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Everybody loves Dwayne Johnson


La Roca, as he was known in the wrestling world, is the actor who earned the most in 2021 and one of those who best controls his image. But his latest release, 'Black Adam', has stained a resume full of good business decisions

It is the perfect

marketing product.

He does not give a slip that has not been previously studied, like a good king of family adventure comedy.

On screen he has not filmed torrid sex sequences, despite the fact that in 2016


magazine awarded him its annual title of "sexiest man in the world".

He is muscular, but in such a way that his body does not become synonymous with lust.

He knows how to take advantage of his comic side, the trick of raising his right eyebrow exaggeratedly, and for this reason he has never chosen a script with dramatic complications.

Because of his ethnic mix, he is as Irish as he is African-American, as Samoan as he is Canadian.

His biography contains the right doses of family suffering, poverty, a truncated sports career and a slow rise to fame from the suburbs of


wrestling fight


At 50, actor Dwayne Johnson (Hayward, California) has managed to become a seamless entertainment empire, and only his appearance in

Black Adam,

a trap for someone like him, focused on family audiences, has sown any doubts. about your future career path.

More information

'The Rock' recalls how his father's hard life affected his own

When in 2002 Dwayne Johnson, then known only as The Rock for his character in


, went to Howard Stern's radio show to promote his first film as the lead,

The Scorpion King,

the announcer analyzed with some scoffing the possibility that the actor be credited in the cinema with his real name.

“Really, who is going to want to see a Dwayne Johnson movie?” he blurted out with a laugh.

Two decades later, that Dwayne Johnson is already only The Rock in the annals of his old sport, and he has become the actor who has earned the most in the world in 2021, some 270 million euros, according to the

Forbes list,

thanks to salaries of 20 million euros per film and income derived from his empire of clothes, headphones, shoes and television shows (a game show,

The Titan Games,

and a series about his adolescence,

Young Rock)



Red alert.


Dwayne Johnson (with his famous raised eyebrow), Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, in 'Red Alert'.

All this led by his ex-wife, Dany Garcia, who leads this


of companies from different branches of leisure.

Because Johnson's great virtue is that no one dislikes him.

He correctly manages his incredible popularity: at the beginning of 2021, a survey of 30,000 Americans assured that 46% would vote for Johnson as president of the United States. On Instagram, where this week he has exceeded 350 million followers

—the sixth most followed on that social network, although according to 24% are false—, Johnson flirted with the possibility, and although he assured that the founding fathers had not thought of a president like him, “half black, half Samoan , tequila drinker, truck driver”, if it happened it would be an honor to serve the people.

What's more, he tested the ground at the risk of new very positive polls and spoke with politicians, in a curious end to a journey that has taken Johnson since the year 2000, when he attended both the Republican and Democratic conventions without any ideological motivation, even his comments against Trump, his statements in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement after the murder of George Floyd, stressing the need to "normalize equality", and his support for the current president, Joe Biden.

In October 2021, in the magazine

Vanity Fair

clarified: "Although I do possess some honest leadership qualities, that doesn't make me a great presidential candidate."

End, for now, of the matter for a guy of 1.96 meters and 118 kilos of hilarious muscles: the Oval Office has never seen anything like it behind the presidential desk.

The actor, with his daughter Jasmine, last year hours before the Oscars.Instagram

In this control of his image, which includes checking all the jokes in his three appearances in

The Anthill

(something common among Hollywood stars), is his visit on November 27 to a Seven Eleven in Hawaii willing to "rectify a mistake From the past".

For years, Johnson recounted that in his teens, with his father, also a WWE wrestler on tour and away from his and his mother, "I didn't have a dollar, so I used to steal a


snickers bar."

every day for almost a year, when I was 14, on my way to the gym.

She was always the same dependent on her and she just turned her head.

She never caught my eye."

Last Sunday she went into the store, she plucked up all the


she found on the shelf,

He gave them away when he left and also paid the bills of the clients who were there at the time.

They were not more than 300 dollars, although on Instagram he swept.

In 1998, Dwayne Johnson became the youngest heavyweight wrestling champion in history, and one of WWE's biggest stars.Instagram

Johnson's childhood was not easy.

In 1987, he and his mother were evicted from their home in Hawaii for non-payment, something dramatic for the teenager, but that his father, the African-Canadian Rocky Johnson —who lived by profession, a WWE professional wrestler, in Tennessee—, ignored in his memories.

The actor swore that he would not let something like this happen to his family again and started a bitter relationship with his mother.

That year, his mother sent him to Nashville, and yet the boy lived with another wrestler.

When his mother moved a month later, the Johnsons' row was enormous and they never healed (although they didn't divorce until 2006, a year before their son from his first wife did).

Brendan Fraser, director John Woo and Dwayne Johnson at the 2001 MTV Awards promoting 'The Mummy Returns'.Jeff Kravitz (FilmMagic, Inc)

The Rock suffered another epiphany some time later, at the age of 22, when his career in American football ended, a sport that had paid for his university studies.

Fired from the Canadian League, he returned to his parents' house with a five-dollar bill, a one-dollar bill, and change.

Hence the name of his production company, Seven Bucks Productions.

And at that time he switched to


to compete in WWE.

Johnson poses with his father, professional wrestler Rocky Johnson, and his mother after making his handprints at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles in 2015. JIM RUYMEN (Getty)

The interpretative turn in

Black Adam

has been chewing on it for years.

In the American fight he already embodied the role of villain, so he knew what ground he was on.

However, the 50-year-old Johnson is not the same as the 25-year-old: he has now softened the character so that he is not as ruthless as in the comics.

On the big screen he hides a moral alibi.

"I've been behind the project for 15 years," he told

The New York Times.

“As a kid I liked Marvel, but I loved DC [the publisher of Black Adam and the

Justice Society of America, his antagonists in the film]”.

Critics have not supported him and the public has been reluctant:

Black Adam

has raised 375 million euros worldwide, after having cost nearly 200 million.

And fans of the comic have been outraged with the justification of the evil generated by the character, who in the cartoons was always implacable just because.

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, in "Fast & Furious 5" (2011). Photo: Alamy

Black Adam

will be just a small blur in the career of the man who best knows how to arch his right eyebrow, a trick he acquired during his years in WWE.

In Hollywood, no one speaks ill of the likeable actor of

Surprise Dad,

the two

Jumanji, Journey to the Center of the Earth 2, Baywatch, A Spy and a Half, Project Rampage, San Andreas


Red Alert.

And only Vin Diesel and his eldest daughter, Simone Alexandra Johnson, the result of his marriage to Diaz (the latter has two little girls, ages 7 and 4), drive him crazy.

He had a worse time in his confrontation behind the scenes with Diesel in the four shootings they shared in the

Fast & Furious saga.

The train crash was inevitable, with a Diesel who did not want to be stepped on the ground.

At 21, Simone Alexandra has become a wrestler and has signed a contract with WWE, which initially exasperated her father.

“There were seasons where I fought 250 nights a year, and I know that kills marriages, families and anyone's body,” she explains of her initial reluctance.

He, meanwhile, will follow his: training twice a day from the neck -he has a machine only to muscle that part- to the ankles;

feeding six;

caring for and investing in her body as a luxury product that it is.

She has filmed

Red One

with Chris Evans, is preparing

Red Alert 2...

In Johnson's empire the sun does not set;

not even his huge deltoids can hide it.

The actor Dwayne Johnson and his daughter Simone at the premiere of 'Baywatch' in 2017.GETTY IMAGES

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