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Elections: The Interior Ministry corrects itself, the allocation of seats changes. Bossi elected in Lombardy


The founder of the League is elected in the multi-member college of Lombardia 2 (Varese). Calderoli: 'The interior ministry has caught a crab'. The zero balance between the parties remains. Change the map of the elect in 7 regions: Lombardy, Calabria, Lazio, Molise, Umbria Tuscany, Campania (ANSA)

 Yesterday he was not on the list of the Interior Ministry, but today Umberto Bossi is elected in the multi-member college of Lombardia 2 (Varese)


This is what is shown on the Eligendo del Viminale website.

"The Ministry of the Interior in the provisional allocation of the seats of the plurinominal constituencies has taken a sensational crab

. I am not saying this to contest them, but only because in self-defense, until the data becomes definitive, they can still correct it. application of the law, if this error were corrected, then Umberto Bossi would return to Parliament. And in any case, this observation of mine is confirmed among other things by the minutes of the operations of the national electoral office of the Cassation on Sunday 4 March 2018, just go and see it " .

So Roberto Calderoli, vice president of the Senate, anticipated the correction of the figure by the Interior Ministry.

"I'll explain - says Calderoli - where the mistake comes from. Everything is correct up to the allocation of coalition seats at the national level, or on the basis of the national electoral figure of the coalition of the parties that have exceeded 1%

. error arises from the next step where the electoral figure of the coalition in the constituency must also include the parties that have exceeded 1% even when these have not reached 3% because this is what the law says, which they have not done by already subtracting at the level circumscribe the list of '+ Europe',

creating a series of deficit seats involving 13 constituencies out of 28 "." The final distribution of seats to individual parties that have exceeded 3% - he underlines - was done correctly, but unfortunately the error is upstream.

I may not understand much about electoral laws, but I get to this point ... And in any case, this observation of mine is confirmed, among other things, by the report of Sunday 4 March 2018 of the operations of the national electoral office of the Cassation, just go and see it ", he concludes.


- An update of the distribution of the proportional seats of the Chamber of Deputies in some multi-member constituencies (this is the case of Umberto Bossi's in Varese, which only appears today among the elected officials) is published on the Eligendo website "also following indications provided by the National Central Electoral Office at the Court of Cassation ".

This is what the Department for Internal and Territorial Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior specifies.

"The data relating to the total number of seats allocated, at national level, to all coalitions and to the lists of the Chamber of Deputies, even for single-member constituencies, as well as the distribution of seats relating to the Senate of the Republic remains unchanged" .

The Department also notes that "


- Based on the evolution of the complicated counts due to the Rosatellum, some names of those elected to the proportional seats in some plurinominal constituencies of the Politics of last Sunday change, but the variations are zero balance as regards the parties.

For example,

the League which compared to yesterday has "gained" two deputies in Lombardy (Umberto Bossi and Giulio Centemero)

, has lost as many between Emilia Romagna and Sicily.

This is what sources from the Interior Ministry underline, recalling that the names of the elected officials published on the Eligendo website are to be considered "unofficial" pending the "official stamp" of the National Central Electoral Office at the Supreme Court.


in the allocation of seats in Molise after the political elections.


Ministry of the Interior, with updated data on the Eligendo website, changed the elected representatives in the region in the Chamber.

There is no longer the name of Caterina Cerroni of the Democratic Party and in her place is elected to the proportional Elisabetta Lancellotta of the Brothers of Italy.

Therefore, now four out of four are elected by the center-right in the region.

Therefore Claudio Lotito and Costanzo Della Porta are elected to the Senate, Lancellotta and Lorenzo Cesa to the Chamber.

The verification operations, however, have not yet been completed.

Same thing in Lazio.

The Viminale corrects on the site Electing also the list of those elected in the

district Lazio 1 multi-member 01: in the list with leaders Nicola Zingaretti now, in the correct version, two seats instead of one.

So in addition to Zingaretti the Democratic Party will go to another seat: the second is

Marianna Madia

, one of the plurielette, while third is the citizen secretary of the Democratic Party

Andrea Casu

, who will presumably be assigned the second seat.

Other changes concern Tuscany, where another seat in the Chamber was attributed to the Democratic Party.

Pass Simiani to the proportional for Arezzo-Siena-Grosseto-Livorno.

Simiani passes to the proportional for Arezzo-Siena-Grosseto-Livorno


in M5s-FI to the detriment of a Pd and an FdI candidate and


where a seat passes from the Pd to M5s.

Changes also in


where another seat has been attributed to the Chamber of the Democratic Party:


passes to the proportional one for Arezzo-Siena-Grosseto-Livorno.

The list of those elected to the Chamber in the plurinominal for the Campania 1

district changes on the Viminale website

: the name of Guido Milanese (Fi) disappears from the list, and that of Francesco Emilio Borrelli (Green-Left Alliance) enters.

In the event of definitive confirmation, those elected in the center-right region would drop to 22 to 21, those of the center-left would go from 7 to 8. In


, the League earns two deputies, in addition to

Umberto Boss

and also

Giulio Centemero.

ANSA agency

Camera Umbria elected, inside M5s and FI - Umbria

The picture of those elected in Umbria in the Chamber changes with plurinominal according to what is reported by the update of the Eligendo del Viminale website.

In fact, Emma Pavanelli (M5S) Emanuele Prisco (Fdi), Anna Ascani (Pd) and Catia Polidori (FI) are now indicated.


ANSA agency

Elections: new allocation of seats in Calabria, 1 from Pd to M5S - Calabria

The picture of the Calabrian elected in Parliament changes.


Source: ansa

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