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Rising electricity prices: These tips will help you reduce your electricity costs


Electricity prices are rising - you can prepare for the winter now and save electricity with three simple tricks.

Electricity prices are rising - you can prepare for the winter now and save electricity with three simple tricks.

Everything is getting more expensive, not only food but also electricity or gas – an energy flat rate of 300 euros is intended to cushion the additional costs somewhat.

It should be in your account in September or October.

In order to save on your own consumption, it may be a good idea to purchase these products.


You can save electricity with our tips.

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Save power: Turn off your standby devices

The television or the system are usually plugged into the socket, which consumes electricity.

Make sure you have a power strip with a switch, so the devices can stay plugged in but will not incur any charges if the power strip's toggle switch is off.

Better to do without standby solutions - according to


information, a TV in standby mode consumes around 35 euros in electricity costs per year.

A system consumes around 40 euros in the same period.

If you notice that power supplies are warming up, this is a sign that power is being consumed.

Alternatively, you can also consider whether timers are a sensible way for you to save on electricity consumption.

If you set these precisely, you don't have to think about switching off the multiple socket.

Do you live in an old house?

Then you should generally upgrade.

Tips for saving electricity: Use an economical shower head

A lot of energy is used for hot water.

If you use an economical shower head, you not only reduce your water consumption, you also save energy.

You can buy an aerator for your tap, which ensures less water consumption because it mixes air with the water jet.

According to


information, the aerator helps to save up to a liter of water per minute.

This results in annual savings in heating and electricity costs of up to 100 euros.

Save electricity on your smartphone

You can also be careful not to consume unnecessary power when using your smartphone.

For example, in the settings you can record that apps cannot access the Internet when they are closed.

So no updates are made in the background and the battery lasts a little longer.

However, it can also be useful to adjust the display brightness and not expose the smartphone to extreme temperatures.

Tax tricks: How to save money on your tax return

Tax tricks: How to save money on your tax return

Save electricity: Baking without preheating can save energy

Many recipes tell you to preheat the oven, you can save energy by doing this, just skip the preheating.

When cooking, you can also make sure that you use the residual heat sensibly, for example food can be cooked and you don't consume any more energy if you already turn off the stove.

Also make sure that you use a lid when cooking, so you can reach your goal faster.

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