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Needles in the skin? The facial treatment that will fix your life Israel today


We have become accustomed to a treatment that includes cleaning, removing blackheads and nourishing the skin, but it turns out that it is also possible otherwise • We tested the unique method that includes cosmetic acupuncture and massage that releases emotional blockages

You know the fun feeling after a successful facial?

The skin feels clean, smooth and nourished with good substances.

In recent years, the norm for these treatments has changed, and cosmetic acupuncture is slowly entering the market as well, during which thin needles are inserted into the face to produce an additional effect of stretching and firming.

The beautician Tali Ashkenazi, who during the years she has been engaged in skin care, has also learned treatment methods from complementary and holistic medicine, decided to go a step further, and added an energetic treatment technique called Access Bars.

During the treatment, certain points in the skull are pressed, with the aim of freeing the patient from blockages and point barriers that interfere with his life.

We dropped by her clinic to see how all these things fit together, and what are the obstacles that can be alleviated with a facial treatment.

The treatment begins in the traditional way: cleaning the skin with soap, peeling with acids, and cleaning comedones and fats (black).

Surprisingly, precisely this part that is considered the painful part of facial treatments, passes without a hint of pain, and Ashkenazi explains that this is a unique technique she developed, which combines exfoliation with skin massage in such a way that the comedones slide out with a light press.

Later, she places a diamond peeling on the skin, and after it is removed from the skin using a polishing device, different masks are placed one after the other, including a purifying mask that closes pores, and a collagen mask that gives the skin moisture and firmness.

Needles and pressure - treatment at Tali Ashkenazi's clinic

So far everything is as usual, the skin receives a boost of moisture and pleasant personal care.

And now comes the turn of the needles.

They are tiny and thin, and she places 15 of them on her face - in the area of ​​facial expression lines, the lines on the forehead and on the sides of the mouth.

She explains that the weakening of the skin is related to the weakening of our internal systems over the years, and acupuncture results in the flow of blood and oxygen to the facial skin.

"If you follow cosmetic acupuncture regularly, it results in flexibility of the facial muscles, strengthening and stretching them, and encourages the skin to produce collagen and elastin naturally," she explains.

Now, when thin needles are stuck inside, the Access Bars method comes into the treatment, and Tali begins to gently press certain points on the skull.

"According to the method, we have 32 points on our head - and each of them is linked to a different thing. Money, joy, control, self-awareness and more. When I place my hands in the head area, I feel energetic currents around certain points, and this is my sign that needs to be treated. The gentle massage of those points actually strengthens the acupuncture process, and the flow of blood and oxygen, especially to blocked areas. Although I do not fully understand what barriers she is talking about, but from the moment she begins to gently massage points on the neck and skull, an immense and addictive peace spreads throughout my body, almost like sleeping deep 

When the pressures are finished, the needles also come out, and we return to focus on the facial skin.

This time he receives rich substances that nourish him: peptide serums, hyaluronic acid, collagen serum, vitamins, fatty acids, and neck and face creams.

To finish, a skin massage is performed for twenty minutes, which is also designed to strengthen the flow of oxygen to the facial skin.

Small electric facial cups are also included here, which help to tighten the skin. 

The result on the skin level is particularly noticeable and it is radiant and shiny at the end of the treatment.

At the mental level, the reaction varies from one to the next - I felt deep peace and calm, and there are different reactions such as bursting joy, strengthened self-confidence, and above all a higher energy level.

Holistic facial treatment by Tali Ashkenazi, hour and a half, cost - NIS 450

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