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That's how the successful model and the wife of the "Bay Watch" star became a homeless woman looking for food in trash cans - Walla! Celebs


Model Lonnie Wilson starred on the covers of fitness magazines until about a decade ago when her life took a sharp turn. In recent years, an animal has been observed on the street, addicted to drugs and eating from garbage cans. Watch the upheaval

This is how the successful model and the wife of the "Bay Watch" star became a homeless woman looking for food in trash cans

Model Lonnie Wilson, the ex-wife of Bay Watch star Jeremy Jackson, starred on the covers of fitness magazines until about a decade ago when her life took a sharp turn.

In recent years, an animal has been observed on the street, addicted to drugs, eating from garbage cans and walking around with a shopping cart containing all her belongings.


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Tuesday, 28 June 2022, 23:43

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Lonnie Wilson has become a superhuman model eating junk food (Millionaire_Lifestyle1)

Until about a decade ago, swimwear model

Lonnie Wilson

seemed to have the perfect life.

She was married to a wealthy Hollywood star, starred on the covers of world-renowned fitness magazines and lived a showy and enviable life.

However, the last time she was recorded on camera, just two years ago, she was seen wandering the streets, homeless, drug-addicted, toothless, rummaging through trash cans for food scraps and walking around with a shopping cart carrying all her belongings - a pile of dirty clothes she found in the trash.

Wilson, 38, told the British SUN at the time: "I can handle my situation alone. I have everything I need. Nobody cares about me. They do not want to see me and I do not want to see them."

Lonnie Willison has divorced "Bay Watch" star

Jeremy Jackson

, 8 years ago in a subsequent media divorce was accompanied by reports of violence experienced by her husband.

After the divorce she became addicted to drugs and dealt with mental problems that led to the loss of all her property.

She refused to accept any help and said she tended to look deliberately dirty so that she would not be sexually assaulted while sleeping in the streets.

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When Failure and Jeremy were married on one of California’s beaches in 2012, the duo looked like the ultimate Hollywood couple.

Jeremy of California, now 41, became famous as Hobby Buchanan, the son of

David Hesselhof

, chief lifeguard Mitch, at age 11 and played the role until 1999 when he was 18. Lonnie, also from California, was a successful model who graced the covers of fitness magazines In skinny sportswear and swimwear.

The two used to get on the red carpets when they seemed completely in love, but Jeremy, a former children's star, already had a history of drug addiction, which began when he was a teenager in the Bay Watch.

He was arrested for producing methamphetamine at the age of 19, spent 90 days in jail for possession and completed 5 rehab attempts.

In 2015 he entered the celeb season of the British "Big Brother" and was kicked out of the house in the middle of the season after sexually harassing one of the tenants.

His destructive behavior is also reflected in the marital relationship with Lonnie.

Until 2014 the two presented the image of a perfect couple, but the situation behind closed doors was less rosy.

In August 2014 police were called to their home after Jeremy allegedly attacked Lonnie.

She later claimed he strangled and beat her, leaving her with two broken ribs, a wounded neck and scratches on her face and body - but she decided not to file an indictment.

The couple broke up right after the alleged assault, which she only revealed after her divorcee entered the Big Brother house.

The breakup was hard for her.

"It took me more than two months to recover," she recounted at the time. is very".

She added: "I did not report him when he attacked me because I was scared. I was in a bad place emotionally and did not want Jeremy to go to jail."

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Torture by electric shocks

Lonnie's life began to spiral out of control after the breakup.

She went through a mental breakdown that left her unable to work.

She ran into heavy debts and in 2016 lost her rented apartment and could not afford to own a car.

When she found herself on the streets, she developed an addiction to Crystal Meth and her mental health only continued to deteriorate.

In a 2018 interview, she claimed she was tortured by electric shocks in her home, and that only the drugs she took managed to prevent harm.

She believes she is charged with electricity that poses a danger to all around her: "I was tortured in my house, in my apartment," Lonnie told the Daily Mail.

"I lived alone and got electrocuted. It was really bad, really awful. Later I found a red mark on my back and I think that's how electricity got into my head."

She said she tried to talk to her friends but said "I had a hard time explaining to them what I was going through, so I just stopped talking to everyone".

She once said of her ex-husband: "I once saw him talking on the phone. One moment he was there and a moment later he became invisible. He really disappeared. I did not understand what was happening."

She claimed to have seen Jeremy standing outside her apartment while "seasoned" and said that her "electric charge" was capable of knocking down buildings she slept in - and that the only thing that could prevent it was taking drugs.

Refuses to accept help

At the time, Lonnie described life on the street in the words "the strong survive" and said she had not showered for more than a year in order to avoid sexual harassment.

"I're being robbed all the time. People take my stuff," she said, "I actually get myself dirty as much as possible so no one attacks me. The dirtier I get, the better. It stinks too. It seems to work. I cut my hair too. "To look different. I cut it myself."

After being first photographed sleeping under a shopping cart, her model friend, Christine Rusty, located her, paid for her for a night at a hotel, and gave her clean clothes and a hot meal.

After talking all night, Lonnie turned down her offer to pay for her hospitalization at a rehab facility and then fled and disappeared for two years, with her friends left worried about her safety.

"Lonnie desperately needs our help, we need to get her out of the street and give her care," Kristen said at the time, "I'm so sad, but you can not force anyone to get help.

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Lonnie has since been spotted again in October 2020, digging in bins near Venice Beach in Los Angeles, in order to find clothing and food.

Its glittering look has since been completely destroyed in light of the addiction.

She lost a lot of weight and lost a number of teeth.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: "I've not talked to Jeremy since. I do not want to talk to my friends, I'm fine. I do not want anyone to help me. I do not have a cell phone. I have food and I have a place to sleep. "I get money here and there and there is food in bins and near the shops. I have enough."

Hundreds of lifeless Americans live in tents on or near Venice Beach, and the situation has worsened since the coronation began.

Mobile toilets and water stations have been set up to help the homeless.

In her latest tragic photos, Lonnie is seen snacking on a pizza she found in a trap and sharing it with a squirrel.

Wearing long socks, fishnet tights and a denim jacket, the former model was seen hauling behind her a cart full of filthy clothes and bedding.

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While Lonnie is still struggling with her addictions, her ex-husband, now 41, manages to stay clean and is now a leading figure in the Los Angeles fitness scene.

He shares muscle-revealing photos on his Instagram page on a regular basis.

Jeremy declined to comment on his ex-wife's plight when asked about it on previous occasions, but another of his exes, Cindy Kovac, criticized the actor after refusing to help Lonnie after they broke up in 2014.

She said: "It's really sad what happened to Lonnie. She never got the help she needed. He (Jeremy) did nothing. He did not care. He did not put on her. It was shocking, sickening."

The new photos are expected to cause heartache to her friends and those who still care about the former glamor girl.

Hopefully one of them will be able to give her the help she so desperately needs - and more importantly, that she will want to receive it.


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