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How to choose the right ski helmet?


Skiing, yes, but not in just any conditions. For optimal safety, consider adding a ski helmet to your outfit.

Start preparing for your mountain vacation by thinking about the equipment you need.

In addition to the outfit, the skis, but also the poles, you have to think about the ski helmet.

This equipment is absolutely essential to protect you if you ever fall or collide with someone.

If it is possible to rent a ski helmet in the resort, you can also buy one.

This option has several advantages.

The helmet you wear will fit perfectly, unlike rental ones.

In addition, you will be the only one to have worn it, which is rather pleasant insofar as one can sweat a lot while skiing.

If you are looking to equip yourself, discover our selection of the best models below.

Our selection :

  • Bridget Hybrid 700W Women's Headphones, Wanabee

  • Darau Visor In Mold Kids Ski Helmet, Wanabee

  • Icon Access LT unisex ski helmet, Salomon

  • Unisex ski helmet Reply Impacts Strato, Rossignol

  • Wanted Visor Ski Helmet, Uvex

  • Globe Reactiv P2-4 ski helmet, Julbo

  • Backline Visor ski helmet, Bollé

  • Bridget Hybrid 700W Women's Headphones, Wanabee

    • Go Sports



    Ladies, choose protection adapted to your morphology with this Bridget Hybrid 700 W women's ski helmet from Wanabee.

    It offers excellent value for money and displays a neat and pleasant design.

    This model has an EPS shell and an ABS shell for good shock absorption.

    Adjustable vents are present.

    • Value for money

    • EPS shell

    • ABS shell

    • Design

    • Adjustable vents

    Darau Visor In Mold Kids Ski Helmet, Wanabee

    • Go Sports



    When you go skiing, there's nothing like this Darau Visor In Mold ski helmet from Wanabee to protect yourself.

    It has a very practical integrated visor, and this one is suitable for overcast weather.

    This helmet is light and its lining is soft for optimal comfort.

    Attention, this is a model for children and not for adults, so it is small in size.

    • Integrated visor

    • Light

    • Suitable overcast weather

    • Comfort

    • Easy adjustment

    • Small size

    Icon Access LT unisex ski helmet, Salomon

    • Go Sports



    • Amazon



    Man or woman, you can all use this unisex Icon Access LT ski helmet from Salomon.

    It provides a good frame for the glasses so that you enjoy optimal comfort.

    Ear protectors don't prevent you from hearing what's going on around you.

    At the back of the helmet there is a hold for your mask so you don't lose it.

    • Good frame for glasses

    • Ear protection without hearing loss

    • Easy adjustments

    • Support for the mask

    • Mixed

    Unisex ski helmet Reply Impacts Strato, Rossignol

    • Go Sports



    Protect your head well with this unisex Reply Impacts Strato ski helmet from Rossignol.

    Its shell is very rigid, while the multi-impact foam absorbs shocks optimally.

    You can fine-tune the helmet so that it fits your head well.

    A ventilation system provides good ventilation and the helmet has a good lifespan.

    • hard case

    • Multi-impact foam

    • Precise settings

    • Ventilation

    • Sustainability

    Wanted Visor Ski Helmet, Uvex

    • Amazon



    Be protected against shocks, falls, the sun, and the wind with this Wanted Visor ski helmet from Uvex.

    Indeed, it is equipped with a well thought-out integrated visor that offers additional comfort.

    You can make many adjustments so that the helmet fits as tightly as possible.

    The ventilation system adds comfort.

    On the other hand, this helmet is expensive.

    • Mixed

    • Integrated visor

    • Many settings

    • Ventilation system

    • Price

    Globe Reactiv P2-4 ski helmet, Julbo

    • Cdiscount



    • Rakuten



    • Amazon



    Choose the right equipment for the slopes with this Julbo Globe Reactiv P2-4 ski helmet.

    It has an integrated visor to protect your eyes from wind and sun.

    With its very soft lining, it offers optimal comfort.

    This helmet is also equipped with good ventilation to prevent you from sweating.

    A powerful model but at a high price.

    • Integrated visor

    • Comfort

    • Vents

    • Price

    Backline Visor ski helmet, Bollé

    • Amazon



    • Cdiscount



    • Fnac



    • Rakuten



    Adapt this Bollé Backline Visor helmet to visibility on the slopes since it comes with two interchangeable visors.

    This helmet is comfortable and offers good ventilation.

    The fabric lining is soft and hypoallergenic.

    The ear cups are removable if you don't want to use them.

    Too bad this helmet is a bit heavy.

    Also note that it is very expensive.

    • 2 visors provided

    • Ventilation

    • Hypoallergenic fabric lining

    • Removable earpads

    • Price

    • Weight

    Is the helmet compulsory for skiing?

    That's it, you're starting to think about the upcoming winter sports holidays and you're asking yourself lots of questions about the equipment to provide?

    We shed some light on the question of the ski helmet.

    In France, it is not mandatory on the slopes.

    However, it is highly recommended.

    Why ?

    Because it offers very good protection for your head.

    Indeed, falls while skiing can be quite violent.

    You can hit snow which is sometimes very hard, but also obstacles like a tree or rock.

    A ski helmet will then save you the day and prevent you from getting serious injuries.

    It is also useful in the event of a collision with another skier or a snowboarder.

    As you will have understood, to enjoy your sessions on the slopes in complete safety, bet on a ski helmet.


    If the ski helmet is not mandatory in France, note that some ski schools require it for people wishing to take lessons, especially children.

    So you can let them go on the slopes with peace of mind and knowing that they are well protected.

    Another advantage of the ski helmet is that it insulates you from the cold.

    Certainly, the cap can perform the same function, but it holds less well on the head.

    Since the ski helmet is attached, it is not likely to fly off and protects the ears well from the cold.

    How to choose the right helmet size?

    For your ski helmet to be really effective and protect you optimally, it must fit your size.

    To know yours, it's very simple, just measure your head circumference.

    To do this, take a flexible tape measure, then wrap it around your skull, above your eyebrows, you will have the diameter of your head.

    If you don't have a tape measure, don't panic, you can take some string and then measure it on a ruler or a rigid tape measure.

    Ski helmet sizes are usually expressed in centimeters, so you will easily know which size to choose.

    If it is indicated in letters: S, M or L, see if the dimensions are indicated somewhere, or if equivalences are mentioned.

    Importantly, your ski helmet must fit snugly on your head,

    there must be no play as this could aggravate injuries in the event of impact.

    Ditto, the helmet must not be too tight, at the risk of being uncomfortable.

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