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The best couple costume ideas for Halloween


Do you love the Halloween party? So you certainly never miss this great opportunity to dress up. If you share your life

Did you know ?

Originally, Halloween designated a holiday celebrating the end of a year and the beginning of a new one.

This day was called Samhain.

The Celts believed that during this night, the border between the world of the living and that of the dead weakened.

They could therefore pass from one world to another.

People then disguised themselves so as not to be recognized by demons returning from beyond.

They themselves took on the appearance of monsters to pass unnoticed.

Since then, traditions have changed a lot and we dress up to scare ourselves and have fun.

If you want to change things up a bit this year, opt for a couple costume for Halloween.

Many options are possible and you will certainly have a great effect.

Our selection :

  • The Addams Family couple costume

  • Nurse and surgeon couple costume

  • Zombie Religious Couple Costumes

  • Vampire couple costume

  • Squid Game Game Guardian Costumes

  • Terrifying Clown Couple Costume

  • Spooky Harlequin Couple Costume

  • Ghost Pirate Couple Costume

  • The Addams Family couple costume

    • Amazon



    Do you like the movie The Addams Family?

    Then these I Love Fancy Dress LTD costumes are made for you.

    They come with many accessories like the wig or the cigar.

    There's even white and black face makeup.

    The lady's dress is long and well covering, the same goes for the gentleman's suit consisting of pants and jacket.

    • movie universe

    • Wig and cigar included

    • Long dress

    • Makeup provided

    Nurse and surgeon couple costume

    • Disguise yourself



    For Halloween, choose a nurse and surgeon couple costume.

    These matching disguises display a very successful bloody effect for a frightening result.

    The dress has a large zipper in order to be able to adjust the plunging of the neckline.

    For its part, the pants are elastic at the waist for optimal comfort.

    Note however that stethoscopes are not provided, they must also be washed by hand.

    • Adjustable neckline

    • Elastic pants

    • bloody effect

    • Hand washing

    • Stethoscopes not provided

    Zombie Religious Couple Costumes

    • Disguise yourself



    Priest and nun appear as zombies in these matching couple costumes.

    These costumes are available in several sizes and go up to XL.

    Several accessories complete the garments.

    You will find in particular crucifixes or the headdress.

    The costumes are also embellished with bloodstains.

    However, these costumes must be washed by hand, they cannot be machine washed.

    • Up to XL

    • Several accessories

    • Hand washing

    Vampire couple costume

    • Disguise yourself



    Bet on a must-have duo for Halloween with these vampire couple costumes.

    For women, the dress is short in front and long behind with pretty lacing.

    Both costumes display beautiful bright colors.

    We regret that there are only 2 sizes for women.

    These two costumes must be washed by hand which can be restrictive.

    • Bright colors

    • Women's dress lacing

    • Only 2 sizes for women

    • Hand washing

    Squid Game Game Guardian Costumes

    • Disguise yourself



    • Rakuten



    • Cdiscount



    Game keeper, participant, game master, killer doll… there are plenty of options if you want to dress up as one of the characters from the Squid Game series for Halloween this year.

    The phenomenon series invites itself into your costumes and if you choose one of the roles in combination you will be very comfortably dressed.

    To complete the outfit, the masks will allow you to keep your anonymity.

    • Universe of the Squid Game series

    • Comfortable suits

    • Many options

    Terrifying Clown Couple Costume

    • Disguise yourself



    Present in many horror films, clowns are essential to scare on Halloween.

    This version for couples consists of a suit for men and a matching woman.

    Both cover well and are decorated with scary bloodstains.

    Small problem with hand washing which is restrictive.

    Also note that the costumes are made of polyester, a material that is not very breathable.

    • Bright colors

    • Cover-up suits

    • Hand washing

    • Polyester

    Spooky Harlequin Couple Costume

    • Disguise yourself



    Red and black or black and white version, these terrifying harlequin couple costumes offer nice color contrasts.

    These costumes are very complete and will cover you from head to toe, for both sir and madam.

    Hoods and masks in particular make all the difference.

    On the other hand, they are made of polyester, a material in which you can sweat.

    • Very complete costumes

    • Bright colors

    • Coverage

    • Polyester

    Ghost Pirate Couple Costume

    • Disguise yourself



    This year for Halloween, become ghost pirates with your half thanks to these disguises.

    These suits are available up to size XL.

    For women, the skirt is long which is practical if it is cold.

    For gentleman, the pants have an elastic waist.

    Several accessories are provided such as a hat or overboots.

    Beautiful costumes but at a substantial price.

    • Up to XL

    • Long skirt

    • Elastic pants

    • Several accessories

    • Price

    Dressing up as a couple for Halloween: the good idea

    Every year, it's the same thing, at the end of October sounds the return of Halloween.

    This festival, originally very popular in the United States, is now almost as unmissable in Europe and especially in France.

    And who says Halloween says disguise!

    Among the many options available to you, you can choose a couple's costume for Halloween.

    Obviously, you can decide to dress up with your better half, but also with one or one of your friends, the only rule is that the costumes match and respond to each other.

    Dressing up as a couple for Halloween will be a good idea because it can help you find inspiration.

    Indeed, if you are two to think about the subject, you have a good chance of deciding more quickly what you want.

    If there are items to order or find on various sites,

    Another particularly interesting advantage, a couple costume for Halloween will be more impressive than a costume alone.

    When you arrive at your party or receive your guests, they will be immediately impressed by your costume duo.

    Costume makers have understood this craze and so many of them are offering lots.

    In a single order, you can buy both costumes.

    No need to make multiple purchases, everything will be there.

    Clothing and accessories, all you have to do is wait quietly at home to receive your package.

    If this couple costume trend is also in vogue, it is not by chance.

    Celebrities are big fans of it and can often be seen walking the red carpets in costumes that match those of their partners.

    We can notably mention Heidi Klum who is a big fan of this party and never misses an opportunity to impress the photographers.

    Others go even further by pushing the concept to family costumes.

    In this case, mum, dad and the children all put on matching costumes on D-Day. Guaranteed wow effect!

    Whether you prefer vampires, zombies or crazy surgeons, you too can adopt the couple's disguise for this party.

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