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8 things you must do when you enter a hotel room - voila! tourism


Why is it important to open the door carefully, what to look for in the bathroom and why should you roll a towel at the bottom of the door? Everything you need to check when you get a hotel room. Details here! tourism

8 things you must do when you enter a hotel room

Why is it important to open the door carefully, what to look for in the bathroom, how to easily find bedbugs and why should you roll a towel at the bottom of the door?

A steward who has worked for 23 years and "lives" in hotels, explains what are the important things to check when getting a hotel room

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Sunday, August 14, 2022, 08:26

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Former hotel employee reveals secrets (@janessarichard)

"During my 23 years as a flight attendant, I have entered hotel rooms at all hours of the day and night. Over the years, I have developed tried and true ways to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for myself," says Charles Cantrell, who offers on the travel website Travelawaits eight recommended actions when entering your hotel room.

"Although some of these things are related to precautionary measures, I use them to check the level of cleanliness of the room."

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Open the door carefully

After you get your room key, open the door carefully, and first search the room.

You should do this in case the previous guest has still checked out or in case you got the wrong room key.

It seems illogical, but such cases happen often.

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Check the bathroom

The bathroom is almost always next to the front door of the room, so you should start there.

You should check the bathtub or shower and open the drawers to see if there are any items left behind.

You can even shake the towels to make sure nothing is left in them.

This is also an excellent way to check if your towels are indeed clean.

And another important tip: it is recommended to place one of the towels on the floor of the piercing room, to prevent slipping, especially in places where the bathroom wall is high.

Open the door carefully, and first search the room (Photo: ShutterStock, adriaticfoto)

Check the closet

If your room has a closet with doors, it is recommended to open them and take a good look at what is there.

Sometimes you should use the phone's flashlight.

Check the bed

Now it's time to check the beds.

Pull back the covers to make sure the bed is empty and the sheets are indeed clean.

You should always ask for an extra sheet to place over the original sheet, to create an additional "layer of protection".

In this context, and in order to avoid bed bugs, you should purchase an anti-bed bug spray in advance.

If you don't have such a spray, you can also use the toothpaste - smell the sheet and apply a little paste in each corner of the mattress itself.

If there are bed bugs, they will soon appear.

If it did happen, go change rooms.

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Pull back the covers to make sure the bed is empty and the sheets are indeed clean (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, Shutterstock)

Review the evacuation chart

It is important to refer to the emergency vacancy chart on the back of the room door.

By looking at this diagram, you will get to know the exit route closest to you in case of an emergency.

Check the dresser drawers

The last areas that are recommended to check in the hotel room are the dresser and its drawers.

Be sure to examine the light bulbs, clocks, televisions and any other electronic products that may be around.

If something is left in one of the drawers, it means that the room has not been cleaned well.

And another important tidbit: in many hotels, the room is cleaned once every two days.

Therefore, if you need more towels or toiletries, just call reception in advance.

Before each time the room is cleaned, collect your belongings so that the cleaning process is quick and efficient.

In many hotels, the room is cleaned once every two days.

So just call in advance for reception (Photo: ShutterStock)

When to ask to change rooms?

If the room you received is not to your satisfaction, you can request to move to another room.

In most cases, they will be able to comply with your request.

If this is not possible, ask that your room be cleaned while you are there.

This way you can make sure that it is indeed cleaned properly.

the necessary equipment

Now that the room is ready for you, it's time to unpack the items that you must always take with you to the hotel.

The first is a clip-on security alarm designed for the handle or bottom of the door (similar to a door stop).

Items of this type can be found on Amazon for less than $15.

By the way, it is recommended to use a rolled towel that rests at the base of the door, to prevent light from entering the hallway at night.

In addition, if a fire breaks out, the rolled towel will help prevent smoke from entering.

Another important item is a personal safety alarm, which is recommended to take with you when you go for a walk in the new city you have arrived at.

A third item comes in the form of reusable mesh bags.

You should always have a few of these, for different needs.

A fourth item is clothespins that you can use to tightly close the hotel room curtain while you sleep to prevent outside light from entering.

A fifth and final item that Charles Cantrell recommends is a personal drinking bottle with a cleaning brush.

You can use them for water, coffee, alcoholic beverages and more.

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