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"Wedding at First Sight": Moshe's Unfunny Tension Show | Israel today


Despite attempts to pepper matters and provoke intrigues and engineered dramas on behalf of the production, the current season continues to skyrocket • Otherwise how can one explain that the highlight of the episode was a joke about a tattoo?

First of all - a moment of relief: after about two months of trying to figure out who the hell Ben Secretary is, especially when he smiles with his mouth open and his eyes stare for a distance like he was in the middle of a mushroom trip, the writer is forced to determine that this is a double of the subliminal rapper.

Take a moment to think about it, while Ben must be pondering the thought of mushrooms on pizza.

At the beginning of the episode in the National, he returns from his beloved New York directly to the arms of the matchmaking to which he is contractually obligated, sort of.

They hug and for a moment it seems like the whole longing crisis from the previous episode (reminder - sort of wanted Ben to tell her he misses her. Ben wanted to eat dough and leave him with mom) dissipated in seconds.

But later in the episode, the subtitle shouts in the advertisement, will come what is called arc 12 with sensitivity and good taste "son and kind - the crisis".

The issue arises between them and Maayan is unable to deal with what she sees as a distance from a son and a lack of expression of affection.

It will end in a not-too-long argument on Danny's couch, at the end of which they return to their favorite joint activity - long-distance eating.

This time pizza, in case you were wondering.

I'm a chorus.

Blown up in Dinosaur.


By the way, an extreme sport: at a certain point in the episode, "Wedding at First Sight" becomes a Formula 1 channel and a special broadcaster from Raphael's Iron Man competition, a "Iron Man" challenge that Raphael trains before entering the program.

Shortly before, they watch a news article about the competition and share, after a month together, a couch in an intimacy that befits a couple on a first date or two strangers sharing a seat on the bus.

Before that, they make shakshuka and host friends for an uninteresting conversation about them as a couple, after which they return to their favorite place in the kitchen.

Even if a relationship does not get out of hand, these two have the potential to open a great guest in the middle of the prairie.

Idit arrives at the competition itself to wish her husband success while on the starting line and Rafael bursts into the challenge of his life.

But this is in fact an act of deception in front of the cameras, since Raphael, as has already been established, is a sophisticated cyborg with high physical abilities, who compensate for software that is not developed enough.

After he finishes the competition, Edith surprises him with the news of leaving for a B&B, a pleasure that the production completely paid for to start the stuck roller coaster that is their connection.

Well, overall they's pretty cute, these two.

Katya and Lior are also cute, maybe a little too much - according to the horrible reactions on the net for all this happiness and goodness.

There is no doubt that wedding viewers are valued people who want to see a beautiful relationship and a blossoming romance.

In last night's episode, Lior comes to pick up Katya from her shift in Soroka and goes out to hug her outside the car, as if that's something people do.

"A hug of love," he interprets his actions, and on the ride he forces a romance on her, when all Katya wants is to crash on a bed.

In between, they exchange declarations of love, Lior imagines Katya spilling with a baby stroller ("But a lioness"), and they end their morning session with "Thank you for being stunning" and "You are stunning."

It's time to mention that Lior also works in a tidy job, but the days are post-closure and pre-return to some routine, and he does it from home - true to the concept of this season's groomsmen: "Women in Soroka, men in underwear."

Later in the episode they sit and fantasize about living in luxury towers like nouveau riches, and then play a board game that contains personal questions that the production has completely forced on them, to produce some sort of intrigue here, because if we wanted to see a Disney movie we would order their damn service (then complain about it On Facebook). "Thank you for what your future is," Lior asks Katya as part of the game.

"For going to my wedding," Katya replies.


Lior announces.

It will not help even if you get stuck here with an evil mother, Katya's ex from the underworld and Lior's manipulative friend, you will not see a mess here.

At a certain point, a kind of argument develops between the two, about the three days they are supposed to spend separately before deciding whether they want to continue as a couple even beyond the plan.

How will we cope with all this tension?

Energies of a first date.

Raphael and Edith,

But the star of the episode is undoubtedly Moshe, who has cracked a career as a host of a suspense show.

It begins when May brings Ray to her parents, for help while she breaks down on hospital shifts.

Moshe notices the dog's absence after two days, expresses a dubious longing for his bitter enemy and then raises the possibility of joint custody of Ray, in case of a breakup.

May falls into this trap and fights for her right to continue raising Ray, but also manages to frighten her husband herself, when she tells him that she is considering tattooing his name on her body.

Moshe is horrified at the very thought, because he too knows that tattooing "Moshe" on the skin is about as cool as doing a huge tattoo of Phil Collins' face on his chest.

But May's joke leads him to mock his wife's tattoo later in the episode, and wastes her time and time by flirting with the idea of ​​tattooing the acronyms of both of them, M&M, on himself.


At the end, they tell the confused tattoo artist that they are having a graduation party, or "love party" in their words,

And this is exactly the moment when Gili Mosinson enters the room and things get heated.

Well, not really.

A stretching plan, come on. 

Were we wrong?


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