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The best guides for fathers - no one can avoid these six book tips


The relationship between father and child is a very special one. The book tips offer advice for an upbringing at eye level.

The relationship between father and child is a very special one.

The book tips offer advice for an upbringing at eye level.

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Fathers' activity is required.

This does not mean getting the offspring to baby swim.

Instead, they should be more actively involved.

During his term in office, Barack Obama touched on how this can be achieved and launched various paternity support programs.

In this country, we often still struggle with active fatherhood.

The recommendations provide a starting point for getting along better with the new role and also for overcoming the hurdles.

Tillmann examiner "fatherhood"


Tillmann Prüfer "Fatherhood" - Why we need new fathers more than ever

© Kindler

There is no getting around Tillmann Prüfer's book “Fatherhood”.

It not only contains a "toolbox for the modern father", but also addresses the topics of why we as fathers often feel insecure in our role and what obstacles stand in the way of happy fatherhood.

The book helps to redefine your own world.

It reads quickly, in the scarce child-free time as a father.

So it is an absolute recommendation!

Tillmann examiner "fatherhood"

Why we need new fathers more than ever

2022 Kindler, ISBN-13 978-3-463-00039-8

Price: hardcover €20, e-book €14.99, 208 pages (deviating from the format)

Order here!

Christian Hanne "Dad you can!"


Dad handbook "Dad you can!" by Christian Hanne

© ars edition

In "Dad you can" Christian Hanne summarizes the most important points for fathers in the handbook with humor and a wink.

You could think of it as a kind of “emergency” reading, where quick answers to questions that bother us dads can be found.

Go here for the discussion.

Christian Hanne "Dad you can!"

2022, ars edition ISBN 978-3-845-84731-3

Price: Hardcover 10 €, 94 pages

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Oliver Dierssen "When your own child is strange to you and your child feels the same about you"



Oliver Dierssen "If your own child is strange to you"

© Mosaic


Oliver Dierssen's book is not only the perfect companion for new parents.

It explains in a well-founded manner how our own behavior affects that of the children – and vice versa.

With family power struggles and rejection, there can be no good bonding with one's own children.

With practical examples, Dierssen succeeds in establishing and expanding a close relationship again.


Oliver Dierssen "If your own child is strange to you"

2022 Mosaic, ISBN-13 978-3-442-39400-5

Price: hardcover €22, e-book €16.99, 352 pages (deviating from the format)

Order here!

René Borbonus "I'm counting to three now!"


René Borbonus "I'm counting to three now!"

© Econ

How do I respond to my child's fears?

How do I talk to him about difficult topics?

How do I make learning fun?

How do I regulate the use of smartphones and social media?

How do I treat my child as equals without letting them take the butter off my bread?

And how do we ensure that we as parents don't fall by the wayside ourselves? 

Econ publisher

Many of us may have heard the sentence of the book's title at least once in our parents' home or perhaps said it ourselves to our children.

As a communication trainer, René Borbonus knows the pitfalls of how we unconsciously send out signals that are perceived as "uncommunicative", for example.

The book shows how we parents can avoid stumbling blocks when communicating with our children.

Children also learn to express themselves better through reading.

Here we have summarized why you should read to your children at an early age.

René Borbonus "I'm counting to three now!"

2022 Econ, ISBN-13 9783430210584

Price: paperback €18, e-book €15.99, 304 pages (deviating from the format)

Order here!

Reinhard K. Sprenger "Parent years"


Reinhard K. Sprenger "Parent years"

© dva

We've heard it often and we all know it: happy parents make happy children.

But how do we manage in everyday life between job, household and other obligations not only to do justice to the children, but also to ourselves?

How often do we lose ourselves as parents in this cycle.

One of the big issues is time.

How much do we have left over the day?

For the kids?

For us?

It's all about the mix here.

Do not squeeze many activities into a small time frame, but make the most of the time together.

This is also where one of the stumbling blocks lurks, as Reinhard K. Sprenger describes: Children shouldn't be guided by their parents' time.

Sometimes it is enough to perceive the parents as background noise.

According to the author, it is ideal if the time together is fun for both of you.

Reinhard K. Sprenger "Parent years"

How to live with children without losing ourselves

2022 dva, ISBN-13 978-3-421-07000-5

Price: hardcover €25, e-book €19.99, 320 pages (deviating from the format)

Order here!

Ilona Einwohlt "Zicke Zacke Trennkacke"


Ilona Einwohlt "Zicke Zacke Trennkacke"


breakups are a burden.

They are particularly burdensome when children are affected.

Often: the younger, the more difficult.

The topic is often held back from them for as long as possible or not addressed.

But children have certain antennae and feel the changes between their parents very well.

The book "Zicke Zacke Trennkacke" approaches the topic of "separation" in a child-friendly way.

Whether as a shared reading experience or for the children alone.

Ilona Einwohlt "Zicke Zacke Trennkacke"

With illustrations by Regina Kehn

2022, Carlsen ISBN-13 978-3-551-25068-1

From 8 years

Price: Hardcover 15 €, 160 pages

Order here!

We have put together an overview of the best Christmas books for children here.

Rubric list image: © Gustafsson / Imago

Source: merkur

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