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Thieves have a simple method to break into the safe in your hotel room - and this is how you will prevent it - voila! tourism


Thieves have learned the method of breaking into the safes in hotel rooms with the help of an "administrator code", which in many hotels is very easy to decipher. This way you will make sure that their method will not work

How do you break into a hotel safe?


One of the most important things when choosing a hotel abroad is to make sure there is a safe in the room. Now it turns out that even when we use a safe to keep excess money, a computer and passports - our belongings are not completely safe. Thieves have found an easy way to break into hotel room safes - with a little luck and faith that the hotel Where you chose to stay is not very responsible.

Have you ever gone to collect your things from the safe and realized you forgot what code you entered? Many people have had this happen, so hotels have a master code that they use to open the safe for the forgetful customers. Most hotels will set their own master code when the safes are installed Unfortunately, however, some don't bother, forget or don't know they need to do this and so the safes are left with a default code which is usually something simple like 9999, 000000 or 1111. This makes it very easy for thieves to break into these safes.

Look how easy it is:

And here is another example:

How to make safes more secure?

There are some simple steps that individuals and hotels can take to ensure that valuables remain safe in hotel room safes.

For you vacationers, check that your room safe doesn't have a default code by accessing "Super User Mode" or "Administrator Code", usually by pressing the lock button and typing in some of the typical default codes.

Check if your safe is properly attached to the wall.

Try to avoid using easy-to-guess codes such as date of birth, room number or check-in date.

Make sure you close your room door tightly every time you leave - and if you're really worried, book a room only at hotels that adhere to a recognized global standard of hotel security.

For the hoteliers among you - check that none of your safes are set to the default codes, perform regular checks to make sure the room doors close properly, employ a trained staff to take care of any suspicious behavior, post security awareness signs and maintain a strict security policy.

Other ways to protect your valuables while on vacation

The most obvious way to protect your valuables is to take as little as possible with you and spend as little cash as possible.

Just use a credit card.

Another common tactic is to hide what you have in unlikely places.

Most thieves will recognize the fake suntan lotion bottle you brought with you to hide things in, but there are many other products out there that you can hide things in like fake drink cans, a fake book and even hollow hairbrushes.

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Interior zippered pockets are great for keeping valuables safe and many people have started wearing underwear with pockets to hide cash for emergencies.

Some people carry a fake wallet on them to work on thieves.

It is also recommended to spread the money you have in different places - some in your jeans pocket, some in your coat pocket and some in your wallet.

It is also recommended to store your personal belongings in a small bag with a built-in lock - and put it in a place hidden from view, such as under the bed or on a high shelf in the closet, which burglars pressed for time will not find easily.

Here are some more tips for those of you who are cautious: Leave a "Do Not Disturb" sign while you are out of the room.

This will create the impression that there are people in it and reduce the chance that burglars will choose to break into it.

If you are afraid of a break-in at night, you are invited to equip yourself with the simplest type of door stop - the white rubber triangle, which carefully blocking the door from the inside will make it difficult to open even for those who try to break it in while you are sleeping.

There are also portable motion detectors on the market designed for tourists - especially for those who travel in unsafe places.

The device is temporarily installed on the door and it promises a loud and alarming beep in case someone tries to open it.

At the end of the day, no matter what measures you chose to take - it's important to make sure you have travel insurance that covers cases of equipment theft.

Have a fun and safe vacation!

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