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It was a perfect schnitzel in a perfect baguette, with one little star - voila! Food


Schnitzel's is a schnitzel restaurant on Achoza Street in Ra'anana, with a Mexican, American, Thai and Israeli version of schnitzel in a baguette. All the details and prices in the Walla article! Food >>>

Fresh baguette, crispy schnitzel.

Schnitzel's (Photo: David Rosenthal)

Apart from Ra'anana, there are very few cities in the world, if any, that consist of one street.

Everything related to this city is an extension of a mansion street, and woe betide you if you say there are more streets.

No, it's fiction.

Ra'anana is Ahuza Street, Ahuza Street is Ra'anana.

In fact, it's a city that doesn't really need navigation apps.

"You drive on an estate, turn right on an estate, third traffic light from an estate - and you've arrived."

very simple.

It was early afternoon and I was walking around Ajoza Street (but what?), looking for options for a nice lunch.

The truth is that Ra'anana is a very sympathetic city, but not exactly with a culinary reputation, and even in Volt the options didn't seem to beckon.

I stood helpless, and suddenly I raised my head and the sign was revealed to my eyes.


Hands are busy in the middle of the day.

Schnitzel's (Photo: David Rosenthal)

It's hard to say that schnitzel has ever been my favorite option.

It's not a bad dish, and I've already experimented here and there with decent schnitzels, but it's a pretty boring animal, not to mention monotonous.

Still, the lack of choice and hunger closed the deliberation and dictated the process at the end of which I found myself inside the small and sympathetic eatery.

It turns out that Schnitzel's is a relatively old establishment, and as such it offers much more than the basic Austrian food.

There is a classic schnitzel, a Viennese schnitzel, an American schnitzel, a Mexican schnitzel, and a Thai schnitzel, and let's stop here and just order.

I chose the American, which was served in a baguette with a spicy seasoning and with potato flakes, with a side of chips - a meal that cost me NIS 50.

I also ordered a dish for my wife, which is an important detail, because the shipment arrived 40 minutes later, and a schnitzel loaded with everything and wrapped in dough is a serious test.

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Not recommended for delivery, still delicious.

Schnitzel's (Photo: David Rosenthal)

Every second counts - arrive too late, and the sandwich will have no meaning.

It was a relatively comfortable hour in Ayalon, and still, it's Ayalon, you can't get there too fast

After a rather short wait (however, I'm not the only one for whom this place was one of the few options) I received my baguette cut in half.

It was fresh as if it had just come out of the oven.

The schnitzel itself was crispy.

I can't say that I felt the promised "potato flakes" - they were probably there, just didn't make any kind of impact, but it didn't really matter - it was good, tasty, satisfying, properly made and without the taste of a freezer as happened in so many Similar meals in the past.

The balance between texture, taste and quantity was almost perfect, especially in relation to the schnitzel, with the fries also being good and crispier than average.

My wife's dish was, as mentioned, full of everything - mayonnaise, tahini, cabbage salad and a variety of sauces.

On the drive to Tel Aviv I felt like an ambulance driver (hamsa hamsa, not about us, but my brain makes distorted associations).

Every second counts - arrive too late, and the sandwich will have no meaning.

It was a relatively comfortable hour in Ayalon, and still, it's Ayalon, you can't get there too fast.

I was waiting for the verdict.

The first bite arrived.

"T-Yam!", she declared and made it clear that this dish was just being shipped, but there was a "but".

It would have been better to eat it instead, because like any schnitzel, this dish also absorbed the liquids of the toppings and became less crispy.

The operation was successful, the patient is alive.

Barely, but alive.

It was delicious, but based on this impression I don't think I would recommend delivery.

It is difficult to say whether the amount of NIS 50 for such a dish is too expensive.

Wandering through the websites showed that it makes sense, i.e. not cheap, but that's what is taken today.

In the KMA index (quantity-price-quality) I am definitely satisfied and give the grade 8, with a whole point dropped because of the delivery, while the overall impression remains very positive. If you stumble upon Ra'anana and find yourself hungry, Schnitzel's is definitely a place to stop After all, you're still on

Ahozeh St. Schnitzel's - Ahozeh 117 Ra'anana.

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