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Keep wasps away: The insects don't like that - and they stay away


Everyone notices: There are currently extremely many wasps in Germany. But something has to help keep the animals away? Simple tips can help.

Everyone notices: There are currently extremely many wasps in Germany.

But something has to help keep the animals away?

Simple tips can help.

"But they're intrusive this year", "It's amazing how many we have here", "I've been stung too." A striking number of wasps currently make it into every small talk round and at every regular's table - especially if it's outdoors stands.

Experts had expected a wasp plague in 2022 early on.

But what keeps the animals away?

has collected tips and household items that the insects don't want at all.

Drive away wasps: Simple tricks help against intrusive insects

They sit on the freshly cut watermelon, they crawl into the soda cans and they even nibble on the grilled food.

And if the wasps don't have a fixed destination on our patio table, they buzz around us, threaten to fly into our t-shirt sleeves or even sit on our bare feet.

Quick help for wasp stings - simple remedies work

Quick help for wasp stings - simple remedies work

The constant fear of many people: getting bitten.

There are many ideas circulating to keep the animals away.

summarizes useful tricks and notes: Trying it out helps.

Because some only believe in the trick with the coffee powder, others say that wasps can't smell it at all.

The next diligently distribute copper coins, others think it's crazy.

Keep wasps away: These tips keep the animals at a distance

  • Burn coffee powder

    - wasps don't like the smell.

    In a bowl (fireproof!) simply ignite some powder with a match.

  • Spray with water

    - should make the animals think it's raining.

    They often retreat to their nest.

  • Avoid perfume

    - the sweet smell is more likely to attract wasps.

  • Lemon with cloves

    - both smells are not for wasps and should help.

    Simply cut open the fruit and put cloves in it.

  • Mint, lemon balm and lavender

    - wasps don't like them.

    Place these on the table or even "whip" the plant clusters onto the table to release the essential oils.

  • Cover drinks or use cups with lids

    - the smell attracts fewer animals and the risk of "drinking" an animal and being bitten decreases.

  • Set up a wasp trap

    – Set up glasses with lemonade or beer a little to the side to attract the insects.

    It should be borne in mind that weaker animals drown in it in agony.

    It also remains open whether the approach of other animals in the direction of grilled food and your own drinks can be avoided.

  • Rubbing copper coins between your fingers and distributing them on the table

    - this tip apparently only exists in German-speaking countries, and there is also no evidence of its effectiveness.

  • Stay cool

    – wildly waving around only makes the animals feel threatened and become more aggressive.

And what if it did happen?

Wasp stings are usually no reason to panic (allergy sufferers should, however, always have emergency medication with them and, in an emergency, do not hesitate and call a doctor) - but it can also be painful for anyone who does not have an allergy.

Simple remedies provide relief and relieve pain.

List of rubrics: © Julian Stratenschulte/dpa

Source: merkur

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