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Wedding: The couples meeting came at the wrong time, but for the production it really does not matter | Israel today


For the production, Maayan's concerns and insecurity in her relationship with Ben are the bread and butter of the rating • In real life it does not work that way • When is the right time to meet with other partners?

The couples 'meeting of the "wedding at first sight" participants has arrived, and with it the couples' fears and anxieties about what is about to happen.

Maayan is worried because she has no confidence in her relationship with Ben.

In recent episodes we have seen the many dilemmas that White has in this relationship, and this is the basis with which Maayan goes out for a couples weekend. .

Beyond the general show that characterizes the encounter (remember the fake that was in the previous season?) Maayan has other concerns like what will happen if a son meets someone else he likes, whether all the other men have matched thin and shapely women, will it make him go back or at least feel disappointed?

And above all, we always compare.

What if everyone seems to be in a better and more harmonious state than we are?

After all, we can think that we are really good, and then see that in others the situation is much better, which makes our relationship suddenly mediocre in our eyes.

When the relationship is still unstable, it causes fears to intensify.

The feeling is that there are many cracks in the relationship of Ben and Maayan, and hence, that the stability of this relationship is very shaky, and anything can dismantle or applaud its condition.

An inevitable comparison.

Wedding, Photo: Keshet 12

If this is the case, the question arises as to why Katya is afraid, then Katya and Lior have the strongest and most stable relationship ever seen on the screen of a groom.

But that's also exactly why she's worried, because she has something good in hand, and what if it's really good Go To Be True?

Currently, for her, there is no reason to jeopardize this perfection.

In general, she would have preferred to stay at home with Lior and continue just as she has until now, since with the success there is no arguing.

Once they get to the weekend couples enter new variables that may sabotage their relationship, so she says she does not need this weekend, that he does not contribute anything to them and that she even wants to go home.

The concerns of all couples certainly make sense, except that in a routine relationship, one that is not conducted in front of the cameras on a crazy schedule, it is not advisable to rush and introduce the couple to the guys so early.

It is clear that in my signature it is not possible to produce this stability, because there is no time.

Even Katya has concerns, because neither couple has yet had the time required to actually establish the relationship between them.

It should be remembered that with all the idyll, the relationship of all couples is not conducted in ordinary reality, but as part of a reality show, whose overarching goal is to create ratings.

The more insecure the couples are in their relationship and exposed to variables with the potential to create chaos, the better it is in terms of production and the more ratings it will generate.

The truth is that there is no exact formula.

It is not possible to say that it is right to meet other couples after a month or after two months.

There are those who after a month it is appropriate to bond with them, and there are those who only after half a year.

Connecting with friends is very important to each and every one of us.

We always want our friends to love our spouses, that our spouses connect well with the supportive environment close to us and that there is chemistry.

When this happens, it gives us a significant incentive to bond, making us feel happier and more secure.

This incentive can only happen after we ourselves are confident in our relationship.

If we do not have real security, it is advisable to postpone the meeting with the friends to a later date.

Insecurity can make everything seem bigger and more significant.

Even if our friends are very enthusiastic about our spouses, if we are not closed on them it may actually make us feel pressured and regressed.

Therefore, only when the foundation is really strong and good - meeting other people can contribute to the relationship and take it to the next level.

The author is the author of the practical guide to creating relationships: "From all my educational cycles" and helps women create relationships.

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