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Going to Madrid? The fashion and styling tours that are worth getting to know - voila! Fashion


Stylist Shani Sassoon relocated to Madrid for her son and decided to leverage the move to start her own new business - fashion tours, styling and even art

Going to Madrid?

The fashion and styling tours that you should know

Stylist Shani Sassoon relocated to Madrid for her son and decided to leverage the move to start her own new business - fashion tours, styling and even art.

We have been and are back to tell

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Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 7:05 p.m. Updated: 7:34 p.m.

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turned the lemon into lemonade.

Shani Sasson (photo: courtesy of the photographers, private album)

A Spanish plaza that looks like a postcard.

Cafes everywhere and water in a fountain surrounded by flowers.

In the distance, a blonde girl walks towards me with a ballerina's walk and a huge smile.

She recognized me and approached with outstretched arms for a hug.

Spain or not, she made me feel at home.

We met for a fashion and styling tour in Madrid.

I heard about Shani Sassoon, a stylist and instructor of fashion and styling tours from colleges, and as a fashion lover I wanted to try it out.

Not another tour to get to know the city or the history, but getting to know the city from a different angle.


So what are you doing in Madrid?

"I came after my eldest son, who plays soccer here. The beginning was difficult. I left a whole life in Israel and had to start all over again without language, friends or family. Relocation is a shocking change. Fashion, art and clothes saved me. Every morning I would happily get up to get dressed, To meet designers and walk around the streets, galleries and exhibitions. The combinations I made attracted attention here and girls started asking me to do styling for them.

After I arranged a house for us, I realized that it was time to start doing what makes me happy and fulfilling the most: fashion and styling, and that's how the tours were actually born."

Tell me about the fashion tours and styling.

"Madrid is both. It is both couture and street vintage, both elegant and sporty. Both traditional and young and kicking. There is a rich cultural depth here that is also reflected in fashion and I try to convey that in the tours.

Beyond that, Madrid is a perfect place for shopping because the prices Significantly cheaper than Israel."

Madrid is perfect for shopping - because the prices are cheaper than Israel.

Sasson (photo: courtesy of the photographers, private album)

There are three main routes in the tours and you can choose from them or combine them.

"I adapt the tour to the needs and desires of the participants and accordingly build a route for them. In all three, I do styling and try to "open their minds" and introduce the participants to new styles. We also look at architecture, visit exhibitions of artists and designers, and draw inspiration from the street fashion that changes from quarter to quarter. The first route is more Young and cheeky vintage, the second is luxurious and also includes show rooms and the third, styling in the chains we all love - Zara, Mango and even Primark."

How do you know what suits whom?

"Working with women for over 20 years. As a yoga and pilates teacher and life coach, I know and love women. I see the body structure and posture and know straight away what will flatter them. You see, I've always breathed fashion and styling. I've been reading Vogue since I was 10 and I've always dressed all my friends. Here, I simply had a new opportunity to create myself and do what I really love. So on tours I also give tips on posture, body language, breathing and even nutrition."

Wow, an interesting essay you made!

"Yes, I connect worlds. I have always connected. Even in clothes. The world of movement and fashion is very touching to me. A garment that does not move with the body, for me, has no existence. A woman should feel comfortable, move and bring herself to the fullest. Fashion allows her to speak without words and therefore, Clothes have a lot of power."

And the connection between fashion and art?

"Fashion is wearable art and that's how you treat it. The body is a canvas and you can paint something different on it every day with the help of clothes. Art is something that conveys emotion and emotion is built from the tension of connecting opposites. It either touches you or it doesn't. There is no middle ground. And so are clothes. Either they talk or they don't and I like clothes that talk."

good to know (in advance)

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Fashion varies from quarter to quarter.

Madrid (photo: courtesy of the photographers, private album)

What do you think of the difference between Israeli and Spanish fashion?

"Israel is a young country and so is fashion. Most Israeli women will dress in jeans and a t-shirt and it is rare that they dare to dress in colors. In Spain, fashion is an integral part of the culture. Spanish women are very casual, but always with an elegant fragrance. They use a lot of colors and accessories (handkerchiefs, jewelry , bags, socks, shoes) that produce an interesting look. The fashion here changes from quarter to quarter, but there is an aesthetic that stands out to the eye."

In conclusion, second, give us 3 tips for winning everyday styling.

"The first tip is not to look at the size, but to take what fits your body. Many women go with sizes that are small for them, because they have an attachment to the number written on the garment; the second tip is to ask yourself when you buy a garment or get dressed - does it make me happy - Clothes can change mood, posture or body language

Use them to your advantage"; the third tip is to dare! Clothes are like a game. Dare to play and experiment. After all, we are here in the world to experiment with who and what we are."

We came back in love.

In it and in Madrid (photo: courtesy of the photographers, private album)

You will come to stores that you would not come to just like that (photo: courtesy of the photographers, private album)

And now, a few words about the tour I experienced: I asked in advance for a classic bag, a dress that Queen Letizia wore (I showed her a reference) and special complementary accessories for everyday wear.

We started at the outlet of brands and secondly she immediately fitted me with a stunning handbag in white gold color by Forla - I bought it.

We continued from there to boutique shops of young designers and vintage shops.

Shani explained to me how to fit handkerchiefs, how to tie and what to go with them.

I bought 3 handkerchiefs (Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Flomo - a local Spanish designer).

I bought another small vintage bag with pearls and two belts.

Amazing how this girl locates items.

I was confused by the offer in the stores and she pulls out like a hawk and always hits.

From there we continued to an art and fashion exhibition.

Shani explained each of the exhibits in a fascinating way.

The links she makes between life and art, movement and fashion made me open my head and think.

All the way she pays attention to details.

Look at this building, see how it is dressed, look at the light in the sky, at the flower shop and the decor, at the door handle.

Things you never linger or see alone.

We continued from there to more designer stores, we met with designers and then she found me the dress I wanted.

A store where Queen Letizia shops.

Pierre, I was excited.

In general, it is worth appreciating their queen who usually only wears local fashion and encourages young designers.

From there, already full of bags, we went to meet her friends, flamenco dancers and already stayed for the performance which was a creepy, touching and unforgettable experience.

Fashion and art lovers, you owe it to yourself.

I came back in love.

in it and in Madrid.

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