chamber operates similarly to the production process of a soda drink in a Ciprofloxacin device.

To create a soda, combine carbon dioxide (Co2) with water and close in a pressure bottle, when you open the bottle all the pressure is released.

This is how the treatment of the pressure cell works - oxygen gas is dissolved in the bloodstream and creates a process of oxidation, which allows the production of additional stem cells, new blood cells, moderate the mechanism that creates inflammation, reduce pain, affect the secretion of brain hormones, regenerate skin and intestines. anti-aging.

It should be emphasized that this artificial process is no different from the process that occurs in the body naturally and does not replace it - oxygen comes from the lungs to the blood tissues and through the blood is carried on the hemoglobin, but when we deliver oxygen at high pressure, we create a new way And not by hemoglobin.

Possible risks and complications as a result of treatment

Pressure cell therapy is considered a safe treatment with reasonable risks and less reasonable risks.

Reasonable risks are called "pressure injuries", and they result from the increase in pressure in the ears, just as this pressure is felt when taking off in an airplane or diving in water.

This risk leads to discomfort but passes after several hours to several days.

The risk also exists when the treatment is done with moderate pressures in a private pressure cell clinic.

It should be emphasized that private clinics offer treatments for varying pressures, so it is important to find out in advance who the treating agent is and whether the treatment is done with an effective degree of pressure.

On the other hand, the treatment of pressure cell in hospitals is usually performed at higher pressures than the pressures given in private clinics.

Treatment is more increased and may result in oxygen poisoning.

At the same time, the hospital has a supportive control system, which includes a nurse and an intensive care unit, so if God forbid the scenario holds, there is immediate treatment.

It should be noted that patients requiring increased care are not admitted to private clinics engaged in the field.

Oxygen therapy at moderate pressure

Moderate pressure oxygen therapy is provided as part of private medicine.

Pressure cell clinics were established with the aim of addressing the gap between the growing public demand for pressure cell treatment and the ability of hospitals to provide it.

Private clinics can treat a variety of medical conditions including treating children on the autism spectrum and children with developmental delays Fibromyalgia patients, adults interested in improving memory and cognitive ability, diabetics with complications, people suffering from mental health problems due to depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder A stroke, people who want supportive and rehabilitative care after injuries and surgeries and even athletes who want to improve their physical performance.

People who want to improve the appearance of the skin often come to the clinic and use this treatment method to achieve a fresh and saturated look.

The treatments are suitable from the age of three to the fourth age and in many cases replace pharmacological treatments, so for example the treatment can create a natural secretion of "mood" hormones such as serotonin and dopamine and help relieve pain.

The secret of success lies in perseverance

Pressure cell therapy is done as part of a series of treatments and is individually tailored to each patient.

The treatment lasts about an hour and a half and the secret of its success lies in repetitiveness and perseverance.

In the vast majority of cases after the medical problem is resolved there is no need to repeat the treatment, but in cases of chronic problems it is advisable to maintain health from time to time and access further treatment.

If you or any of your relatives suffer from an inflammatory medical problem, impaired mental ability, hearing loss or any other medical problem described in this article - you can ask your family doctor to refer you for a mild pressure cell treatment.

Insurance companies now recognize these treatments and they are embodied in private health policies.

Dr. Dror Ziv is a senior physician for hyperbaric medicine treatments. He acquired his training and professional experience while serving as a physician and officer in the Israeli Navy, and now in recent years treats patients suffering from a variety of ailments and medical conditions in a private moderate oxygen therapy clinic. , Plan a treatment plan and initial treatment Contact us via this link or call: 077-8040045.

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