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Peki'in invites: "Instead of flying to Greece - you have Greece in Israel" - Walla! Tourism


In the days when they were repaired, the spring square in Peki'in was crowded with travelers, but since the corona, tourist traffic has not yet returned to the Galilee village. Watch Walla! Tourism

Peki'in invites: "Instead of flying to Greece - you have Greece in Israel"

In the days when they were repaired, the spring square in Peki'in was crowded with travelers, but since the corona, tourist traffic has not yet returned to the Galilee village.

"Instead of spending dollars, let's help businesses here thrive, and each other," say a village that begs for visitors, and has a lot to offer

Ziv Reinstein


Monday, 04 July 2022, 07:23 Updated: 07:30

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A tour of the village of Peki'in (Photo: Ziv Reinstein, Editing: Yardena Abodi Fox)

Mazen Naif stands outside his restaurant in HaMaayan Square in Peki'in, calling on Israelis to return for a walk in the village, now that the Koruna has forgotten.

"Instead of flying to Greece - you have Greece in Israel in the village of Peki'in. Instead of spending dollars, let's return the shekels to the state coffers and help businesses thrive, and each other," he says.

On days when they are being repaired, HaMaayan Square is full of travelers, mostly Israelis, who come on weekends to taste the cool pomegranate / orange juice that the stallholders squeeze on the spot.

In the middle of the week you will find mostly schoolchildren on a tour of the well-kept village, whose small streets are decorated with green windows and a variety of delicacies with colorful geranium flowers.

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From here it all started.

HaPa'ayan Square in Peki'in (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

"Instead of spending dollars, let's return the shekels."

Maif Naif and his wife at their booth (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

A painting of ancient Peki'in in Ha - Ma'ayan Square (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

Druze, Christians, Muslims and there are also some Jews

The Druze village in the Upper Galilee has about 6,000 residents, 80% of whom are Druze and the rest are Christians, Muslims and there are also some Jewish families and an active synagogue.

Yes, a 2,000-year-old Jew moved to Peki'in, still known as "Baka" in Roman times, when Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yohai and his son Elazar fled from the first into a cave in the village, and lived there, according to tradition, for 13 years until the rage passed.

To get to know the intricacies of the neat and beautiful village, we joined Ayelet Bar Meir, a guide who specializes in the Western Galilee and its villages.

About 6,000 residents of all religions in the Galilee village.

Peki'in (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

Beautiful and clean alleys in the core of the village (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

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The Queen of Soaps

The first point - the visitor center and workshops of Spa Hir.

After 35 years of owning a clothing store, Spaa opened a center for female empowerment workshops a decade ago after 30 years of holding various workshops, and she says about 6,000 women went through workshops on making candles, oils, fruit design (and making jams from them) and cheese.

"Especially 'spa cheese' which has a taste of more," she says.

"It's a cheese that is fried and then put in water. The cheese tastes like hyssop and fennel and I didn't learn it but invented it," she emphasizes.

In the soap corner, Spaa invents soaps.

"I dream about it at night and execute the idea the next day," she explains of her inspiration.

In her beautiful shop you will find a variety of types: turmeric soap, rose water, moringa, soaps with symbols of religions, such as menorah and cross, but most interesting: "perfect man soap", which contains coconut, shea butter, patchouli, zinc, frankincense and other goodies (I took one home to try, I will update the results).

Workshop price: soap from NIS 30-20, cheese workshop from NIS 120-60 including food.

Oh, and she also makes great breakfasts and she also has kosher.


Also makes great breakfasts.

Spa Hir in its visitor center (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

Soaps, fruit design and a variety of workshops offer a spa for visitors (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein system)

Must try at home.

"Perfect Man Soap" (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

Have you ever tasted praline knafa?

A stroll through the village reveals clean and beautiful alleys.

Suddenly, in one of the houses, a chocolate shop "La Chocolita" by the chocolatier Vered Mohana is discovered, who is a high-tech man who fell in love with chocolate and learned to make it in Europe.

The tiny store is entered through Vered's parents' house and then an even tiny showcase is revealed where lovely pralines, especially one.

"Our flagship flavor is praline knapsack," Vered explains and immediately gives me a taste.

He studied chocolate making in Belgium and Italy three and a half years ago, and before Corona opened La Chocolita.

During Ramadan, he made chocolates instead of kataif for Muslims, and those who want to learn how to make pralines and other chocolate items can also participate in one of three workshops he conducts.

But the most interesting spice in Vered's charming venture is his father - Karim.

From the chocolate factory store, a secret door leads to the stunning courtyard of his father's house, where he grows a spectacular orchard of flowers and trees, including one of the oldest olive trees in Israel.

"Someone comes from the village of Mi'ilya and his name is Salim Khamisi, and he knows his age (the tree - ZR) by the holes and the plantations and told me that it is about 1850 years," Karim explains.

Among the flowers and fruit trees cultivated by Kerim, there are special rose bushes, from which he produces "Sharab al-Ward," or a sweet and delicious original rose juice.

And that's not all - Kerim is also amazing at playing the variety of flutes he produces, even from a plastic pipe or a small key, and also delights the ear in the traditional way, in Arabic and Hebrew.

Lectures, a chocolate workshop and a tour of the flowering house for a fee.

Up to 30 people.


A hitmaker who fell in love with chocolate.

Rose Mohana in "La Chocolita" (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

"The taste of our flag."

Praline Knape (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

Amazing in playing the variety of instruments and flutes he produces.

Kerim Mohana in action (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

It is said to be 1850 years old.

The ancient olive tree in Kerim's house (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

The beekeeper who loves bees

And if we are talking about flowers and sweets, then bees are an integral part of pollinating flowers and creating sweets (honey).

To do this, I went to meet Gassan Salah, who studied beekeeping at Tel Hai College and managed a tourism business and aromatherapy studies at Ridman College.

For the past six years he has been engaged in spreading, studying and preparing honey and its products and knows everything about bees, especially the healthiest product they produce - flower powder.

"The pollen that is in the flower, it is the male of the flower, and then the bee passes and makes the pollen. It is a very strong natural protein source," he explains and sells jars of yellow-orange grains.

Gassan entered the field of bees after working in a pet store and falling in love with them.

Beyond the fact that he is a 74-trophy crater, "what reassures him is to just open the hive." His little one - "Asal Elnor" - you can also get explanations about the important (extinct) bee craft and also taste and try different bee products. For example, therapeutic creams, propolis, royal jelly Very sweet. And there is also kosher. 072-3957616, by appointment.

Know all about bees.

Gassan Salah in "Asal Elnor" (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

"A very strong natural protein source."

Flower powder at the visitors' center (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

The Lebanese sambusak who arrived in Israel

After all this sweetness, you can also go salty and taste the only sambusak in Peki'in, owned by Abu Salman.

The place near the spring square was opened by Abu Salman in 2014, after studying religious studies in 1988 in the Lebanese town of Hatzavia.

"The most sought-after sambusak is pizza with chicken and also white samba and hyssop," he says.

Unit price 23 shekels.

Open all week from 10:00 to 22:00.

From Lebanon to Israel.

Sambusk Peki'in (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

"The most sought-after sambusak is pizza with chicken, as well as white samba and zaatar" (Photo: Walla !, Ziv Reinstein)

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