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Toasted Skin Syndrome: Skin damage from a hot water bottle shows up as reddish-brown patches


Beware of hot-water bottles and electric blankets: intense heat can cause lasting damage to the deep layers of the skin.

Beware of hot-water bottles and electric blankets: intense heat can cause lasting damage to the deep layers of the skin.

If it gets cold and uncomfortable outside, a hot water bottle can provide relaxation and warmth.

In winter, in addition to the traditional hot water bottle, electric blankets and grain pillows are popular.

The pleasant warmth not only increases well-being, but is also beneficial for stomach and back pain.

But if the skin comes into direct contact with the intense heat, this can lead to skin damage.

Here you can find out why dermatologists warn against using it too intensively and how you can protect your skin from accidental burns.

Toasted Skin Syndrome: When the hot water bottle damages the skin

Hot-water bottles and the like often come into direct contact with the skin.

Since the warming aids often heat up to temperatures of 40 to 50 degrees, burns can occur quickly.

Although short-term contact usually does not cause long-term damage, regular use can lead to skin problems.

The result: the skin discolours in the affected areas – a red-brownish mesh is formed.


The hot-water bottle should never be filled with boiling water to avoid burns (symbol image).

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The brown pigmentation, also called "erythema ab igne" (Greek for "redness from fire") or Buschke heat melanosis among experts, is colloquially referred to as toasted skin syndrome ("toasted skin").

The optical changes in the skin are mainly due to intense heat, which leads to damage to the deeper blood vessels with regular contact.

With these ten tricks you will never sleep badly again

With these ten tricks you will never sleep badly again

Toasted Skin Syndrome: Heat damages blood vessels in the deep layers of the skin

Once the blood vessels are damaged, it can cause red blood cells to leak.

If the breakdown products of the blood cells are deposited in the skin, this becomes noticeable through discoloration of the skin.

Over time, skin pigmentation can become chronic so that it remains permanently visible.

The good news is that even if the discoloration doesn't look particularly pretty, it's usually not painful.

If the damaged skin areas itch or burn, those affected can usually relieve this with a soothing ointment.

Toasted skin syndrome, on the other hand, can only be prevented by avoiding too much heat.

According to dermatologists, it is therefore better not to fall asleep with a hot water bottle or electric blanket every night.

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Toasted skin syndrome: Choosing the right hot water bottle

Since hot-water bottles are particularly popular and often come into direct contact with the skin, consumers should make sure they are of good quality when making their choice.

According to Stiftung Warentest, hot water bottles with a textile cover are suitable to avoid scalding.

According to the experts, hot-water bottles made of plastic should never be filled with boiling water.

The hot-water bottles are an everyday object.

Since these are used frequently, especially in winter, they should be checked regularly for holes and cracks.

Because the material of the plastic jacket and screw cap tires with regular use.

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