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Pension, Hartz IV, sick leave: These innovations will come in July


Pension, Hartz IV, sick leave: These innovations will come in July Created: 07/04/2022 04:54 By: Stella Henrich Employees can look forward to a higher minimum wage and there should also be more money for pensioners - the changes at a glance. Munich - In July, important changes will come to the citizens. These include numerous new laws on pensions, contracts and the minimum wage. The good news:

Pension, Hartz IV, sick leave: These innovations will come in July

Created: 07/04/2022 04:54

By: Stella Henrich

Employees can look forward to a higher minimum wage and there should also be more money for pensioners - the changes at a glance.

Munich - In July, important changes will come to the citizens.

These include numerous new laws on pensions, contracts and the minimum wage.

The good news: Employees and pensioners get more money.

There is also a bonus for Hartz IV recipients.

In addition, there is no EEG surcharge, which should relieve the household budget of citizens in times of rising electricity prices.

For smokers, however, it will be more expensive.

And for a corona test, citizens will have to pay 3 euros in the future.

Innovations in July: More money for pensioners, employees and Hart IV recipients

Good news for the approximately 21 million pensioners in this country.

In the west, pensions will increase by 5.35 percent, in the east by as much as 6.12 percent.

The strong increase is due to the good economic situation in the past and the resulting positive developments in the incomes of employees and the income of the pension fund.

Sunflowers grow in a field near Bad Dürrenberg.

Cooking oil is mainly obtained from sunflower seeds.

(Iconic image) © Hendrik Schmidt/dpa

Employees should be happy too.

Because they will receive a higher minimum wage on July 1st.

This is now rising to 10.45 euros per hour and will then be increased again to 12 euros per hour on October 1st.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz had the raising to one

Core promises made in the federal election campaign.

The recipients of social assistance and Hartz IV also receive more money.

You get a one-time bonus payment of 200 euros.

This means that single people now receive 649 euros instead of 449 euros.

The subsidy is paid out with the Hartz IV standard rate.

The Corona bonus of 200 euros affects all adult recipients of Hartz IV, social assistance or basic security who are entitled to benefits in July 2022.

An overview of the current standard rates can be found on the website of the federal government.

That will change for consumers in July - an overview

The minimum wage is increased

The hourly wage increases to 10.45 euros

Pensioners in West and East get more money

+5.35% (West), +6.12% (East)

Relief for Hartz IV recipients

Measure from the federal government's relief package

EEG surcharge will be abolished

Changes affect all electricity customers

Digital sick leave

automatically from the cash register to the employer

Driver's license period for the exchange ends

Exchange only possible until July 19th

At Aldi, Lidl and Co.

Handing in old electronic devices is now easier

New deposit rules

no more deposit-free bottles and cans

Smoking becomes more expensive

e-cigarettes are also affected

Cancellations via button

Contract terminations become easier

DHL increases postage

Prices for sending parcels are increasing

Corona test no longer free

3 euros per test due

Change in Income Tax

More money for workers

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Driver's license exchange: the deadline expires for many in July - then there is a risk of a fine

Driver's license exchange: For many, the deadline expires in July - drivers must act

Changes in July: EEG levy no longer applies

What many consumers may not yet know, but which should please them all the more.

The EEG surcharge will be abolished from July 1st.

"With the law, the transmission system operators (TSOs) will reduce the EEG surcharge on July 1, 2022 from the previous 3.72 cents per kilowatt hour to zero cents per kilowatt hour," the federal government said in a statement.

The electricity suppliers are now obliged to pass the loss on to their customers.

The electricity does not become cheaper because the surcharge is only part of the price and the suppliers have to pay more than a year ago when purchasing from the electricity exchange.

Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) made that clear in March of this year.

"The abolition of the EEG surcharge can reduce the pressure on consumers somewhat," explained Habeck.

According to Verivox calculations, a single household with an annual consumption of 1500 kilowatt hours will save around 33 euros (gross) this year through the abolition.

Innovations in July: Digital sick leave and exchange of driving licenses

Since last October, medical practices have been sending a sick note digitally to the health insurance companies.

From July, the sick note should now not only be sent to the health insurance companies, but also to the employer.

This means that employees no longer have to hand in the formerly "yellow certificate" themselves in the company.

The patients only receive a printed copy for their own documentation.

The deadline for the driver's license exchange has been extended this year from January 19 to July 19.

But then it's over.

Until then, everyone who was born between 1953 and 1958 and still has a pink or gray driver's license in their wallet must exchange it with the responsible authority - otherwise there is a risk of one


According to the ADAC, the new EU driving license remains valid for an unlimited period, regardless of when you took the driving test.

Innovations in July: Free return of electronic devices at Aldi, Lidl and Co.

Actually, the law has been in effect since the beginning of the year.

However, retailers were given a transitional period to take back electronic devices such as mobile phones, blenders and toasters.

From July 1, supermarkets and discounters such as Aldi, Lidl and Co. must now accept these devices free of charge.

Online retailers will also be obliged to take back old devices in the future, reports

(see video).

Since January 1st, a deposit has been required for all drinks in returnable bottles or cans.

Beverages that had already been produced could still be sold without a deposit.

From July that will be passé.

From then on, juices and other drinks must also show the deposit symbol.

This means that it is no longer what is in the package and a deposit is charged on it, but the packaging material that is decisive.

With this stricter deposit rule, the Federal Environment Ministry wants to further reduce plastic.

Innovations in July: smokers are asked to pay more, but it is easier to quit

Now hookah tobacco, heated tobacco and so-called “liquids” are to become more expensive.

This change will come into effect on July 1st.

Whether the liquids

contains nicotine or not does not matter.

Liquids that are vaporized in an e-cigarette now cost 5.60 euros.

Previously, the price was around 4 euros.

According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, from 2022 to 2026, every pack of cigarettes will cost eight cents more per year.


Consumers who have concluded a contract online should now be able to easily cancel it online.

This makes a cancellation button on the company's website mandatory.

Nobody has to write a letter or send a fax anymore.

reports that there is no longer any need to pick up the telephone


If a business doesn't have this button by July 1st, consumers have the right to cancel without notice.

Innovations in July: money for corona test due - package prices are also increasing

The free corona test will end on July 1st.

Tests for vulnerable groups remain free.

Pregnant women can still be tested free of charge.

But not only Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) is turning the price screw.

Consumers who want to send parcels will also have to put more money on the table from July 1st.

The S package will then cost 3.99 euros instead of 3.79 euros and the M package will cost 4.79 euros.

Here is a price overview.

Innovations in July: More net from the gross for employees

That should please millions of people, because the income tax rate will be adjusted.

Three things are changing in favor of employees: the basic allowance, the distance allowance and the employee allowance.

This means that people in an employment relationship then have to pay less tax to the tax office.

Since the cost of living for many people is still unaffordable despite some relief, Chancellor Olaf Scholz is now also proposing a tax-free one-off payment from employers.

However, he finds little support among economists.

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