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The delusional story for which Isma killed his father


The Prosecutor's Office accuses a young woman of manipulating a schizophrenic friend to get money and induce him to commit parricide

Drawings that are part of the police investigation into the alleged parricide induced by a young woman in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona).

On June 8, 2019, shortly before two in the afternoon, a fire swept through a flat in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona).

Firefighters arrived in time to save the building from the flames and found, in one of the rooms, the charred body of a man.

He was lying face down on the bed.

He had worked at night as a security guard and was asleep when it all happened.

But it wasn't the fire that killed him.

Manuel Molina had signs of having been stabbed in the chest and neck.

When his son, Ismael Molina —Isma—, came home with a bandaged and bleeding hand, the Mossos asked him what had happened.

"I went for a walk and fell on some glass," he lied.

At the police station, Isma —who was turning 21 that day— collapsed.

“Today I have not seen another solution.

I have taken a knife and stabbed my father in the back,” she explained.

The police had the body, the author and a confession.

Solved case.

But it wasn't going to be that simple.

The boy told an amazing story.

His father was not who he claimed to be, but rather the member of a dangerous mafia group that threatened to kill the rest of the family (his mother and little sister) but also his girlfriend, Julia, and the twins whom Isma believed he had killed. feet together, had had with her.

His only way out was to kill his father and pay off a debt of 20,000 euros.

Isma didn't know it—no one had diagnosed it yet—but she was having an acute attack of paranoid schizophrenia.

She lived a delirium.

Neither her girlfriend Julia existed nor had they had babies with her nor her father her Manuel was a mobster.

The thesis of the Prosecutor's Office is that everything had been a set-up orchestrated by Alba Andreu, a 19-year-old girl who, in a year of friendship, had acquired "supreme power" over him that was used, presumably, to convince him to kill her dad.

The public ministry asks for 34 years and three months in prison for Alba for inducing murder with treachery, fraud and arson, and the acquittal for Isma, despite being the perpetrator of the crime, for psychic alteration.

Alba's defense defends her innocence and will seek acquittal.

The trial, with a popular jury, starts on Tuesday and should clarify a question: did Alba manage to brainwash Isma so effectively as to push him to parricide?

The summary of the case, which EL PAÍS has accessed, offers some clues.

A secret police group and an imaginary girlfriend

Arnau S. was a close friend of Isma.

They had known each other since school, studied Computer Engineering together, spent hours playing on the computer.

In March 2018 he started dating Alba, whom he had met on Tinder, and it didn't take long for him to introduce her to her.

They soon formed a compact triangle.

Alba, who had finished ESO and worked as a shop assistant, observed that they were introverted and "easily manipulated" boys, always according to the Prosecutor's Office.

She told them that she was part of Baix, a secret group of the Mossos d'Esquadra that helped abused and tortured women.

She invited them to join.

"She made us sign a page to collaborate," she declared later, before the investigators, Arnau, who broke off the relationship a year later.

“I thought it was a joke, but Ismael took it more seriously.

He began to write down license plates of suspicious cars in Vilanova.

He did what Alba told him”.

Maintaining a police group of that level costs money, and, according to the indictment, Alba encouraged Isma - her family enjoyed a comfortable economic situation and she knew it - to defray the expenses.

The alleged scam began in February 2019, first with small amounts (100, 300 euros) and then with larger sums that the boy sent him from an account intended to pay for his studies.

In order not to raise the suspicions of his parents, he indicated as a concept "computer course" or "computer fair".

He gave 7,495 euros to Alba.

The Mossos have found out that the girl used part of the money to buy expensive items, such as mobile phones or a Xiaomi electric scooter, according to police reports.

WhatsApp messages between Ismael and Alba.

Alba not only created a police novel for Isma, maintains the Prosecutor's Office, but also found him a girlfriend: a character that served to "intensify the emotional bond" with him and that he interpreted in hundreds of WhatsApp conversations.

The boy ended up in love with an entelechy with which he wrote love letters with drawings.

Julia claimed personal and health problems so as not to see him.

The curious thing is that, while already in prison, the boy explained that one night, when he was drunk, he thought he had met her in person: a girl "dark with Latin features, a Cuban mother and a Spanish father."

Alba's presumed narrative display was exuberant.

Investigators conclude that he convinced Isma to give him a jar of sperm and led her to believe, using ultrasound photos he pulled from the internet, that Julia was pregnant with twins.

A month before the murder, Isma's parents turned off the tap.

There were to be no more transfers.

Alba took another step, according to the Prosecutor's Office: she explained that Manuel Molina, her father, had connections with the mafia and was a threat to Julia's life.

The only solution was to kill him and pay 20,000 euros.

Months later, from the Brians psychiatric module, Isma —her schizophrenia stabilized with medication— recounted that Alba had detailed ways of committing the crime that always “ended with the burning of the corpse”.

walk away from reality

On June 8, after sleeping on some cardboard in the street, convinced that his father was plotting the worst fate for him and his family, Isma made up his mind.

He wrote to Alba to confirm that he should go ahead with the plan and she "challenged him to carry out the action," says the Prosecutor's brief.

He went up to the floor, took a knife and stuck it clumsily on the body of his father.

Later he said that he did not feel guilty, but "relieved": Julia and her twins were safe.

"I ate a cupcake because she was hungry."

Then he sprayed the body with flammable products, went out for a walk and, as Alba had instructed him, formatted the mobile and threw it into the sea.

Already in prison, he regretted having believed "absurd things."

Isma spent two years in provisional prison, but now the Prosecutor's Office requests his acquittal and his admission to a psychiatric center.

The responsibility, for the accusation, focuses on Alba, who isolated the boy, "took him away from reality" and made him germinate the idea of ​​​​killing his father, an "obstacle in his economic purpose" of enriching himself. cost, always according to the accusation.

After seizing his mobile phone by order of the judge, the Mossos arrested Alba in November 2019, who remained in provisional prison for two months.

The girl's defense, which is exercised by the criminal Eloi Castellarnau, will seek her acquittal.

The expert report commissioned by the judge assures that she presents "schizoid and sadistic traits", although she does not appreciate "delusions or pathological fabulation".

But the reports commissioned by the defense delve into the biography of a girl with an alcoholic father, a teenager who suffered


in high school and a young woman who defines herself as "a loser" and who found in daydreams a way to "protect herself from reality".

Those experts add that she does not have "intelligence to manipulate" and that she is "incapable of inducing anyone to commit a homicide."

In 2016, when she was treated for bullying, a doctor left a sentence written that, in light of the Prosecutor's thesis, is paradoxical: Alba is a girl "highly vulnerable to the manipulation of others."

Source: elparis

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