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Saving energy in the Christmas bakery: This is how you plan the perfect baking day in three steps


Use the checklist to prepare everything for baking cookies, bake efficiently and save energy and store the Christmas cookies correctly.

Use the checklist to prepare everything for baking cookies, bake efficiently and save energy and store the Christmas cookies correctly.

For many people, the last few weeks of the year mean contemplation and anticipation of Christmas.

For some, especially mothers, they mean one thing above all: stress.

Have you bought all the Christmas presents, gotten the Christmas tree, set it up, decorated it and what about baking?

Many will say to themselves: "Oh, it doesn't matter, there are no cookies this year, you can go and buy some gingerbread."

If you haven't gotten around to opening your in-house Christmas bakery and baking tender snowballs, heavenly butter clouds, ten-minute Bethmännchen or rascals according to grandma's recipe - don't worry.

With the planning of the perfect baking day, family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances can still enjoy home-baked delicacies without sinking into stress and without other things falling by the wayside.


To ensure that nothing goes wrong on the perfect baking day and that you can bake cookies quickly, efficiently and in an energy-saving manner, you should follow three tips from the kitchen

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1st step of the perfect baking day when baking cookies in the Christmas bakery: the right preparation

The alpha and omega of preventing stress in the kitchen at Christmas is organization.

The right preparation is really half the battle.

But how exactly should you prepare for a baking day?

Those few cookies aren't rocket science, are they?

No way, the individual steps and ingredients can cause quite a bit of chaos in the kitchen!

However, if you follow the steps below, you will be optimally prepared for the perfect baking day.

Checklist – preparing the perfect baking day:

  • Find out in advance all the cookie recipes that you would like to bake on the perfect baking day.

  • Gather all the ingredients you need to bake cookies.

    Take the opportunity to also check your stocks: is the food still good, is there enough of everything?

  • Do you have all the baking supplies you need to bake cookies?

    For example, pastry brush, rolling pin, cutter, but also suitable/sufficient baking trays, enough baking paper, chocolate sprinkles for decoration, bags with a Christmas pattern to give away the cookies and of course ribbon to tie up.

  • When you do your weekly shopping, buy all the ingredients and baking utensils that you still need to make all the Christmas cookies.

    So you don't lose time by going shopping just to bake.

  • Before the perfect baking day, tidy up your kitchen, clean the worktop thoroughly and ensure an undisturbed atmosphere.

    With the right Christmas music that you have ready in advance - for example, dig out the Christmas CD or create a playlist on Spotify - you will put yourself in the right mood and also have more fun baking.

  • Also, have all the ingredients, baking supplies, and cookie recipes/baking books on hand before you start making those Christmas cookies on the perfect baking day.

    Don't want to miss any more recipes and kitchen tricks?

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    Step 2 of the perfect baking day when baking cookies in the Christmas bakery: Bake sheet on sheet

    The most important tip from the kitchen to prevent stress when baking cookies at Christmas time and at the same time to save energy and therefore money is to bake tray after tray.

    This means that it is much more energy-efficient to plan a perfect baking day in Advent than to keep trying out the best quark stollen recipe here or surprising your family with the East German recipe Leipziger Lerchen there.

    So plan the order in which you can bake the cookies in the most sensible way.

    Also make sure that you have at least two, even better three baking trays.

    In this way, the third tray can already be covered with cookies when the first baking tray has cooled down and the second is in the oven.

    You can bake even more energy-efficiently with six baking trays and with convection instead of top/bottom heat.

    Convection heats up faster and you always set 20 degrees Celsius less than with top/bottom heat.

    In addition, the fan oven heats up evenly everywhere, so you can put two baking trays of cookies in the oven at the same time.

    The most popular cake classics and cake dreams

    The most popular cake classics and cake dreams

    3rd step of the perfect baking day when baking cookies in the Christmas bakery: the right storage

    After the perfect day of baking, storing the freshly baked Christmas cookies correctly is not to be underestimated.

    If you don't immediately pack the homemade cookies in gift bags, tie them up with a gift bank and give them to friends, acquaintances or neighbors, you should store the cookies and pastries properly so that they stay fresh for as long as possible and taste good.

    Read here which three storage tips you can use to keep Christmas cookies for a long time.

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