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Einav Bobalil gave birth to her daughter by French caesarean section and caused quite a bit of interest around this unknown operation. So how much does the surgery cost, which was performed in only one hospital in Israel, and is it safe?

An unusual birth in a hospital in Nebraska: Cecil Elledge, 61 years old, agreed to act as a surrogate for her son and his partner, and gave birth to her granddaughter Uma (Photo: Reuters, Editing: Tal Resnik)

If you are present on social media regularly, you must have come across the story of Einav Bobalil, who recently gave birth to her fifth daughter by French caesarean section.

Since we don't hear much about this operation, we asked to check how it differs from a regular caesarean section?

Let's start with the name.

A French caesarean section is named after its inventor - Dr. Denis Fauque, a French surgeon and gynecologist. The course of the operation is somewhat different from a normal cesarean delivery and it is performed in Israel, as of today, only at the English Hospital in Nazareth. Recently it was also admitted to Assaf Harofeh Hospital, but they are performed Such individual surgeries per week, which are very limited depending on the condition of the mother.

"This operation is different because the access to the uterus is more lateral and not central like in a normal cesarean," explains Dr. Roni Levy, director of delivery rooms at Kaplan Hospital, "it is called extraperitoneal surgery and in fact they bypass the layer that surrounds the uterus and enter from the side, with the incisions also They are done in a different way, and the uterus is cut in the shape of a circle." He added that in the last part of the operation, the woman helps with the pressure by blowing a whistle that helps raise the intra-abdominal pressure.

In the past, this type of operation was mainly performed if there were adhesions in the abdomen, but now some recommend it as a first caesarean section.

But according to Dr. Levy, "the biggest disadvantage is that the baby is taken out with forceps because it comes out from the side." He adds that vaginal forceps birth has almost gone out of use, the hands of the forceps can damage parts of the face of the fetus, such as the eyes. "So if possible Without it - better."

Einav Bobalil (photo: screenshot, Instagram)

It costs about NIS 20,000

Still, the theory about this surgery is that recovery is easier, and that women after a French C-section get up after 3 hours and not 6, as in a regular C-section.

Also, the woman is discharged from the hospital faster.

Dr. Levy emphasizes that "there is no controlled study on such surgeries, so it cannot be proven whether it causes less pain after childbirth.

There are studies that say that after a French operation you get up early, but even after a normal operation the woman can get out of bed earlier." According to him, even in France where it started, this operation has not spread further and out of 10 hospitals in the country, only two perform it."

"The only advantage I see in French surgery is that it is a private surgery," says Dr. Levy, "first of all, it costs money, and a lot - NIS 20,000 and the commitment as in private surgeries is of course different for a woman who knows who her doctor is and who is also accompanied throughout the birth by a midwife .

For those who have money and want to pay.

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