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Do you repeatedly fail at dating? These are the tips that will save you Israel today


The content of what we say is very important, but the form in which it is said is also of great importance • Do you feel that you are not able to convey your feelings properly? • First article in the series


Sweating before the first date?

Meeting a new person can be a stressful situation, and when it comes to a potential relationship, the pressure only increases.

Sometimes the way we say things is more important than the content, and we are here to help you.

The body language we present is an important and central part of any face-to-face communication we conduct.

It is a form of non-verbal communication that includes our posture, facial expressions, tone of voice, hand movements and gestures.

As much as you think your speech or conversation is interesting to the listeners, using the wrong body language will significantly reduce the listening that your words will receive.

It's not for nothing that there are studies in the field that found that body language and the way we behave in front of other people have a greater impact than what we actually say.

We transmit hundreds of verbal and non-verbal messages at the same time without knowing it.

Body language is of additional importance, as it will help us increase the self-confidence we radiate, improve our self-esteem, charm those around us, attract and interest an audience, and it also helps our general success in various areas of life, including relationships and the workplace.

Not only what we say on dates is important, photo: Getty Images

What is considered a sign with meaning?

A first date is a situation based on a successful first impression, so our body language is very important during it.

Most of us are stressed when we meet new people and know that they are examining us at least as much as we are examining them.

What should you do to improve the chances of another date?

What should you pay attention to in the body language of the person sitting in front of you?

The date may be full of mixed messages, so reading your date's body language can help.

Humans are quick to recognize if they are attracted and like the person sitting in front of them.

First, first dates are mysterious.

Is moving the head to the side or biting the lip a single meaningful sign, or is it even a single gesture in a sequence of gestures?

And this without even referring to the content of the conversation.

The body knows quite immediately if there is physical attraction, and to the same extent the body of the other party will know how to communicate the attraction or lack of it through body language.

Body movements are especially important, photo: Getty Images

If so, what should we do to portray ourselves the way we want, and what will help our partner decide that we are worthy of his affection?

First, we must show that we are relaxed and confident.

When you have a face-to-face conversation on a date, it is important to make sure to open your body language through a good and relaxed posture and soft hand movements, with the palms facing upwards - which signifies that you are having a discussion and are open to conversation.

To ensure that our body language is received positively by our date, it is important to project availability.

That is, the hands should be placed on the table, at a potential touching distance and while listening tilt the neck slightly.

Don't avoid eye contact, photo: Getty Images

While walking, you should release your arms and walk in a relaxed and carefree manner.

To signal that you are interested, a smile is the best way to ease the pressure in the air and create closeness.

Hence the great importance of maintaining eye contact and sitting facing the date, not next to him.

Ronan Rahav Golan, body language expert // Photo: Public Relations

Look for a forward or backward bend, and if you have the option, look to see if their legs are facing your direction, which indicates whether the person likes or dislikes us.

Tense body language and avoiding eye contact will reflect the stress you feel, so be aware of this as much as possible and try to avoid them.

The writer is an expert in body language

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