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How to choose a climbing rope?


When doing route climbing, there are a few essential pieces of equipment. In addition to the slippers, you will need a esc rope

Do you rock climb or want to get started?

This activity is very popular and appeals to a large number of people.

If it is possible to practice it without a climbing rope, for example if you are bouldering, if you are on track or in the middle of nature, the climbing rope is essential.

The latter will be there to ensure your safety and prevent you from falling from too high in the event of a fall because you will be held at the level of the carabiners present in the wall.

As you will have understood, a climbing rope by the meter or 80 meters is to be chosen with care.

It must be suitable for your weight and your type of practice.

If you need a little help finding the model you need, take a look at the selection below.

We have gathered several references available online for you.

Our selection :

  • Climbing ropes 60 meters, Rubix Trx Millet

  • Climbing rope 10 meters, Eubswa

  • Climbing rope 70 meters, Taurus, Millet

  • Climbing rope 70 meters, Mambo, Petzl

  • Spirit Climbing Rope 50 meters Ocun

  • Single contact rope 80 meters, Petzl

  • Climbing ropes 60 meters, Rubix Trx Millet

    • Go Sports



    • Amazon



    Make your life easier when climbing by choosing these Rubix Trx climbing ropes from Millet.

    This is a set of two and they are 60 meters long each.

    These ropes have received a hydrophobic treatment to resist water well.

    They allow smooth handling and are lightweight.

    Thanks to the two different colors, you won't risk making a mistake during your manipulations.

    • Pack of 2

    • 60 meters each

    • Hydrophobic treatment

    • Fluids

    • Easy maneuvers

    • Resistant

    • Lightweight

    Climbing rope 10 meters, Eubswa

    • Amazon



    Be perfectly equipped with this Eubswa climbing rope.

    It measures 10 millimeters in diameter and 10 meters in length.

    She comes with gloves and carabiners.

    This rope is made of reinforced polyester and nylon.

    It adapts to all types of use, even excluding climbing, and can support a load of up to 1,200 kilos.

    It is, however, quite steep.

    • Gloves

    • Carabiners

    • Reinforced polyester and nylon

    • Multi-purpose

    • Load up to 1200 kg

    • Integrated straps

    • Quite steep

    Climbing rope 70 meters, Taurus, Millet

    • Go Sports



    • Amazon



    With a length of 70 meters, this Taurus climbing rope from the Millet brand can be used in a large number of situations.

    It has a diameter of 10 millimeters ensuring good solidity.

    This climbing rope comes from an eco-reasoned production.

    It received no treatment during manufacture.

    This is a dynamic type single rope.

    • 10mm and 70 meters

    • Eco-reasoned production

    • Rope without treatment

    Climbing rope 70 meters, Mambo, Petzl

    • Go Sports



    • Amazon



    Thanks to its Ever Flex heat treatment, this Mambo climbing rope from Petzl is suitable for summer or winter practices.

    It has a length of 70 meters and a diameter of 10.1 millimeters.

    It is very solid and is made of polyamide.

    Its thick sheath ensures good durability over time even if you use it often.

    • 70 meters

    • 10.1mm

    • Polyamide

    • Thick sheath

    • Heat treatment

    Spirit Climbing Rope 50 meters Ocun

    • Go Sports



    Have you been rock climbing for some time?

    Then choose this Spirit rope from the Ocun brand.

    It has been designed for experienced climbers and is pleasant to use thanks to its great lightness.

    This rope is water-repellent so as not to become waterlogged and increase its weight.

    Its lifespan is excellent.

    It is however a bit expensive.

    • Lightweight

    • Lifetime

    • Water repellent

    • Experienced climbers

    • Price

    Single contact rope 80 meters, Petzl

    • Go Sports



    • Amazon



    Whether you practice climbing indoors or outdoors, you can use this Single Contact rope from the Petzl brand.

    It is 80 meters long and very light with its 9.8 millimeters in diameter.

    This rope is resistant and offers a good grip.

    You can easily manipulate it to tie knots or attach it to carabiners.

    • 80 meters

    • Lightweight

    • Sustainability

    • Versatility

    • Getting started

    • Handling

    • Price

    How to maintain a climbing rope?

    An essential element to ensure your safety when you go climbing, your climbing rope must be well maintained.

    To do this, you should regularly check its condition to ensure that it is not damaged.

    To start, you must make an inventory of your rope(s).

    Take a good look at the ends of your climbing rope by the meter and check if the core and the sheath have separated.

    They will then have a cauliflower shape.

    If so, cut off the damaged part with scissors.

    Then, burn the end to reunite the core and the sheath.

    Once the ends are checked, look at the rest of your rope.

    You just have to pass it between your fingers to spot an irregularity.

    If you detect an abnormality near the ends, cut that part.


    if you cut a large piece, remember to note the new length of the rope.

    Indeed, if your 80-meter climbing rope does not end up being more than 78, it is better for you to know it.

    Now that your climbing rope is "repaired", you can move on to cleaning it.

    Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, it will eventually get dirty.

    Indoors, it risks becoming clogged due to the magnesia.

    Outside, the same thing, but mud, sand or even dust can be added.

    First, take a brush to remove the dirt present on the surface.

    A little delicate rubbing will suffice.

    Then, fill your bathtub or a basin with water and add a mild soap such as Marseille soap, or a product specially designed for climbing ropes.

    The water must be lukewarm, that is to say not exceed 30 degrees.

    Using a stiff brush, gently scrub the entire rope.

    All you have to do is rinse the rope to remove all traces of dirt and soap.

    This technique is long, if you don't have time, you can put your climbing rope in the washing machine.

    Use a delicate and preferably cold program, maximum 30 degrees.

    Last step, drying the rope.

    Do not leave it in the sun or near a heat source.

    Leave it in a dry place and arrange it in a chain or in large loops.

    Thorough drying takes a minimum of 48 to 72 hours.

    During this time, you will need to move the rope regularly so that all parts can dry.

    When should you change your climbing rope?

    To keep securing yourself as it should, your climbing rope should not be too old.

    Indeed, after a certain period of time, it will be necessary to replace it so that it does not yield.

    On average, manufacturers indicate a lifespan of around 10 years.

    They also specify a number of falls not to be exceeded.

    Between 5 and 8 most of the time.

    This figure is defined according to simulation tests of very serious falls, occurring rarely in life.

    The frequency of use must also be taken into account.

    For example, if you go rock climbing several times a month, change your ropes every 3-5 years.

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