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Top 10 Best Baby Bathrobes


Essential for keeping baby warm when he gets out of the bath and for drying him quickly, the bath cape is one of the pu accessories.


bath cape

is essential to protect your baby when he gets out of his bath.

It is also so essential that most childcare brands have their own model, or even several!

To choose the right baby's bath cape, several criteria must be taken into consideration: the size, which must be adapted to the age of your infant, but also the material, which must be soft enough to take care of the baby's skin. baby.

On the design side, you will have access to a large choice of colors and patterns, with the possibility of transforming baby into a very cute animal!

The perfect gift idea for young parents, the baby bath towel will definitely come in handy!

It will wrap baby in a veil of softness as soon as it comes out of the water and will make life easier for parents who will have time to dry off their child without the child catching cold.

Easy to put on and not very restrictive, the bath cape is one of the essential toiletries.

It has the advantage of being compact and able to be taken absolutely everywhere with you.

Machine washable and compatible with the dryer, the baby bath towel can be used from birth to age three.

Our selection :

  • Vertbaudet fox bath cape -

    Our favorite

  • Bath cape 101 Dalmatians Disney

  • Babyfan Sauthon elephant bath cape

  • Bath cape Sophie la girafe

  • Tommee Tippee Penguin Bath Cape

  • Alobeby Bear Bath Cape

  • BabyCalin rabbit bath cape

  • Little Beguin Rainbow bath cape

  • Bath cape Vertbaudet doe

  • Céleste Sauthon bath cape

  • Vertbaudet fox bath cape

    • Amazon



    • La Redoute



    Vertbaudet offers you a particularly cute bathing cape here!

    The orange fox bath cape has the advantage of being unisex and made of Oeko-Tex® labeled fabric.

    Usable from birth to 12 months of baby, it will take care of his fragile skin.

    It is also delivered to you with the matching glove, perfect for a neat bath set.

    • Oeko-Tex® labeled fabric

    • cute design

    • Gentle

    • Nice quality

    • Too small after 12 months

    • Fabric a little rough without dryer

    Bath cape 101 Dalmatians Disney

    • Amazon



    • Cdiscount

      25,22 €


    Give your baby the opportunity to dive into the magical world of Disney from an early age with this bath cape from 101 Dalmatians.

    Made of polyester and cotton, this white and gray cape measures 80 X 80 cm and will be suitable even beyond baby's first year.

    Its large hood has the advantage of being easy to put on and take off.

    • Cool Disney design

    • Quality fabric

    • Gentle

    • Machine washable

    • Tumble dryer compatible

    • Lack of softness

    • May fray over time

    Babyfan Sauthon elephant bath cape

    • Amazon



    • La Redoute



    Entirely made of cotton, this bath cape can be offered either alone or in addition to the linen from the Babyfan collection.

    The Sauthon brand offers here an ultra-design bathing cape, with its particularly cute elephant pattern.

    Mixed, this cape can be offered to both a little girl and a little boy thanks to its neutral colors.

    • Good quality

    • Glove included

    • To match with the other elements of the same collection

    • Little thick

    • Lack of softness

    Bath cape Sophie la girafe

    • Amazon



    • La Redoute



    Bring back your fondest childhood memories with this Sophie la girafe bath cape.

    This bath cape adorned with the famous Sophie will remind him of his favorite early learning toys.

    Made of polyester and cotton, this white, unisex bath towel is machine and dryer safe.

    The inside of the hood is lined with sponge for optimal absorption.

    • Sober and nice design

    • Lined hood

    • Machine and dryer compatible

    • Only 70% cotton

    • Loses its shine with washing

    Tommee Tippee Penguin Bath Cape

    • Amazon



    • Cdiscount



    This bath cape is more like a bath poncho since it can be put on.

    Ultra-absorbent, it keeps baby warm after bathing.

    Made of polyester and polyamide, it is available in blue or pink according to individual tastes.

    Hypoallergenic, this product has the advantage of drying very quickly.

    • Dry quickly

    • Available in poncho and cape

    • Several colors

    • Microfiber Texture

    • Lack of thickness

    • Not soft enough

    Alobeby Bear Bath Cape

    • Amazon



    • Cdiscount

      25,13 €


    The Alobeby brand offers you here an excellent quality bath cape, entirely made of high-end cotton.

    Its large dimensions allow it to be used from the baby's 6 months and up to 3 or 4 years old depending on its size!

    Easy to take everywhere, it goes both in the washing machine and in the dryer.

    • Large dimensions

    • Nice design

    • Quality cotton

    • Soft and thick

    • Loses its shine with washing

    • Not very absorbent

    BabyCalin rabbit bath cape

    • Amazon



    • Cdiscount



    This coral-coloured embroidered cotton bath cape will delight all parents, regardless of their baby's gender!

    Mixed, it reveals a hood embroidered with a very cute white rabbit and offers a white edging also at the forefront of elegance.

    Perfect for wrapping baby after bathing, this 80 x 80 cm cape can be used from birth.

