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Unlimited mobile plan: what are the best offers?


Choosing an unlimited mobile plan is the guarantee of being able to use your smartphone in complete freedom. If you don't know v

Unlimited in mobile plans is the rule with the vast majority of operators: when we talk about unlimited in this context, we are mainly talking about calls, SMS and MMS, which can be used at will in the vast majority of situations, including in Europe and the overseas departments.

The amount of data is theoretically limited.

However, in practice, most French operators are content to reduce the connection speed if you exceed the allocated envelope.

This means that it is potentially unlimited too.

We explain in detail, at the bottom of the page, how it works.

Then comes the eternal question: which mobile operator to turn to to take advantage of the best unlimited mobile plan?

The ideal is to choose one of those who offer non-binding packages.

Then, you have to make sure that their proposal is indeed unlimited.

If you want to be guided in your choice so as not to make any mistakes, you can turn to our selection of the best operators who offer unlimited mobile plans.

The best providers of unlimited mobile plans on the French market

Here are the five French mobile operators from which you can find an interesting unlimited mobile plan.

Do not hesitate to visit their sites regularly to take advantage of regular promotions.

Prixtel, unlimited at a reasonable price

With Prixtel, you benefit from unlimited calls, SMS and MMS when you are in mainland France, but this is also the case when you travel in Europe and the overseas departments.

It is even possible, depending on the package chosen, to enjoy unlimited calls to the USA and Canada in addition to the rest.

You can thus communicate freely, both orally and in writing.

All packages are non-binding.

As for the data envelope, it is not unlimited, but it is intended to be scalable each month.

Thanks to the tier system available in all Prixtel mobile plans, you only pay for what you use.

If you use little mobile data, you pay a small fee.

If you use a large part of it, then you pay a little more, but the price is still affordable.

Prixtel uses SFR's mobile network and most of its offer is 4G, but if you opt for the package that has the highest mobile data envelope, you can choose 5G as an option.

You therefore have access to an à la carte offer, which is particularly advantageous.

Discover the Prixtel unlimited mobile plans here

RED by SFR, unlimited as you want

It's no surprise, RED by SFR works using SFR's mobile network: it's a low-cost offer that focuses on a range of non-binding packages.

When you decide to go through RED by SFR, you are first invited to compose your ideal offer by choosing, in particular, the quantity of data you wish to have.

If you go for the larger amount, you shouldn't take the slightest risk of exceeding it.

Even when this is the case, RED by SFR is content to restrict the flow and you can continue to use your package.

If we add to this the fact that calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited in mainland France, Europe and the overseas departments, we benefit from an unlimited plan.

It's up to you to see if its price suits you.

Discover here the unlimited mobile plans RED by SFR

Cdiscount Mobile, heading for the unlimited

Cdiscount Mobile is a virtual operator that operates on the Bouygues Telecom network.

Logically, it is affiliated with the French e-commerce site Cdiscount and therefore offers, as such, a similar promise: that of services accessible at low cost.

Thus, Cdiscount Mobile's non-binding mobile plans are generally offered for a limited time, but they do allow you to enjoy unlimited calls, SMS and MMS each time.

As for the mobile data included in the package, Cdiscount Mobile clearly displays that the speed is adjusted if the entire envelope is used.

You therefore have a potentially unlimited amount of data, but only the real content of the envelope is accessible in 4G: beyond that, you will have to settle for 3G, but the fact of being able to take advantage of it nevertheless proves to be interesting.

Discover the Cdiscount Mobile unlimited mobile plans here

Sosh, the unlimited orange

Low-cost operator Sosh is affiliated with Orange, which means it uses its 4G network to run its plans with no strings attached.

At Sosh, the unlimited goes through calls, SMS and MMS included at will in metropolitan France, in Europe and in the overseas departments.

Be careful though: on the smallest packages under 5 euros, calls are not unlimited, but SMS and MMS are.

The mobile data envelope is generous in all of Sosh's plans: unless you are a huge consumer, you should not exceed them.

However, if this turns out to be the case anyway, you could still continue to use your plan using a lower speed.

It's a convincing proposition and it's also the only one that gives access to the Orange network via a non-binding package.

Discover here the Sosh unlimited mobile plans

Free Mobile, unlimited 5G

Owned by ISP Free, Free Mobile has been one of the major French operators since 2012: it therefore has its own 4G/5G network.

The packages available from Free Mobile are limited in number: there are three, and they include all unlimited SMS and MMS both in mainland France and in Europe and the overseas departments.

The cheapest plan, however, only includes two hours of calls: for the other two, calls are unlimited.

It is the 5G plan from Free Mobile which displays the most significant amount of data.

The price of this non-binding package is a little higher than average, but it shows a great promise of speed and a nice mobile data envelope.

If you use it entirely, your speed is then restricted in 3G, which represents a significant difference compared to 5G.

Discover the Free Mobile unlimited mobile plans here

Unlimited mobile plan: how does it work?

Calls, SMS and MMS are "products" that are not expensive for French mobile phone operators.

This explains why they can, today, afford to offer them unlimited in their packages, and why it is very easy to find a non-binding and low-cost offer that displays such a proposal.

With regard to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS available abroad, this proposal is in line with the European Union regulation which stipulates, since 2012, that one must be able to travel in the countries of the European Union without having to pay additional costs with their mobile plan.

So much for the EU part.

For the overseas departments, as they are French territories, the operators simply include them in their packages.

The unlimited is therefore in order here too.

For mobile data, or data, the situation is a little different.

The use of data is more expensive for operators, which explains why they do not offer it unlimited: if that were the case, there would simply be no reason to offer several packages, and therefore several price levels. .

However, in practice, and apart from a few very rare exceptions today, the data present in a mobile plan is also unlimited.

The only difference is that once you have reached the envelope limit included in your plan, your connection is restricted.

What does it mean to have a speed limit in an unlimited plan?

The mobile data envelope available in your package is accessible with the speed of the package itself.

This means that if you opt for a 4G package that includes a 100 GB envelope, then you can use 100 GB with 4G speed.

The same applies if you opt for a 5G plan with 200 GB of mobile data.

But what if you use up your entire envelope within a month?

This already means that you are a huge consumer of mobile data, since the average in France is around 5 GB per month!

But if this is the case, no problem: you can continue to use your smartphone in the vast majority of cases.

However, your speed will be restricted in 3G.

This means that your connection will be slower, your applications, your photos and your web pages will load more slowly, until your monthly data budget is renewed.

You can therefore continue to use your plan, but you will temporarily switch to a speed worthy of a modest ADSL line, while 5G, for example, displays a speed that is close to that of fiber.

Finally, it should be noted that some operators still practice blocking data at the end of the envelope: this is particularly the case with La Poste Mobile.

Other blocked packages exist on the market: this is the antithesis of unlimited, which is why you must check whether the package you are interested in does indeed reduce the speed, and not block it at the end of the data envelope.

If this information is not clearly displayed on the web page of the plan, it must be in the contract made available by the mobile operator.

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