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Want to feel like a pampering resort? This is the item you must have at home Israel today


Bright, colorful, white or dark • A curtain is exactly the addition you are missing at home • So how do you choose the type of fabric, and is it better to buy a ready-made curtain, or custom-made? • Instructions

When you think of complementary items for home design, the curtain is not the first thing that will pop into your head, but it has a very important meaning.

Try to imagine your space without curtains, and you will realize that it will look naked without it.

And if you don't have curtains - our guide is just for you, and will help you make smart decisions.

 The curtain provides a background to the entire space, and serves as a kind of clothing item.

Unlike the walls that serve as a kind of background, the curtain has movement, three-dimensionality and volume, which make the look rich.

Play between layers and folds, completes a pinkish look in a children's room, JULS curtains, photo: PR, design: Sally Chaprak

Curtains offer a whole world of possibilities - there are opaque and transparent, light and dark, pleated or straight curtains, and more.

The design choice has an effect on the entire space, and the design message that comes with each choice must be taken into account.

In curtains, as in many other items in the field of design, there are a variety of options, and you can buy a ready-made product or make a custom-made curtain.

You can buy the standard curtains in the various chains and even in the supermarket, and install them using cornices and rings.

The obvious advantage is the availability and ease of ordering.

The disadvantage is that it is impossible to completely control the type of fabric and the desired dimensions.

Custom-made curtains are curtains that are sewn in specialized stores that specialize in the field.

In this case, it will be sewn according to the desired location, and in most cases you will receive advice regarding the correct choice of fabric for you.

Custom sewing does increase the price of the final product, but the result is evident in the final product, and usually the look is worth the investment.

You don't always need a window to set a curtain on the wall, photo: Itai Banit, design: Keren Niv Toledano

Another option is to choose a fabric yourself, measure it and take it to a tailor.

This way you can get a customized curtain at lower prices.

Although there will not be a professional to help you, you will be able to enjoy the experience and the selection process.

It doesn't matter if you chose a standard curtain or custom sewing, it's important to understand what the types of fabrics, sewing and style mean, so you can make your choice more accurate.

We have collected for you tips on choosing the fabric, the opening direction of the curtain and decorative options that will add color to the space.

  • A bright curtain with transparency is a kind of natural filter, which allows the passage of soft light.

    The resulting look is romantic, and helps give the house the feeling of a pampering resort in an exotic destination.

    The white curtain is a kind of natural filter for the light coming in from outside.

    TRAUB curtains, photo: Itai Banit, design: Keren Niv Toledano

  • Choosing a pleated look will create an elegant and rich feeling.

    The look is created during the sewing of the curtain, and it always conveys a look of restrained and organized order.

    The look of the pleats emphasizes a rich and elegant look, Oregon curtains, photo: Jan Gershwin

Using a trendy shade such as mustard, for example, will bring plenty of current style into the space.

A bright shade that is integrated into the living room in a smart way, immediately boosts the overall look.

It is important to remember that you may get tired of such a shade quickly, but overall it is a curtain that can be easily replaced.

An opaque curtain in a deep mustard shade is the central decorative element in the space, RENBY, photo: PR

  • A decorative addition to the classic white curtain will take it out of the familiar place and add a measure of sophistication.

    The addition can be through colored stitching, a lower part in a different shade and more.

The classic white curtain gets an addition of fabric in a bronze shade in the lower part.

TRAUB curtains, photography: Itay Banit, design: Ricky Cory

  • A blackout curtain is a curtain that creates complete darkness in the space, similar to the curtains you know from hotels.

    In this case, you should use the option of two curtain layers - from the bottom a layer of decorative airy curtains, and on the top layer the dark curtains that are used when you want to sleep until late in the morning.

    The installation is carried out using two rails, so that each curtain works separately.

    A double array that combines a layer of transparent curtains and above it an array of opaque curtains, for darkening when necessary, Mor Curtains, photo: Oded Smeder

  • The opening directions of the curtain are important.

    The choice here is mainly about personal preference, but it is important to know that besides the familiar opening, there are curtains that allow opening up and down, and add more interest to the space.

    A two-way curtain allows opening upwards and downwards, combines two shades and enables control over the amount of light entering the space, Oregon Curtains, photo: Jan Gershwin

  • Even if you prefer natural light without a curtain, keep in mind that the curtain adds to the space even when it is moved to the sides.

    The curtain is present and contributes to emphasizing the design style even when it is moved to the side.

    TRAUB curtains, photo: Itai Banit, design: Keren Niv Toledano

  • If your window is relatively small and you want to give a feeling of size and space, design a curtain cornice that is significantly wider than the actual window dimensions, so you will create the illusion that you have a large window.

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