    • Standard dimensions

    • Several colors available

    • 100% cotton Lack of thickness

    • Lack of thickness

    • Rough without dryer

    Little Beguin Rainbow bath cape

    • La Redoute



    This superb terry toweling cape for babies from 18 months reveals a most pleasant grapefruit color.

    It is embroidered with a small rainbow which affirms its joyful and cheerful appearance.

    Made exclusively of cotton, this baby bath poncho has a snap closure on each side and has the advantage of being machine washable at 30°C.

    • Gentle

    • Machine-safe

    • Successful color and design

    • 100% cotton

    • Snaps

    • Not for birth

    • Not compatible with the dryer

    Bath cape Vertbaudet doe

    • Amazon



    • La Redoute



    Lovers of forest animals, this baby bath cape from Vertbaudet will turn your child into a little doe.

    Like baby's nests, it will wrap your baby in a pure veil of softness and warmth.

    This bath cape entirely made of cotton is delivered with its glove with ears.

    A 100% original gift idea!

    • 100% cotton

    • cute design

    • original color

    • Glove included

    • Lack of softness without dryer

    • The color fades in the first wash

    Céleste Sauthon bath cape

    • Amazon



    • La Redoute



    The famous childcare brand Sauthon offers, with its Céleste collection, this cutest bath cape.

    Mixed thanks to its white colour, it reveals a large hood embroidered with a bear's head.

    Its dimensions of 75 x 75 cm allow it to be adapted from baby's birth.

    Made of cotton, it goes in the washing machine, but not in the dryer!

    • 100% cotton

    • Washcloth included

    • Sober

    • From birth

    • Not compatible with the dryer

    • Too small after 12 months

    What is the use of a baby bath towel?

    The bath cape for babies is the must-have accessory for young parents.

    But what exactly is it for?

    To dry baby after bathing

    The baby bath towel is usually made of microfiber or sponge, two absorbent materials that will allow you to easily dry your infant, even between the folds.

    By choosing a soft, thick and absorbent material, you guarantee your baby's comfort by drying him quickly after his bath.

    To keep baby warm

    In addition to drying your child thanks to its absorbent material, the baby bath towel will become a real little cocoon of softness and warmth, like baby pajamas.

    Naked babies tend to get cold when they get out of the bath, even when they are dry.

    Hence the interest of choosing a warm and thick bath towel.

    What is the difference between a bath cape and a bathrobe?

    Are you looking for an accessory for your child's bath time?

    Discover the differences between a bathrobe and a bathrobe.

    The bath cape: an essential accessory for babies

    The bath cape has the advantage of being open, and therefore of not slipping on.

    All you have to do is put it unfolded on the changing table and fold it over your child to dry him easily.

    It's the perfect accessory for baby's first months, before he can walk.

    The bathrobe: an accessory for children

    The bathrobe, on the other hand, has sleeves intended for your child's arms.

    Not very suitable for his first months, it is ideal when baby starts to walk.

    The bathrobe has the advantage of being put on and therefore keeping your child dry and warm when they get out of the bath, even if they move around.

    Quels sont les différents types de capes de bain pour bébé ?

    Vous souhaitez investir dans une cape de bain, mais ne savez pas laquelle choisir ? Voici les différents critères de choix.

    Quelle matière de cape de bain ?

    La cape de bain en éponge est la plus absorbante. Elle permet de sécher efficacement bébé dès la sortie du bain et est parfaite pour un usage sédentaire. La cape de bain en microfibre a quant à elle l’avantage de sécher vite, même si elle absorbe moins bien. Peu encombrante, elle vous suivra dans vos déplacements.

    Quelle taille de cape de bain ?

    Critère de choix essentiel, la taille de la cape de bain se choisit en fonction de l’âge de votre enfant. Pour ses premiers mois, une cape de bain de 70 x 70 cm sera parfaite. Pour utiliser la cape de bain plus longtemps, n’hésitez pas à choisir un modèle de 80 x 80 cm.

    Et la cape de bain personnalisée ?

    En plus des capes de bain standards, certaines marques vous proposent de personnaliser votre cape de bain en y faisant par exemple broder le prénom de votre bébé. Voilà une idée cadeau unique et originale !

    Quelle matière privilégier pour une cape de bain pour bébé ?

    Vous cherchez activement une cape de bain pour bébé, mais ne savez pas quelle matière choisir ? Découvrez les avantages et les inconvénients de l’éponge et du microfibre.

    La cape de bain en éponge pour favoriser l’absorption

    Les capes de bain en éponge sont généralement fabriquées en 100 % coton ou en coton et polyester. Ces capes ont l’avantage de passer au sèche-linge et, surtout, d’offrir une absorption optimale à la sortie du bain. C’est le modèle le plus chaud et le plus confortable.

    La cape de bain en microfibre à emporter partout

    Childcare brands also offer microfiber bath capes, which are certainly less absorbent, but much more compact and easy to dry.

    These models are preferred for nomadic use.

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