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Elections, Calenda-Renzi: 'Dialogue started but it's still a question'. Dibba against Grillo: 'Father master'


Feverish negotiations between Action and Italy alive to reach an agreement to create the Third Pole option to be presented to the voters. Renzi to Calenda: 'We are ready to stay in the team'. Di Battista: 'Many don't want me, so I'll stay out'. Salvini: 'If Meloni takes one more vote he will be prime minister, if Salvini takes it it will be Salvini, it is democracy'. Berlusconi: 'Me candidate? Now I think about it and then I decide '. Center-right program table: justice reform and ecological change (ANSA)

Feverish negotiations between Action and Italia Viva

to reach an agreement

in the next few hours in order to present to the voters the option of a Third Pole, with "dragon-like" traction, on 25 September.

Between acceleration and braking, after a hectic day, what is certain is that the parties are talking to each other and an understanding seems close at hand.

In the evening, rumors not confirmed by official sources report that a single symbol is already being worked on, which would contain the word "Calenda" and below, smaller, the symbols of the two parties.

The day begins with a hitting and beating between the two leaders in the newspapers.

Carlo Calenda, from the columns of the Republic, says he is ready to discuss an alliance with Renzi.

But he specifies: "An agreement between us is neither predictable nor banal. With him there are relationships that have deteriorated over time, a programmatic consonance unites us and some choices divide us".

On the same wave, but more optimistic, the secretary of Italia Viva: "

Ideas in common are closer than the methodological and character differences that separate us.

We - he observes to "Il Messaggero - we have positioned ourselves on the Third Pole immediately. If Action is there, we are ready to start again together, without primogeniture but aiming for the good of Italy. Carlo and I together can do a bang".

Then, throughout the day, in the clusters of the Transatlantic, a succession of rumors and indiscretions.

Contradictory signs were leaking from their respective staff.

After lunch, it is Renzi's party that slows down: Italia Viva - sources close to the former premier report - is still at the crossroads between running alone or making an agreement with Action.

However, in the light of the coldness shown by Calenda's party, among the Renzian leaders there is skepticism about the agreement.

Matteo Renzi


Carlo Calenda

have heard and will talk again, said the leader of Action, while for the leader of Italia Viva it is 'Calenda who must decide whether or not to make the agreement with us, whether to make a single list'.

"I hope that the third pole will be born, there are the conditions for it to be born

. There is a discussion with Italia Viva that must be clear, now to integrate two bodies. There is no meeting today. The agreement is not yet there. ".

This was stated by the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda, on the website of "La Stampa", interviewed by the director Massimo Giannini.

Silvio Berlusconi

spoke in the center-


in the morning

: "We will see about my future. Today we will talk about the future of Italy", said the leader of Forza Italia.

"In my party they attacked me, they told me, it is important that I apply, now I think about it and then we decide". 

On the question of the future premier,

Matteo Salvini

explained: "If Giorgia Meloni takes one more vote, Giorgia Meloni does it. If Matteo Salvini takes one more vote, Matteo Salvini does it. More clear, beautiful and linear than that. you can't ", said Lega leader Matteo Salvini.

"This is democracy - he added - on the other side instead there is the scratch card between Letta, Renzi, Calenda, Di Maio, Bonino, Speranza, Conte, Fratoianni and so on and so forth"


Salvini: 'If Meloni takes one more vote' he will be prime minister '



A "chapter" on justice reform and another on ecological change, now defined as "a priority":

according to what is learned from center-right sources, these are the main innovations added to the coalition program which is at the center of the discussion in the new meeting of the table convened in the afternoon and which should close in the evening.

The first point of the framework agreement, which reaffirms Italy's position as "fully part of Europe, the Atlantic Alliance and the West", is followed by that on institutional and structural reforms (including presidentialism and the recognition of autonomies).

Then comes justice


We then cite interventions in line with the reform of the criminal process (for example "the stop to media trials in respect of the right to information and the right to good reputation"), the reform of the judicial system with the example cited of

" separation of careers and reform of the CSM ", and the reduction of time and the simplification of civil and tax procedures.

With regard to environmental protection, the commitment is to "respect and update the international commitments undertaken by our country to combat climate change" - reads the draft - and to "fully use the resources of the NRP for the environment," over 70 billion, to get the ecological transition off the ground ", but also to accompany" the so-called heavy industry in its reconversion and in the creation of new green jobs ".

There is also a reference to the "intensive planting of trees especially in areas abandoned by agriculture", as partly proposed by the president of Forza Italia, Berlusconi.

And the project is launched to introduce environmental education as a "compulsory curricular subject in secondary schools".

Alessandro Di Battista

meanwhile in a video on social media: "I don't think there are the conditions for my candidacy in the next political elections".

He explains that he had heard Giuseppe Conte and "also speaking with him", having "understood that there are many members of the current M5s who do not want me, from Grillo passing through Fico".

The former 5s also talks about some interviews: "The kindest were 'if he comes back you have to align' and the least were 'we don't need him because he's a destroyer like Attila", "when perhaps the consensus loggers were others ".

Su Conte says: "He was very sincere", "he is a gentleman".

M5s, Di Battista: 'Forced to leave, they prevented me from making head'

"Forza Italia does not have a new symbol - explained


-: we have only added an element of the EPP which throughout Europe represents the true center, an alternative to the left, not an electoral cartel born out of nothing but the continuer of the liberal Christian and Atlanticist tradition "." We are always on the side of the West and of the world free: the next government will have an Atlanticist policy, of this we will be guarantors ", he said. And on the Flat tax:" it has increased the revenues for the State by as much as 30%: we do not want to create further deficits.

With the growth that we will produce, we will have the lowering of taxes even below 20%.

The flat tax will be in the hundred-day program, it is the most important point of the program. "And on Calena the Forza Italia leader said:" He discovered today that the Democratic Party is left-wing: it is not a very important issue,

I prefer to talk about less tax and less bureaucracy.

The rest is a political theater ", the Forza Italia leader said again.

ANSA agency

Renzi: 'It's Calenda who has to decide on the third pole with us'

'We are willing to join the team because the Third Pole would be the big surprise of the elections and only with a strong third Pole will we be able to ask Draghi to stay at Palazzo Chigi,' said Renzi.

The leader of Action: 'Renzi?

We talked yesterday, we talk today.

What I want is clarity on issues and behaviors'.

Franceschini: 'Calenda tries to sow discord'

Source: ansa

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