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'Out of the club because of color'. Managers: 'It's not true, it created problems'


"We will make a statement in the Prosecutor's Office", the lawyer Alessandra Ballerini announces. According to the association, other "two black boys and a group of North Africans were left outside the club." The local lawyer replies that the boy was not done enter because 'in an altered alcoholic state: skin color has nothing to do with it' (ANSA)

He would have been left out of the club, the scene of the performance of one of his favorite singers, because of color.

This is what Gabriella Nobile reports and denounces on her personal Facebook profile and on that of 'Mamme per la pelle' - the association of which she is founder - who reports the events that took place on the evening of last 12 August in Marina di Ravenna.

"Capo Plaza concert on August 12. Biniyam is 16 years old - reads the post -. He is no longer in the skin, his idol is in concert near his house. He took the ticket months before, he knows all the songs by heart, he organizes with his friends, convinces mum and dad to go even if it's late in the evening. They arrive at 11.15 pm at Marinabay, in Marina di Ravenna - says Nobile - but something goes wrong. All his (white) friends come in and he stays out without any reason. He calls the parents who go to the place and stop a steering wheel to tell what happened ".

To parents,

"We will make a statement in the Public Prosecutor's Office, the lawyer Alessandra Ballerini,

specialized in human rights and immigration, will deal with this matter. This is what Gabriella Nobile, founder of the association 'Mamme per la pelle' explains to ANSA, who on Facebook denounced the fact that

"a 16-year-old black man was not allowed to enter the venue where the Capoplaza concert was held in Marina di Ravenna on August 12".

According to the association, other "two black boys were left outside the club. and a group of North Africans ".

"We will absolutely proceed with a complaint and we hope that the place can close for a while",

explains Nobile.

The 16-year-old left out of the club "is an adopted boy from Emilia-Romagna: he was the only one in his group of friends who was not allowed in, the only black -Nobile explains- He called the parents who are We went there. Mom is a member of our association. We have a recording in hand. Plus the 16-year-old's mom saw that they didn't let in a couple of black boys and a group of North Africans. "

The singer "Capoplaza - Nobile argues again - we haven't heard from him, we don't have his contact details. I'm sure he knows absolutely nothing. I would very much like him to take a clear position on this thing".

"It is true that the 16-year-old was not allowed in on August 12, but the color of his skin has nothing to do with it.

He was not allowed in because he was included in a list of subjects who had created problems at the club some time before: in particular two weeks ago, he arrived at the club with some of his friends in an alcoholic state. "Thus, the lawyer Paola Bravi, a lawyer who follows the Marina Bay together with his colleague Emanuele Fregola, explains to ANSA the reasons given by the club that led to the failure of a 16-year-old at the CapoPlaza concert, stigmatized by the association 'Mamme per la pelle'. The fact that the boy was not allowed in, continues Bravi, "has nothing to do with the color of the skin, so discrimination is a defamatory accusation for which the Marina Bay will certainly sue against this totally instrumental and partial reconstruction.

Probably the

inclusion on that list was the reason that sparked the boy's anger and probably the version given to the mother may also be a partial version.

It is true that he was not allowed in but the color of the skin has nothing to do with it - concludes the lawyer -: the Marina Bay has a multi-ethnic staff, has multi-ethnic users, it is a perfectly integrated and inserted place ".

Source: ansa

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