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The great drama of television broadcasts Israel today


In reality, it is used to describe a turbulent event that arouses excitement and tension, but due to the excessive use of the word "drama" in every possible program on the screen, inflation has arisen and it has lost all meaning • Today, everything on the screen is dramatic, even if it is not clear what it is about

Lately everything feels dramatic.

Somehow, day after day, dramas happen everywhere - on the roads, in politics, in the economy or in reality.

Everything on TV is dramatic.

Mainly the excessive use of the word "drama" - to intensify situations, and then magnetize viewers through them to the background.

"We will open with the cost of living and with further dramatic price increases in the economy," announced last night Maggie Tabiv at the beginning of the main edition of "Now 14".


Fire brigade rescued a cat stuck on a tree?

It's a dramatic rescue.

Did someone drown in the sea?

This is a heartbreaking drama.

Is Itamar Ben Gvir threatening to break up with Bezalel Smotrich?

Drama in the political system.

But we have dramas out of nothing day after day.

Just the other day, when Gadi Eisenkot announced, as expected, that he would run for the Knesset, Hila Korah was enthusiastic and explained in an edition of News 13 that "there is no dramatic addition to the political map without a survey that predicts the consequences";

And fake excitement flooded the studio, because it is known that every mandate poll is always "dramatic", and it doesn't matter if the results are similar to the previous poll.

"Everyone is in shock after the huge drama that was here last night," Guy Zo-Eretz informed yesterday at the beginning of another episode - dramatic, of course - of "Big Brother".

"Tonight we will show you what happened in the house until Dina's very dramatic eviction," the host reported and added a dramatic face.

Zo-Ertz promised "drama" at least three times throughout the broadcast, and what we got was Sherin blowing Kazem's nose after the two reacted with cringe-worthy grief to their ally's ouster from the reality show.

In retrospect, it was dramatic in the same intensity as the drama that the moderators promised in the previous episode, and the one before it, and before it, and basically for the entire season.

Drama has long since described not only a literary or television genre.

In reality, it is used to describe a turbulent event that causes excitement and tension.

But due to the excessive use of the word in the local channels - it has been eroded;

And from the many promises of dramas - we have lost proportions regarding the meaning of real drama.

Yesterday, in the program presented by Almaz Mengistu ("Three", Keshet 12), she promised her viewers a double drama.

"Blind people have returned to seeing thanks to new technology. Later on the dramatic breakthrough," she said and then added: "And also - the dramatic birth of the woman in the Safed hospital. Yoav Even will bring the details."

How dramatic?

The newborn came out alone, fell from the woman to the floor, but everyone is safe and sound.

Almaz Mengistu and the "double drama",

Towards the evening, when all the daily dramas were repeated over and over again, in Amnon Levy's program "Shesh", network 13) they pulled out a used one.

"This time we will talk about the dramatic and tragic story of Dodo Topaz, which happened this week 13 years ago," he said.

In other words, get a recycled and nostalgic drama.

Today everything on the screen is dramatic, even if it is not clear what it is about.

Last week, after the polls closed in the Likud primaries, at the bottom of the screen here 11 there was a headline blown up in huge letters: "Evaluation: drama in the Likud list" - which remained there throughout the night broadcast presented by Akiva Novik.

I mean, even before results were received, when they were fed by fragments of unfounded surveys, the studio was eager to announce a drama but added a caveat.

It was drama with limited liability.

The people on TV like to define for us how we should feel.

It is therefore convenient to frame events as dramatic, just as the word "exciting" for its inflections is popular on television.

But the consequences of the frequent use of "drama" are erosion of the meaning of the concept, and of course a loss of proportions regarding it.

Because when every small event is crowned as a drama, how will we define a huge, shocking and extraordinary event from now on?

A particularly dramatic drama?

The various broadcasts, all the channels, all day and all the time, were we wrong?

We will fix it!

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Source: israelhayom

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