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How to change country on Netflix?


Changing the country on Netflix allows you to enjoy new content, since the catalog of the streaming platform varies according to

For issues of broadcasting rights, but also for technical reasons, the catalog of content offered by Netflix can vary greatly from one country to another.

In France, for example, Netflix does not have the right to offer a film that has been released in cinemas for less than 15 months, whereas in the United States, this possibility is offered to it only a few weeks after its release in theaters. obscure, with the agreement of the distributor.

The situation varies in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Belgium… In short, if everyone can have a Netflix subscription, that does not mean that access to content is the same.

It is well understood, in this context, that certain geographical areas are favored.

This may therefore make you want to not limit yourself to the catalog of your own country,

and take advantage of that of other territories.

But is it possible?

The answer is yes: here's how.

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Change country on Netflix: various solutions

Your Netflix account is valid internationally

The first possibility to enjoy the Netflix catalog of a foreign country is to travel there!

Obviously, we suspect that you are not going to visit the United States or Japan simply to access the local Netflix catalog, but if you are going on vacation abroad, you can take the opportunity to look into your mobile application. or even on your computer, by connecting to the Netflix site.

To do this, you just have to use your usual identifiers: even if you have a Netflix France or Netflix Belgium account, it is completely valid in any country in the world in which the streaming platform is available.

You are immediately recognized as being in the country that hosts you, and therefore you generally benefit from new content.

They are sometimes directly highlighted on the platform's home page, which is perfect for being tempted.

Once you return home, you will have access to your local catalog again, but if you choose to download certain films or series available only abroad on your smartphone, you will be able to access them for a few days, even after being returned home.

Think about it!

You can use a VPN

If you have not planned to travel abroad in the coming months, but you still want to take advantage of the Netflix catalog available in another country, another solution is available to you: using a VPN.

This type of service allows you to create a virtual network the moment you connect to the Internet, and the magic of the process is that you can choose to locate yourself in a country other than your own at that time.

How does the VPN work?

It's quite simple: rather than accessing the Internet directly, your connection passes through a server that belongs to the VPN service to which you subscribe.

This server can be in your country, but also in a foreign country.

If you choose this possibility, your connection becomes identified as coming from the country in question.

Therefore, if you connect from France to a server located in the United States, then your connection is recognized as being American.

The consequence is that if you access Netflix while going through a VPN and through a foreign server, you have access to the Netflix catalog available in the country in which the server is located: the situation is the same as if you had physically traveled there!

When you disconnect from the VPN, you immediately lose access to the foreign catalog, but you only need to reconnect to enjoy it again.

Note that this works on all platforms on which your VPN app is available: your connected TV may be able to take advantage of it.

Which free VPN allows you to change countries on Netflix?

There are few VPNs available for free and even if you manage to find one, it is very likely that it is not suitable for use with Netflix.

First of all, free VPNs offer a very low amount of downloadable data, which is often limited to a few hundred or even a few tens of megabytes: this is insufficient to download even a series episode.

Then, the speed is generally very bad, which prevents you from enjoying streaming videos smoothly.

The ideal is therefore to choose a paid VPN, at a low price, and which has an optimization for streaming.

This is the case with NordVPN.

This solution costs only a few euros per month, and it offers very high speed wherever you are.

NordVPN has nearly 5600 servers in 59 countries, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to Netflix catalogs!

And it's a service optimized to deliver seamless streaming across all connected devices.

NordVPN currently offers three months of subscription to its new customers if you sign up for a subscription with two years of commitment.

The Essential subscription costs 3.49 euros per month and provides access to VPN, virus protection and an ad blocker.

For 4.29 euros per month, the Advanced subscription adds to this proposal a cross-platform password manager and a vulnerability scanner.

The Ultimate subscription, meanwhile, costs 5.49 euros per month and adds 1 TB of storage in an encrypted cloud to store your sensitive documents.

It's up to you to choose the offer that best suits your needs.

Which country has the best Netflix catalog?

Each Netflix catalog has its particularities, strengths and weaknesses.

However, the most extensive Netflix catalog is the one found in the United States: the platform displays an impressive amount of films and series, but above all there is very recent content.

It is not uncommon to be able to watch films released a few weeks earlier in the cinema, and some are even still present in French cinemas.

If you like British movies and series, you can find the most of them on Netflix UK.

Similarly, Japanese animation fans have everything to gain by visiting the Netflix Japan catalog.

However, in this case, it sometimes happens that the French subtitles are not always present.

Do not hesitate to check!

Is it legal to change countries on Netflix?

In theory, Netflix could choose to block the use of VPNs with its platform, but the service does not, at least not at the moment.

There's nothing illegal about bypassing geolocation on your connection, as long as you have a Netflix subscription.

You risk nothing legally doing so, but it is possible that one day, Netflix decides to prohibit this possibility, and that your VPN is no longer useful.

On the other hand, nothing will change when you physically travel to a foreign country.

So you can take advantage of these different possibilities quietly!

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